Sportradar Signs Deal with Jets & Ravens

The US division of popular Swiss-based sports betting platform Sportradar has signed a landmark deal with two major NFL franchises: the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens. The agreements will see the supplier provide its world-renowned sports betting marketing technology to the two teams, helping improve and refine their sponsorship and affiliate strategies.

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Global sports betting platform Sportradar has struck a landmark deal with two major NFL teams: the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens. The supplier will provide its world-renowned sports betting marketing technology to the two storied franchises. ©BruceEmmerling/Pixabay

Sportradar Solutions Will “Personalize the Fan Experience”

Global sports betting platform Sportradar has made some major inroads into the US sports market thanks to a recently secured milestone deal with the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens — two of the league’s major teams and franchises.

As part of the agreement, the platform supplier is expected to provide its increasingly widespread sports betting marketing services to the Jets and the Ravens, in efforts to help the two franchises develop and further refine their respective affiliate marketing plans, sponsorship programs, and marketing strategies for their legal sports betting partners.

Sportradar said it expects its data-driven product solutions to enhance the teams’ sponsor performance to the maximum, while simultaneously opening up potential new avenues for their wagering partners in the US sports betting market.

The provider’s ad:s solution was highlighted in particular, with Sportradar asserting that this particular part of its platform will supply dynamic creative assets to the teams and generate data-driven content that they can use in their programmatic advertising campaigns.

The goal with a data-driven approach to programmatic advertising is to continue personalizing the fan experience for both teams and to deepen the level of engagement between the franchises and their respective fanbases.

This marketing-focused deal between Sportradar and the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens marks a significant milestone in the world of American professional sports: it is the first time any major US professional team has partnered together with a business to receive the latest betting marketing technology.

Both Teams See Much Promise in Sportradar Partnership

With the news of the partnership deal between Sportradar and the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens breaking on May 20th, 2021, all parties provided accompanying statements celebrating the landmark moment and expressing optimism about the deal’s future potential.

Mike Smith, head of US advertising over at Sportradar, conveyed the supplier’s excitement to be working together with the Jets and the Ravens in the ever-evolving US market:

“Legalized sports betting presents new and unique opportunities for teams, as well as betting operators, and the Jets and Ravens are taking a step in raising the value of their brands for their respective betting sponsors. Our end-to-end platform provides each team a number of levers they can pull to ensure they’re delivering a personalized experience based on their distinct fanbases, while maximizing their marketing investment.”Mike Smith, Head of US Advertising, Sportradar

For their part, the New York Jets’ vice president of business development and ventures Jeff Fernandez sees their partnership with Sportradar as optimizing the performance of their legal sports betting partners, adding: 

“The ability to engage, acquire, convert and retain customers in this super competitive and rapidly growing space is of the highest priority for operators.  Sportradar’s proprietary technology and expertise in reaching sports bettors via predictive analytics will be extraordinarily valuable to Official LSB Sponsors of the Jets.”

Finally, Baltimore Ravens chief sales officer Kevin Rochlitz sees the partnership as allowing the Raven’s various partners to better engage with their fans:

“As we continue increasing our visibility in the world of sports betting and digital gaming, the Baltimore Ravens are honored to be among the first NFL teams to partner with an industry leader in Sportradar. Through its unmatched sports data intelligence, Sportradar provides an efficient and robust outlet for our partners to better engage with and cater to fans in this rapidly evolving industry.”

Sportradar Continues U.S. Expansion with NBC Content Partnership

It has been a busy May for Sportradar, following a newly minted data and content partnership with media giant NBCUniversal’s Sports Regional Networks now also in the bag for the Swiss-based betting solutions supplier.

The deal will see Sportradar provide NBC with its usual selection of solutions and offerings, this time originating from its Broadcast Services division, with the stated aim of boosting the network’s live-game sports coverage.

This latest partnership in fact builds upon an existing base between the two organizations, in which betting data and content strategies are shared, even resulting in a recently aired alternative betting broadcast of a Chicago Bulls NBA game.

NBC will also receive access to specialized league data courtesy of Sportradar, enabling them to chart more engaging storylines during the course of a given match. 

The networks will also gain access to specialized league data, allowing them to track deeper narratives throughout the course of a game. These solutions will allow NBC to create more personalized storytelling in response to specific market trends and shifting fan interests.

Senior Vice President of Content and Live Programming NBC Sports Regional Networks Jon Slobotkin had the following to share about the partnership extension:

“The NBC Sports Regional Networks are committed to delivering impactful, entertaining and informative live-game experiences, and continuing to experiment and enhance our coverage through technology and innovation. Advanced data is a significant component of those efforts, and Sportradar delivers the services and capabilities we need to best serve fans and meet their evolving preferences for how they consume content covering their favorite teams and players.”Jon Slobotkin, Senior Vice President of Content and Live Programming, NBC Sports Regional Networks

Sports Betting Giant Also Eyeing Australia with InteractSport Acquisition

The constantly growing US sports betting industry, however, is not the only market technology solutions giant Sportradar is expanding into — with a recent merger agreement with Australian sports data firm InteractSport also announced.

A frequent buyer of smaller international startups, Sportradar’s deal to acquire InteractSport is expected to be fully finalized during the second quarter of 2021, which typically ranges from April to July.

Founded in 2013 and focusing itself on sports data and technology, InteractSport’s partners are typically located in their native Australia, such as for example the Official Cricketing Board of Australia and the Australian Soccer League (A-League).

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