Online Gambling Apps Making For Better Play

Published Tuesday, August 13, 2013 -
Online Gambling Apps Making For Better Play

A first of its kind in the United Kingdom, a leading independent gambling information website, has just launched a new Casino Finder application for iPhone and Android devices.

There are many innovative features that will get the ball rolling for novices as well as seasoned gamers. The app is proving to be very intuitive and extremely well focused and it is also free. Casino Finder has a complete database of all land-based casinos in the United Kingdom, and the venues can be viewed in list format or on a map display. Apple maps are used for the latter purpose wherever possible, while other devices use third-party mapping technology.

In addition, if your device is GPS enabled then the app will identify the venue that is closest to your current position, which is great if you want to explore the options available in your immediate vicinity.

As well as helping you to find casinos, the Casino Finder app will also tell you exactly what to expect with full and unbiased reviews. A spokesperson for, commented, “A good offline casino can give people a great night out,” adding, “but if you visit a venue that doesn't provide the games or facilities that you want, your whole evening could be ruined. The Casino Finder app helps users to minimise that risk by giving them all the information they need to make informed decisions, even if they happen to be visiting an area that they don't know very well.”

As mobile internet becomes the norm more and more online gambling sites and gambling service providers are developing apps that meet the growing demand. There are thousands of applications available that can speed the player on to a greater and more rewarding gambling experience. Doing a little research can prove to be profitable in many ways.

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