Brian Yoon Wins Over a Million Dollars in the WSOP Monster Stack Event

The American’s victory in Las Vegas on Wednesday is one of the biggest wins so far this series.

Nearly seven thousand players competed in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Monster Stack event, one of the most popular events at the World Series of Poker, creating a prize pool of more than nine million dollars. California resident and poker pro, Brian Yoon, scooped the top prize and claimed the third gold bracelet of his career. The fabled ‘Monster Stack’ this year finished with over a hundred million chips in play, enabling Yoon to snag the seven-figure prize.

A stack of poker chips

The WSOP is the world’s biggest poker event.

He beat out Belorussian rival, and European Poker Tour title winner, Ihar Soika in an exciting finale. At the final table, Soika busted five players before Yoon busted the next four, creating the final showdown between the pair. The last hand saw Yoon raise the stakes, as he had been doing the whole game, prompting Soika to move all in for his last 19,800,000. Yoon called, and his king-ten of hearts looked strong against Soika’s ace-eight of spades. By the turn, the outcome was in the balance, but to the delight of Yoon, the river gave him a pair with an off-suit ten.

Yoon has now won more than $4.2 million and 70 cashes to further his reputation as an elite player on the professional circuit. His previous two bracelets, won in 2013 and 2014, were also snared in no-limit Hold’em tournaments. Still, the victory came as some surprise to the 27-year-old.

“This one’s a lot better, because, honestly, you don’t expect to win one and you win one. You don’t expect to win a second one and you win a second one. Then the third one… it’s been a few years. Getting this one in 2017 feels really good. It’s my biggest score ever.”

He added that the latest bracelet was the most satisfying to date because of the amount of time between the victories and because he had previously taken time off from the poker circuit because he didn’t feel like playing. The big win has also led him to feeling unsure if he will continue to play after the series is over.

Despite the huge prize, the ‘Monster Stack’ event isn’t the biggest total on offer at this years’ meet. The competition exists as a warm-up to the main event, the $10,000 buy-in No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, which has been the crown jewel on the tour since 1972. This event starts on Saturday, 8th July and runs for ten days, with a guaranteed payout of $10 million for the winner.

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A stack of poker chips

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