BetStars Rated No1 Sportsbook for Registration Process

The PokerStars sportsbook BetStars, has topped a list of 45 online bookmakers for having the quickest and easiest registration process.

The research was conducted by the Manchester-based form analytics platform, Formisimo. The experts looked at 52 metrics and found that BetStars’ registration process took only 21.6 seconds to complete. In contrast, the average across the 45 betting sites tested was 77.7 seconds.

Betbright, Betfair and VernonsSports were also ranked “market leaders” by Formisimo after strong performances. The research report suggested that operators with quick registration processes were likely to see higher visitor to registration conversion rates and greater profitability due to a lower marketing cost per acquisition.

A Betting Registration Form Inline Validation Chart from Formisimo

Betting Registration Form Inline Validation Chart ©Formisimo.

Coral, Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Paddy Power were ranked as “underperforming” by Formisimo due to registration processes taking longer than average to complete.

The report, which was published this month following research undertaken in September 2017, drew three main conclusions about how online registration could be improved in the online sports betting industry.

Gambling Forms Could be Halved

The average number of fields new customers must fill in across the 45 companies tested was 17, not including optional fields. “The difference between the shortest and the longest forms was more than 800%,” said the report.

Fewer Text Boxes and More Drop Downs

Also known as Radio Buttons, the report said: “Drop down options give customers immediate visibility on all the options and less interaction is required to select an answer, saving time and effort.”

Show Correctly Entered Information, As Well as Errors

The report found that only 55.6% of companies instantly notify the user if they entered information correctly or incorrectly. Formisimo concluded that this is an area almost half of sportsbooks could optimise in.

Other findings include: 50% of all registration forms were not mobile-friendly, 40% of gambling services provided no customer support information, and a mere 16% displayed contact details on the registration page.

ID checks proved to be one of the biggest factors in slowing down the process of registering for an online bookmaker. On average, new customers must complete 17 different fields about information about their identity.

Gaming forms ask questions that are more personal than a regular form, as most providers need to carry out identity checks. This creates a longer process but also a greater cognitive load for the user, both of which have an impact on the likelihood of conversion. Formisimo Report October 2017

The company stated that it did not take into account any design or aesthetic features when evaluating the 45 betting sites. The report said: “The aim of our scoring was to consider attributes of the form rather than the look and feel. Some registration forms were more attractive than others, but as design is subjective I chose not to apply any marks for forms that I felt looked better or worse.”

You can read the full research statistics and Formisimo report here.

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