Betting Records Broken On Mayweather McGregor Fight

Published Sunday, September 03, 2017 -
Betting Records Broken On Mayweather McGregor Fight

The recent match between the world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor was one of the most watched and wagered on events in recent history. Some operators posted record transactions during the first of its kind match where two disciplines were pitched against each other.

The OpenBet platform run by the NYX Gaming Group has reported that it processed a record breaking number of bets on the fight. The post revealed that there was an increase of 530% in total stakes and 375% in the overall number of bets over the previous record.  NYX Gaming Group stated that 85 percetn of the bets were placed on the Irish martial arts champ Conor McGregor. Gamblers put down an average bet of £20 on McGregor, but Mayweather attracted an average bet of £120.

The Executive vice-president at OpenBet, Keith O’Loughlin, commented on the match,  “OpenBet proved again that the platform we offer to operators can scale to cover very significant spikes of business.

“The resilience and scalability of OpenBet allows us to smash previous records with confidence and we continuously offer our customers a great experience 24x7 when it matters most.

“OpenBet, our customers, punters, Mayweather and McGregor all came out winners on one of the biggest fights in history – that's pretty unique.”

 Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, the NYX Gaming Group Limited is a leading digital gaming provider, with 1,000 employees globally. NYX delivers added value by adhering to the highest standards of customer service, probity, and responsibility. NYX`s OpenBet sports book processed more than two billion bets and broke records at the 2017 Grand National, when it processed 68,000 peak bets-per-minute. The fight has gone down in the books as one of the most highly-viewed contests with PayPerView and TV revenue expected to have broken the $400m hurdle.


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