First Multi-Site Online Casino Grosvenor IGT Cloud

Published Tuesday, June 11, 2013 -
First Multi-Site Online Casino Grosvenor IGT Cloud

While most of us know what a cloud is not all of us know what the internet version of the cloud is. The cloud is like a computer in cyberspace.

The use of cloud technology is wide spread and has been around awhile. In simple terms the user can simply use storage, computing power, or specially crafted development environments, without having to worry how these work internally. Cloud computing is a systems architecture model for Internet-based computing.

Now three U.K. Grosvenor casinos are going live with the IGT Cloud, creating the world’s first multi-site cloud casino environment. Grosvenor Casinos in Reading , London and Coventry will benefit from instant access to IGT’s U.K. AVP game library and enhanced analytical reporting. Driven by player actions and preference, the cloud-enabled casinos can make customized real-time decisions about which IGT games to deploy on each terminal.

The Cloud adoption represents a benefit for casino management. The IGT Cloud will enable closer tabs on product performance with game-by-game stats. While before machine performance could only be measured on a terminal-by-terminal. By instantly being able to analyse player trends and other vital indicators, the casino operator can act quickly to optimize potential.

Sabby Gill, regional vice president for EMEA and Latin America at IGT commented on the option, “The deployment of the world’s first multi-site cloud casino environment with Grosvenor Casinos is a sign of IGT’s forward thinking approach to driving technological innovation in the gambling industry" Gill continued, “The IGT Cloud gives casinos the ability to optimise the gaming floor, thereby driving revenue and enhancing the gaming experience for the player.”

Grosvenor Casinos decision to open up with the IGT Cloud will allow the casino to pursue the strategy of joining the terrestrial and, online plus mobile platforms, without the casinos needing to make any significant infrastructure investments. After the initial launch there are plans to extend the cloud offering to other Grosvenor Casinos sites later this year.

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