Free Mini-Baccarat Game

Don't know how to play? Try out Mini-Baccarat game below to get the hang of the game sans bankroll. It's easy - just place your bets on the table and click on deal to get started.

Playing Instructions:

Play our mini-baccarat game just like you would play an ordinary game of online baccarat:

  • Click on a spot on the table to place a bet on that spot; tie, banker or player.
  • Press the 'Clear Bets' button to remove all current bets from the table.
  • Adjust the amount bet each click by selecting the appropriate chip size on the bottom left of the table, $1, $5 or $25.
  • Press the 'Deal Hand' button after placing your bets to start a new deal.
  • After a deal is completed, you can press the 'Repeat Bet' button to make the same wager as the previous round.

While it's an incredibly simple game to play, if you'd like to learn more about it see our Baccarat rules page for more information.

Betting & Limits:
  • You cannot bet on both the player and banker at the same time.
  • The minimum bet is $1 per spot on banker, tie or player, the maximum is $250.
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