UK Gambling Habits Revealed in Major New Research

Findings published as the result of a poll conducted by strategic insight agency, Opinium, shed light on the evolution of UK gamblers with new statistics.

After surveying 1,500 people who gambled at least once a month, Opinium grouped players into seven categories depending on their betting habits. The paper, titled ‘Gaming’s not so quiet revolution: the changing face of the UK punter’, looked at the spread of players across the three most popular areas of the market; sportsbook betting, bingo and casinos.

The report found that players who only gamble via sportsbook betting account for 33% of the total market share. Bingo players came in at 11%, whilst casinos-only players made up around 8%. More than a fifth (21%) of UK players surveyed regularly gamble using all three types of betting websites. Opinium also published findings on several other key issues regarding the UK casino industry. Concerning sportsbook customers, 42% said that a good welcome bonus or introductory offer was the most important factor for choosing an online casino.

An understanding of the customer is absolutely critical to success in a market as competitive as the UK, and we are proud to publish this insightful report giving the industry a glimpse of exactly what the modern gambler looks like. Steve Looney, Research Director at Opinium

What Does a UK Online Gambler Look Like?

The gender split between casino-only players – which includes slots, table and card games – was closer than expected. A split of 57% male users and 43% female users defies gender stereotypes within the online gambling industry.

The study also found that gamblers in the UK were more likely to come from an age range of between 35 and 54 than they were the 18 to 34 bracket. The result again raise

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The Opinium poll gathered data from 1,500 UK gamblers.

s questions over the assumption that young males are the most frequent gamblers in the country.

Player loyalty was also analysed, producing interesting results for online casinos operators. When it came to casino players, 49% of those surveyed have switched from their most commonly used brand at least once. This figure drops to 27% for bingo players.

Research Director at Opinium, Steve Looney, said: “This has been an extensive study utilising a robust methodology, and we hope the results inform both operators and suppliers to make better, more customer-centric decisions.”

Opinium is a London-based agency that provides organisations with analysis and statistics within the worlds in which their brand operates. The company publishes reports into sectors, customers and strategic issues.

A copy of the full report can be found on Opinium’s official website.

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A stock image of a blackjack casino game

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