Responsible Online Gambling Courses for Operator's Staff

Published Wednesday, September 11, 2013 -
Responsible Online Gambling Courses for Operator's Staff

Those punters who have had some experience know the heartbreak that can come from over indulging in gambling. When the time to quit has long since gone by the online gambling experience can turn sour if responsible methods aren’t employed. Educated gambling operators are a big part of making things right.

Being an informed punter helps the internet wagering experience become some that anyone can understand. There are pitfalls as with all ventures that can easily be avoided with the correct information. Information about online gambling is available now for the employees of the online gambling operators. Gambling Compliance has launched courses on responsible gambling that are internet oriented for the staff who are the front line personal of online casinos and gambling operators.

With the option of tailoring the courses for specific needs there are two that are available now. Gambling Compliance has launched two off the shelf courses. The first being Responsible Gambling and the other being one on Anti-Money Laundering an important addition to the knowledge base. A third course entitled Bribery and Corruption has been announced and will be available soon.

Based in the United Kingdom Gambling Compliance has proven to be leader in the world of information gathering and analysis for the international gambling industry. This organization has dealings in over forty countries. With clients that include PartyGaming,, PokerStars and Spin3 Spiral Solutions it is a premier operation.

Gambling Compliance has offices in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific among other jurisdictions worldwide. Greg Kilminster, Chief Executive Officer of Gambling Compliance, commented, "eLearning was the natural direction for new product development for Gambling Compliance as it fits in with our overall vision and commitment to helping governance, risk and compliance professionals in the industry reduce their regulatory risk exposure." He added that online gambling operators who subscribe to these courses will find it easier to demonstrate on-going compliance.

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