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32 Red is a very popular online casino, so when the opportunity came up to interview a person in the company, Online-Casinos.com couldn't resist in finding out what goes on behind the scenes...

[Online Casinos] Hi Lee Simmonds - Thanks for your time here today! I cannot believe 32 Red's been around for 3 and a half years now! Have you been with the company since the start?

[32Red] Hi, really nice to meet you. I have actually been with 32Red now for around eight months and I am enjoying every minute.

[Online Casinos] And what exactly is your position at the casino?

[32Red] My official title is 'Head of Affiliates and Acquisition' but basically it is my job to make sure that the 32 Red brand is represented correctly and to welcome in as many potential customers into the casino as possible.

[Online Casinos] I know many people who play online like to know about the people 'behind' the casino. How many people work at 32 Red?

[32Red] We know that our players really value being able to see the people behind 32Red, which is why we have our 'Meet The People' section in the website. It is pretty rare for an online casino to offer this (I think we are the only ones to do this!), but we think it only right that we show all of our customers the people behind the casino they so enjoy.

In all we have around 30 people in the company now, and their roles vary from our CEO and founder, Ed Ware to the marketing team that I look after as well as our valued customer service team, security, I.T and finance.

[Online Casinos] Quite a large team then! And I know that the management team have a wealth of experience in running online casinos? What exactly is the background of the 'team in charge'?

[32Red] First up, I think everyone who works for 32Red are casino and poker fans themselves. This is so important as we know the kind of service we would want when playing, therefore we try to give this to our players.

Secondly, we all have huge experience in the online gaming business. For example, our CEO used to be the MD for Ladbrokes International here in Gibraltar. Our Operations Director, Pat Harrison, is also ex-Ladbrokes who looked after many of the retails shops in London for a number of years.

My personal CV also started at Ladbrokes, where I was a shop manager for quite a while. I then oversaw the online marketing for the sportsbook, casino and poker site before moving to become the Brand Manager at Intercasino US$ and UK £.

[Online Casinos] I know up until recently players from the USA were not allowed at 32Red - how come you decided to allow them to play?

Update to interview: please check the 32 Red Online Casino Review to find out if 32Red currently accept US players.

[32Red] We started out as allowing US casino bets when we first went live to the world, but there were a few issues that arose that made the management question whether or not that should be the case. These included a major credit card banning any gaming transactions on their cards, and also the Kyl Congress push was gathering steam. As a responsible operation, we had to make the decision to cease accepting US Casino bets until events proved otherwise.

The reason then for allowing US Casino bets again came about after a couple of incidents. Firstly, the WTO ruling in favour of Antigua v the US. Secondly, the UK Government announced the overhaul of the Gambling Bill and assured any UK facing company that they would not be penalised or blacklisted for accepting US Casino bets.

This therefore allowed us to take stock and to reverse our decision and I am pleased to say that we have thousands of US players now back in the casino enjoying our games and service.

[Online Casinos] Am I right in thinking though that you predominantly try and attract UK-based players?

[32Red] You are right in that we are a very British operation. The values we hold as an organisation could be seen as typically British, ie trust, fair play, integrity, transparency etc. We welcome all countries from around the world, but at present I would estimate that 80% of our business is from the UK and a lot of the marketing activity I oversee is in the UK.

[Online Casinos] I know that many players often comment on how great 32 Red is (me included!) - what is it in your opinion that makes your casinos more attractive than the competition?

[32Red] There is a saying often used in the company that basically epitomises everything we stand for: 'Treat others how you would be treated yourself'. Basically, as casino and poker fans ourselves, we want to offer the very best service we can to our players. That means ultra fast and hassle free payments when you win. It means friendly staff who will go out of there way to help you, should you need it. In Microgaming we have the best software available. Our loyalty schemes are as you would expect from a top class Vegas strip outfit. Plenty of comps, tournaments and prizes to all of our loyal players.

More than that though because of our transparency, we are totally approachable - we do not hide behind the brand and if you have a problem it will be sorted with zero fuss by a real person. There are not too many operators out there too where the Operations Director and the CEO of a listed company talks to customers and helps out where it's needed, which Pat and Ed respectively often do!

It is these qualities that I think makes us stand out from the ever increasing crowd of online casino, and it is this that has also helped us to win the coveted title of 'Best Online Casino' for the past three years running.

[Online Casinos] Although we have many long-time players at Online-Casinos.com, some people are new to the online casino world. What advice would you give to new players to help them in picking a casino to play at?

[32Red] You can have anywhere up to 500 different online casinos in operation at any one time, all offering similar casino games to their players - I believe the difference comes in the peripherals involved....... Fast payouts, integrity and trust, reputation, top notch customer service, personable staff and a real empathy with players

The advice I would give to any new player looking to pick a casino would be to read up first. It is very easy to take the biggest bonus but for anyone who has played at online casinos for a period of time will know, it is everything else behind the scenes that make for a great casino.

Try and find out about the company, the people and the reputation the casino you are researching has. They say that if you have a bad experience you are likely to tell six times more people about it than if you had a good one - this holds true in online casino land and there are plenty of forums and discussion groups where casinos such as 32Red are talked about each day. Thankfully what people say about 32Red is good!

[Online Casinos] Good advice! Obviously winning lots of money also helps a player to enjoy a casino too! What notable wins have 32 Red players had?

[32Red] We have huge winners every day of the week at 32Red and we love it when players do win as we dream of hitting a Royal Flush pat, or spinning in five Jackpot symbols in ourselves! The big action of course comes in the progressive games we have and we have had some life changing amounts of money being won by new and loyal players alike since we started out. I also think that winning a big amount is great, but peace of mind when you win is equally important - knowing that you will be paid, in full, very quickly.

[Online Casinos] Of course, people must remember that gambling is ultimately an entertainment pastime as opposed to a canny way to make money. What tips do you have for people to stop things getting 'out of control'?

[32Red] We take problem gambling extremely seriously and on the 32Red.com site you can read lots of advice to adhere to when gambling, from leading organisations such as Gamcare.

Personally my tip would be that you should always bet to your means, always. If you cannot afford to lose the cash you have deposited, then please don't use it and play as a guest instead.

[Online Casinos] Points worth noting there. I know last time I interviewed Ed he was excited about the launch of 32 Red Poker. Has that side of your business been as successful as your casino arm?

[32Red] Absolutely! 32Red Poker has been live and well now for nearly two years and the amount of players now enjoying our poker room is ever increasing. We have tons of tourneys for players to enjoy, plenty of free rolls so new players can try us out, as well as some great loyalty programmes such as our RedBacks points and our Bullets Club! WSOP satellites are now live too, which is an absolutely fantastic chance to make the dream alive!

[Online Casinos] 32Red really is the place to play at, isn't it?! Well, thanks for your time Lee! Always good to find out what's going on at 32 Red! Just before we go, anything else you'd like to tell us?

[32Red] Thank you! I would just like to wish all of your readers the best of luck for 2006 and of course if you haven't given 32Red a try as yet, make sure that you do soon and find out why we are regarded as the Number One in the business!

[Online Casinos] Great! Well thanks again Lee, and remember to keep the Online-Casinos.com readers up to date on everything happening at 32 Red!

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