Australian Tabcorp Strike TV Deal with NBA

A huge development in sport viewing rights broke this week in Australia, as it was revealed that Tabcorp has signed an agreement with the NBA providing them with broadcasting rights and a route to increasing the ever-expanding basketball fan base in Australia. As the broadcasting rights are granted to Australian bookmakers, there will be an inevitable spike in NBA betting – making this deal the perfect win-win situation for both parties.

Basketball match.

NBA in Australia has had a recent explosion in popularity. KeithJJ/Pixabay

In addition to NBA broadcasting rights, Tabcorp has also managed to snag the NFL alongside it. This agreement is highly important for both the NBA and Tabcorp. The 24/7 channel of NBA will be readily available in over 4,500 bars and pubs and TAB betting corporations all over Australia. This move will be highly beneficial to Tabcorp’s yearly income.

Due to the increasing number of bets made on the NBA and NFL in Australia only further legitimized Tabcorp’s intelligent and highly profitable agreement with the American sporting organizations. Due to its ever-growing popularity, many bookmakers and casinos are being forced to invest more resources in this area. This deal has made Tabcorp official partners of the NBA which will have a resounding effect on the 10 billion gambling giant. This will also allow Tabcorp to use the official logos of the NBA and the NFL on their websites and casinos.

Profitable NBA Agreement Follows NFL Deal

A series of statistics have been released by Tabcorp stating that the NBA is the favorite marketplace of many Australian gamblers, and perhaps the initial incentive for Tabcorp to pursue this agreement. National sporting organizations such as the Australian Football League (AFL) and the National Rugby League (NRL) have found themselves overshadowed by international sporting organizations like the NBA, NFL and even the English Premier League, all of which earn much more money from betting and casinos. NBA matches have contributed an increased 50% of all Tabcorp’s income within the last few years due to its increasing popularity within Australia.

The Head of Sportsbook at Tabcorp Adam Rytenskild was quoted as saying:

Customers were inclined towards the NBA and this is why we pursued this agreement.Adam Rytenskild, Head of Sportsbook, Tabcorp

This agreement has been praised by many other associations and industry experts as a very prestigious move for Tabcorp. Being able to gain such a large slice of the Australian sports viewership market will benefit them as a company not only financially but also to strengthen their integrity and establish them as the true leaders of Australian gambling and sports viewing. With this agreement Tabcorp finds itself looking to the future still with plans to capture further deals with other international sporting associations.

This deal Tabcorp has acquired with the NBA is expected to be a multi-year long agreement and will continue over decades assuming the market for it prospers. Having been made the official partner of NBA and NFL in Australia, Tabcorp will be broadcasting one game a week from each sport on Mondays and Fridays. None of Tabcorp’s competitors can boast a similar repertoire of partners meaning that Tabcorp has a heavy monopoly over the sport viewership rights when it comes to NBA and NFL within Australia.

Tabcorp Help to Police Match Fixing

Another segment of the agreement struck with the NBA is that Tabcorp is required to share data about potential match-fixing and suspicious betting with the American organization to help police these rising problems within the world of sports betting. A panel has been orchestrated including senior members of both the board of the NBA and Tabcorp in an effort to help prevent match-fixing and illegal gambling within Australia. The new collaboration between the NBA, Tabcorp and the Australian gambling regulators will inevitably help combat the issue of sporting integrity, corruption, and match-fixing.

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