TVBET Partners with Apuesta Total

All eleven games produced by TVBET will now be available on Apuesta Total’s platform, expanding TVBET’s presence in Latin America in a crucial time for expanded online gaming. TVBET uniquely offers live-streamed online games. The live-streaming option is one that gaming providers in Latin America have worked to offer as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. However, in some Latin American countries like Colombia, live-streamed casino games are not currently legal.

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Live-streamed backgammon is just one of the entertaining options offered by TVBET. ©leversandpulleys/Pixabay

TVBET: Always Live, Never Recorded

As TVBET explains in its mission statement, it offers 9 captivating TV games available to be streamed at all times. According to the company, live games are recorded and streamed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — now that’s a lot of content! According to the company, these games are not rehearsed in advance.

TVBET offers 9 unique games to its customers, from card games like Poker-Bet and War-of-Elements to the wheel-spinning Wheel-Bet. For players who are more interested in strategic, puzzle-oriented games, there are options like Backgammon-Bet. All games are hosted by a carefully selected team of presenters, and in English.

TVBET: The Background

TVBET is a Cyprus-based company founded in 2016. Today, TVBET partners with more than 130 different gaming providers all over the world. Though it’s a fairly young company, the CEOs of TVBET had been in the gambling business for more than 12 years before they decided to branch out on their own.

Live-Streamed Games: A Promising Option During COVID

Through its new partnership with Apuesta Total, gaming enthusiasts will be excited to see new options brought to their home screens. This is a particularly good time to be expanding options in the live-streamed gaming sector, as brick-and-mortar casinos have been forced to close as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

One operator, Fecoljuegos, a leading gaming operator in Colombia, has requested Colombia’s government legalize live-streamed casino games, as Fecoljuegos’s sports betting revenue has taken a devastating hit during this time. Since the onset of COVID, the Fecoljuegos President reported, the company has lost 90% of its sports betting revenue.

Just The Latest for Apuesta Total

This new announcement is only the most recent from Apuesta Total, one of Latin America’s most prominent games providers. Since 2015, Apuesta Total, a company based in Peru, has offered enthusiastic customers a vast array of betting options. Beginning in sports betting, the company has since branched into bingo and now, live-streamed gaming.

Deal Shows Apuesta Total Is Staying Strong in Tough Times

In November 2019, Apuesta Total’s President, Gonzalo Pérez, announced exciting options that were slated to come for 2020. Among them were a sports betting lottery and two unnamed products. Due to the devastating impact of coronavirus on the sports and sports betting industries, it’s likely that this lottery has not yet come to fruition.

Still, this latest deal between Apuesta Total and TVBET shows that the Peru-based company is not going to take the coronavirus challenge lying down. By continuing to diversify its gaming options and build an ever-robust iGaming platform for gamers, Apuesta Total is likely to come out on top after the dust settles.

This perspective is bolstered by the fruitful deal announced between CT Gaming Interactive and Apuesta Total at the close of March this year. All told, this means that since the coronavirus crisis has begun to hit its apex, Apuesta Total has added at least 27 new games from CT Gaming Interactive and 9 new options from TVBet in less than two months.

Apuesta Total: A Strong Global Presence

Offering everything from live casino games, virtual games, live betting, and sports betting, Apuesta Total manages to have a strong presence both virtually and physically in global gaming. While all of its brick-and-mortar locations are in Peru, Apuesta Total allows players from many countries around the world.

Because many countries have strict rules regarding online betting, Apuesta Total is actually not legal in many other Latin American countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay. Still, customers in regions as nearby as Puerto Rico and as far away as countries including Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Denmark, and Portugal are allowed to play.

All told, Apuesta Total is legally allowed in 51 countries and territories. It’s an interesting complication, though, that Apuesta Total has managed to make such a prominent name for itself in Peru while being illegal in many of its neighboring countries. This speaks to the disparity of perspectives on gambling currently held in Latin America.

As COVID Continues, Creativity In the Gambling Industry

Live-streamed gambling options are just one of the possibilities in the world of gambling now considered by industry leaders. Since the coronavirus has forced brick-and-mortar gambling locations to close, gambling businesses have looked into expanding eSports content, as well as virtual slots and iGaming.

Among the most creative new options was the Madrid Virtual Open, which recalibrated the elite annual tennis competition — canceled, because of the coronavirus — into a live-streamed virtual tennis event played by some of tennis’s biggest names. For an added good feeling, a significant portion of the allotted winnings were given to charity.

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