Czech Lawmakers Approve New Online Gambling Rules

Published Saturday, May 28, 2016 -
Czech Lawmakers Approve New Online Gambling Rules

Gambling in the Czech Republic is legal but confusing when it comes to online betting. At least a hundred casinos are located in the Czech Republic many situated in or near Prague. The Czech Republic also hosts several smaller gambling halls where slot machines are available. There are also several brick and mortar betting shops in the country and a national lottery. Terrestrial gambling is thriving in the Czech Republic and now legal internet betting is a little closer to a reality since the legislation on the matter has passed through the Senate and awaits the approval of the President.

After attempts to amend the old laws regarding gambling to include the latest trend using the web to wager finally some concrete change has been thus far approved by the Czech Senate. The country’s new gambling law was approved by a large margin of 42 votes in favor, 23 abstentions and zero ‘no’ votes. President Miloš Zeman now has 30 days to sign the bill into law  which could possibly take effect by January 1, 2017.

The new regulations will now allow the opening up of the Czech online gambling market to offshore operators which are part of the European Union. The old Czech regulatory platform did not comply with the European Commission guidelines for free e-commerce within the union which only allowed for five licenses for online betting services. Now those companies who don’t mind the tax rate which by some standards is very high can apply for a license to legal offer online gambling in the Czech Republic. On top of the standard 19% corporate tax rate a 23% tax on gross gaming revenue will be applied while RNG casino games will contend with a 35% rate.

The new law will also empower the Ministry of Finance with the ability to block unauthorized gambling domains as well as a proposed prohibition on payments related to unauthorized operators. There will also be new rules regarding unauthorized marketing.  





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