Spanish Online Gambling Regulators Choose ECOGRA to Certify Sites

Published Monday, May 07, 2012 -

ECOGRA is an organization independently promoting the protection of players and industry standards. Established in 2003, the group has gained a lot of experience in the testing, reviewing and monitoring of various online casinos and gambling firms around the globe. Italy accredited them as a testing agency for their jurisdiction when the government liberalized online gambling a short time ago. ECOGRA has received the same status from the soon to be operational Spanish jurisdiction.

Regulators from Italy, as well as Spain, have given their full support to ECOGRA to provide testing and certifications for the gambling software and the security systems for the industry. Andrew Beveridge, the Chief Executive Officer of ECOGRA was in praise of the Spanish regulators’ decision and was looking forward to the licensing opportunities they will be providing for the Spanish gambling industry. The testing and certification by ECOGRA stand for a great deal in professional circles and the organization’s excellence is proven in the information technology sector and the audit sector.

Spain’s regulator, Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego, understands the importance of having a professional testing agency do this certification as a necessary a step towards their licensing processes. All applicants must go through the process of assessment and pass before they are to receive a license to operate a gambling establishment.

CEO Beveridge continued to explain that because there is still not a harmonized regulation for online casinos and gambling in the European Union, ECOGRA finds it a challenge to create standardized requirements for every jurisdiction. Streamlining the process gives regulators and customers a better framework from which to apply for licenses. There is merit also in having certification that provides a method to introduce new products and services without to much down time during introduction. All and all ECOGRA works hard to find the best auditing practices to suit the many jurisdictions it is asked to work in.

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