Indian Man Loses Wife in Gambling Wager

Shocking news coming out of India as the local authorities have released a report of an Indian man involved in the trafficking, wagering, and assault of his wife. Absolute disregard for human rights and basic morals appears to have occurred here. We bring you the shocking details of this case and current progress made by the local authorities in prosecuting the suspect of this crime.

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Gambling in India is often enjoyed responsibly, however, there have increasingly been shocking reports tied to human-trafficking within illegal gambling. ©sammisreachers/Pixabay

The incident took place in a city called Banka located in the north-eastern region of India, Binar. The man in question reported by local news as being Binod Kumar Shah is in police custody facing a series of troubling allegations.

The incident appears to be the result of a wager over poker. Gambling in India is often an activity that is enjoyed responsibly by the local population, and there are plenty of reputable venues and commercial brands offering a safe and licensed environment to enjoy the activity.

In this case, the game appears to have taken a dark turn. The wagering of a human being and the apparent ownership of one is so far beyond any moral justification that it is quite absurd to even report on. But nonetheless, this happened and Shah didn’t only make this mind-boggling wager at the poker table, but he lost the bet, then assaulted his wife when she objected to being given away.

Needless to say, the Indian press is deeply concerned about the activities going on surrounding this case. There have been widespread criticisms of unlicensed gambling in the region for some time, as this is not the first incident where individuals have been known to gamble human beings in card games.

What happens in the aftermath of such a shocking incident only time will tell. Education appears to be the only answer in such a desperate part of the country. Communities live under a different moral code, where deeply rooted gender-inequality and little regard for basic human rights exist . The nature of marriage in certain ethnic groups in India also provides the basis for this abhorrent behavior, as women often have little to no say over who or when they will be married to.

Police Launch Investigation

The police are launching a thorough investigation into the unlicensed gambling activities that appear to be growing exponentially in Binar. Due to this category of offensive growing, there is pressure being put on from local communities for decisive action to be taken this time around.

Chanda Devi, the wife of Binod Kumar Shah, is not seeking any explicit remuneration from the incident. Devi has already left the local area and has gone to stay with her parents in order to diffuse the situation and put some distance between herself and her reprobate husband.

Before she departed from the local vicinity, Devi did say this to local media.

My husband told me the winner was coming to the house in the morning so I should get ready to leave with him because he lost the bet.

After refusing this brazen threat from Shah, Devi stood her ground and told her husband that she would not be going with the man who Shah owed a debt to. Following her refusal, Shah is accused of assaulting Devi. The details of the assault are unclear, but it was unquestionably violent and has revealed a great deal regarding the character of this man who feels gambling away his wife is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

Needless to say, local authorities are coming down hard on Shah. They have told local media that they have enough evidence to convict Shah. However, when they tried to contact Devi she had already left the local area and appears to want nothing to do with the case.

Pattern of Illegal Gambling Incidents

Another shocking dimension of this unusual case as the fact that it is not the first time that a man from the region has been involved in apparent human-trafficking gambling crime.

Last year a man was found guilty of gambling his own three-year-old son in a card game. Village elders caught wind of the incident and intervened, ordering the individuals involved to do sit-ups as a punishment.

The disgraceful act did not go unnoticed. Amidst backlash from the international community, and several human rights groups that are active in the region, and the official charge has been registered and the case investigation continues.

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