Bitcoin London Conference Internet Wagering Options

Published Tuesday, July 02, 2013 -
Bitcoin London Conference Internet Wagering Options

The internet has spawned many inventions, one of which is internet gambling and another that seems to go hand and hand with online wagering is the virtual currency called Bitcoin.

This money of the internet has been causing headaches for financial institutions and governments who regard the algorithm driven mulla as a thorn in their controlling sides. Bitcoin is not backed by solid traditional methods but is gaining popularity with investors who are looking at traditional banks as existing on shaky ground.

The conference is organized to discuss and inform those interested in the BItcoin currency are gathering in London England for the Bitcoin London Conference being held today July 2nd at the 39th level in Canary Wharf.

Bitcoin investor Roger Ver thinks that “Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet.” This is an invitation-only conference lasting for only one day. The conference will be attended by some of the most well known participants in the industry. High level firms that have used or are using Bitcoins as the currency of choice will be at the conference to talk about the future of the virtual money and its impact on many respective businesses.

The digital currency industry has grown in popularity with Bitcoin leading the charge. Panel discussions on the Bitcoin economy and the regulatory and legal obstacles this new money faces, now and in the future will continue all day. The Bitcoin London Conference will provide time for networking among Bitcoin entrepreneurs, venture investors, and hedge fund professionals.

The American government is taking measures to curtail the expanding virtual currency industry. The fear that unscrupulous people will use this currency to undermine the current traditional monetary system is endemic in government circles. The invited attendees of the Bitcoin London Conference are the vanguard of what is fast becoming a revolutionary movement in currency trading.

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