Online Gambling Helps GREaT Foundation Reach €5.55 million Goal

Published Sunday, July 11, 2010 -

The GREaT Foundation is a group that relies on support from the gambling industry, and  finance organisations, media, legal and professional advisers for donations to help with the research, education and treatment of problem gambling.
Established in June of 2009 the GREaT Foundation which stands for Gambling Research, Education and Treatment has just announced it has reached it's fundraising goal for 2010 and has received  €5.55 million to aid in its endeavours.
Gerry Sutcliffe the U.K.'s Minister for Sports said back in June of 2009 that the voluntary funding system would be maintained. The minister insisted a minimum of €5.55 million that should be raised yearly for the next three years.
The government’s Responsible Gambling Strategy Board set this attainable goal with more than 33 percent of the licensed online gambling operators reportedly making contributions to the fund in 2009, 2010. There have been rumours that those online gambling firms not contributing would be taxed at a different rate to those who do.
Geoffrey Godbold, director for the GREaT Foundation commented, "We hope that the gambling companies that failed to donate realize that it’s a vital cause. With the collected €5.55 million we prove that many companies are aware of the importance. It’s for the own good of the business to evade obligatory levies. Hopefully they take responsibility in the future. A new government implicates a new start. The gambling industry wants to be perceived as responsible,"
The fundraising total for 2009, 2010 increased by more than 42 percent on the previous year which was fantastic even though it was a difficult time for many.
£4.46million was contributed to the Responsible Gambling Fund to support various commissioned research, education and treatment projects.
The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board has set the goal for 2010/11 at £6million a twenty percent increase over last year. The GREaT Foundation is requesting all gambling operators that gain from gambling directly or indirectly to contribute the appropriate amount to the fundraising goal. 




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