Sportradar and EHF to Extend Partnership

A several year-long partnership between sports data solutions supplier Sportradar and the European Handball Association (EHF) will now be extended until at least 2030, according to the EHF. The sports industry duo previously expanded their data, marketing and digital services partnership in 2018, before entering into a long-term data partnership in 2020.

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Data solutions supplier Sportradar and the European Handball Association (EHF) will be extending their partnership until at least 2030, according to the EHF. The duo previously expanded their data, marketing and digital services partnership in 2018, shortly before entering into a long-term data partnership in 2020. ©SofiLayla/Pixabay

Sportradar to Support EHF Through a Variety of Solutions and Services

The extension of the data, marketing and digital services partnership agreement between data solutions giant Sportradar and the European Handball Association (EHF) will see Sportradar provide a range of solutions and services aimed at safeguarding EHL competitions against any possible integrity threats.

The data solutions provider will employ its advanced technology and intelligence network with the aim of identifying and analyzing any abnormal betting behavior, while also using its renowned fraud detection system. The terms of the agreement indicate that over 10,000 matches are due to be monitored by Sportradar.

Also part or the partnership extension will be the use of Sportradar’s Intelligence and Investigation Services in supporting the European Handball Association’s (EHF) intelligence program. 

The latter program likewise concerns itself with investigating any possible integrity threats to EHF handball games, such as for example any person who might be choosing to target EHF matches.

Furthermore, educational and prevention workshops will be provided by Sportradar to official handball teams, players, match officials and delegates, as well as other key EHF stakeholders.

These workshops were created with the intent of educating participants on any possible integrity threats, how to promote correct and ethical behavior and how to inoculate European handball leagues against any illegal activities.

Sportradar and EHF Greatly Welcome Extension of Partnership

The news concerning the partnership extension between sports data solutions supplier Sportradar and the European Handball Association (EHF) has been met with overall enthusiasm and approval on behalf of both parties.

On the topic of the renewed partnership, EHF general secretary Martin Hausleitner revealed the following: 

“Sportradar have been a valued and trusted partner of ours over the past three years, and we are pleased to extend our cooperation over the course of this decade. The EHF is committed to protecting the integrity of its flagship club and national team competitions, and by utilizing a multifaceted approach to integrity, we believe that EHF competitions are well safeguarded from the modern-day integrity threats that face our sport”Martin Hausleitner, General Secretary, European Handball Association (EHF)

For its part, managing director of Sportradar’s Integrity Services Andreas Krannich also contributed a statement:

“We have been proud partners of the EHF since 2018 and are delighted to be extending our integrity agreement over the next decade. Over the past three years of our partnership, we have supported the EHF with a triple-pronged approach of bet monitoring, education and prevention, and intelligence and investigations solutions. With today’s news, our co-operation is signalling a decade-long commitment to integrity in Handball, and as a result, EHF competitions are perfectly positioned to thrive over the next 10 years.”Andreas Krannich, Managing Director, Sportradar Integrity Services

Extension Follows Years of Collaboration Between Sportradar and EHF

Data solutions provider Sportradar and the European Handball Association (EHF) have enjoyed a healthy and long-running partnership for several years now, so the prospect of a partnership extension should not come as a huge surprise to many.

Since beginning their collaboration in June 2017 in a joint effort to tackle threats against the integrity of handball leagues across Europe, Sportradar and the EHF have already renewed their existing partnership at least once. 

The 2018 renewal of the duo’s partnership likewise saw Sportradar providing the EHF with additional services aimed at protecting the integrity of the federation’s competitions, just like their most recent deal entailed.

Sportradar had already been providing a wide selection of data, streaming, marketing and digital services across European Cup club competitions. 

However, this initial partnership with the European Handball Association (EHF) extended the measures to also include Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System to be implemented across a number of EHF events.

Sportradar and EHF Entered Long-Term Data Partnership in 2020

Back in July 2020, data provider Sportradar and the European Handball Association (EHF) further entrenched their partnership by entering into a long-term data agreement. This specific partnership saw Sportradar beginning its service as the official data partner for both the EHF and EHF Marketing, the association’s media branch.

This data partnership entails more concretely the collection and distribution of official EHF data by Sportradar to multiple media and betting entities. 

It also involves the utilization of technologies such as AI and machine learning in developing solutions for analyzing data and identifying new insights to improve the institutional whole of handball as a sport.

The details of the deal ensure that live data and statistics for over 1,500 national team and beach handball matches will be collected by Sportradar per year. Additionally, more than 750 European Cup matches each season across all European elite club competitions will also fall under Sportradar’s data collection umbrella.

These new arrangements concern the EHF specifically in terms of their Men’s and Women’s EHF Euros and their subsequent qualifiers, younger age category events, European matches of the World Championship Qualifications, as well as the Beach Handball Euros.

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