Changes to Online Gambling Laws in Ontario Canada Discussed

Published Monday, March 12, 2012 -

Ontario Canada is the latest jurisdiction to propose the introduction of internet wagering to its population. Ontario has been the manufacturing hub of the vast land and has been hit hard by outsourcing and the decline in that sector of it’s economy. Saddled with a massive deficit the provincial government is looking at every avenue to increase its revenue base. The current government is in the final stages of launching an online gambling venue for the residents of this huge province with high expectations for a positive outcome.

A recent report has indicated that officials from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the provincial government will put their heads together to discuss better ways that the OLG can serve the public and derive even more revenues from this lucrative source. CTV News revealed a Queen’s Park press conference will commence shortly that will look into the subject of, “modernizing lottery and gaming in Ontario.” These discussions will include comments from Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Chair Paul Godfrey.

It was revealed recently that the OLG would allow residents to purchase lottery tickets online by the end of 2012. The expected roll out for gambling applications to allow iPhone, computers and smartphone users to place real money bets is sometime in early 2013.
The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation statistics indicate that patrons of online gambling spends approximately $500 million in Ontario. The current concern is that that money goes to offshore betting sites with no returns for the Crown Corporation. Requests have been issued to the industry for technical support and operational systems for casino gaming lottery sales and other forms of interactive betting. The casinos operated by the government in the province have been suffering declining revenues so the measures to introduce online options for punters will in some way stem that trend. Approximately $ 6.6 billion is taken in by the casinos lottery and bingo venues each year. The introduction of internet betting is expected to drive the number up significantly.


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