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Online casinos are hugely popular and for many games such as Video Poker and Slots, the games online work in an identical fashion to those found in Vegas or other land based casinos around the world. However, table games are much harder to recreate and although excellent virtual recreations exist online, some people don't like the fact that card turns, wheel spins or dice rolls are only simulated at an online casino. However, Casino Webcam changes all of this by using live dealers and beaming game results directly to a player. Being a fan of table games I decided to see how this innovative casino holds up to the usual interrogation.

Casino Webcam has actually recently undergone a bit of a renovation. Whilst the old software is still available, players can also now play in the 'new look' casino. In essence both casinos offer the same games but with each casino having a slightly different interface, players can now choose to play in the casino that best suits their tastes.

Casino Webcam is a no-download only site meaning that players don't have to go through the usual hassle of downloading and installing software. I assume this is simply because of the small number of games available (Webcam only offers play on table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Sic Bo). As such, play at Webcam takes place in a user's browser window. Casino Webcam utilises webcam technology to beam pictures from a live casino straight to a person's computer. As such, if a player chooses to play Blackjack they sit down at a virtual table but see a broadcast of live cards being dealt. As such, those 'impossible' 21s experienced at other online casinos are now shown with a real deck of cards. This should put to rest any concerns a player has about online casino fairness although those pesky dealer 21s still happen, even at Casino Webcam!

New players at Casino Webcam firstly need to create a new account. Unfortunately players from the United States are banned from playing at Webcam and their IP addresses are even blocked from viewing the site. However, for players that are able to experience what Casino Webcam has to offer, creating a new account is easy. As with all online casinos a player has to submit their personal details and in return they are granted access to the site.

Depositing at this casino is also straight forward although having said that I had a few issues when I firstly visited the Webcam cashier. For some reason the cashier was displayed to me in what I believe to be Chinese! I am really unsure why this was and after a few further attempts I saw the cashier in English. I think this was to do with the fact that I was playing on a shared computer and perhaps a previous user had changed the language settings. Nevertheless, I still wasn't quite expecting this when I decided to deposit!

Thankfully, the purchase process itself was flawless and within a minute or so I had been able to purchase $100 via my Credit Card. Casino Webcam accepts a number of deposit options alongside credit card such as Moneybookers, NeTeller and Firepay. Casino Webcam's bonus system is also pretty slick. As soon as my deposit had been authorised I was informed via the cashier that I was entitled to a 100% bonus (available up to $150). I was then informed that wagering would be $7,000 (35 x bonus+deposit) and given the chance to accept the bonus or not. I like easy bonus systems such as this and although I personally declined the bonus, players that like extra money will appreciate the no-hassle functionality of Webcam. Incidentally, a further 50% match is available on second deposits providing a maximum of a further $75 free. These sign-up bonuses are complemented with other on-going bonuses (eg. 15% on NeTeller deposits, $15 free on Wednesdays) to give players a few more bets for their deposit - certainly worth looking at if funds are low!

I should firstly state that Casino Webcam does offer players a couple of slot games to play as well as some no-webcam table games. However, these are generally of low quality and certainly I'd advise players looking for these type of games to play elsewhere. However, fans of a live game should certainly give Webcam a spin.

Casino Webcam displays available games in two ways, one of which is via a pretty standard menu system that displays all the available games, details the betting limits and also indicates how many of the available seats are currently occupied. However, players can also choose a game by dealer! The new-look software contains profiles of current dealers including photographs and as such if a player takes a shine to a dealer they can sit at that dealer's table! Although players should remember they are there to play the games and not ogle dealers, with some of Webcam's ladies it is certainly possible to forget that!

I personally chose to begin my play at a Baccarat table. Casino Webcam have tried to keep minimum bets low and indeed many games accept bets at the $5 or $10 level. This may initially sound high, but players should remember that they are effectively playing a live game and as such all the costs associated with such a game are incurred by the casino. As such, betting at Casino Webcam is more in-line with real casinos in Vegas than with other casinos online. This is similarly highlighted with the high roller tables - $8,000 Blackjack bets can be placed and massive $10,000 Baccarat games can also be found.

Once a game has been selected a player has to wait a minute or so whilst the game loads and the webcam initiates. The wait is definitely worth it though and once in a game players are presented with a video stream of the dealer, a chat box to talk to the dealer or other players and a betting area where bets can be placed. I liked the fact that you can see other players at the table and it can be quite exciting to see the size of bets placed by some of the high rollers! The video stream is also accompanied with an audio feed and therefore a player is able to talk directly to a player - this is generally in the form of card counts being announced but the dealers will also wish you luck and welcome you to a table once in a while. The chat box allows you to talk back and I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of the dealers complied with my request to give me a wave!

To place bets at Casino Webcam the process is exactly at the same as with any other online casino. Although this casino utilises webcam technology, players are sill presented with a virtual chip stack with which to place bets at the virtual table. However, the game is actually played out via the webcam stream. Dealers use oversize cards or dice but fundamentally do exactly as they would in a land-based casino. The use of oversize equipment makes it easy for the player to see what is happening. However, the casino also utilises technology to 'read' the dealer actions and to show these on the virtual table. As such, should the dealer show an Ace of Spades, the software will recognise this and show a virtual Ace of Spades on the virtual table. Generally this system works well, although I did notice that on some occasions the feeds fell out of sync and as such a player may see the virtually dealt cards before the same play has been shown on the webcam. Similarly, the graphics are generally good, although the draw at Webcam is definitely the live stream as opposed to the quality of the presentation.

After my play at the Baccarat table (where I won $5!) I headed over to try some Sic Bo and Blackjack. Unfortunately a string of losers meant that within minutes I had lost my bankroll - that's the issue with playing $10 hands. Nevertheless, I was glad to have tried out Webcam. These kind of games can certainly be a roller coaster - at other live webcam sites I've won hundreds in minutes thanks to the imposed high minimum bets. On this occasion though it was not to be although I know any wins would have been paid in a reasonable time frame - after a 48 hour pending period withdrawals are sent to finance who generally process once a week. Although this is certainly not quick, it's definitely not a timeframe that is completely unacceptable.

With regards to support at Casino Webcam, this comes in the form of email only. This is a disappointment and could be concerning for those with 'serious' problems, especially since this casino's aim-for turnaround time is 24 hours. From my test emails do get a response, but live help (either telephone or live chat) would certainly not go amiss. Players should certainly bear in mind the support offering at Webcam, particularly if players like the reassurance of instant help should they need it.

In conclusion, Casino Webcam will certainly appeal to players that like to know they are getting a fair game. The casino offers a limited selection of games, but the draw of this casino isn't massive game selection. Rather for those that like Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo or Roulette they can play as lifelike a casino game with Webcam as ever will be available online. Players should remember that the game speed and betting limits are also like those found in bricks and mortar casinos, but for a 'real' experience Webcam certainly delivers. Banking is generally good although the once-a-week processing could be improved. Similarly the email-only support is a disappointment. Generally though Casino Webcam is a robust casino and is definitely something to try out. I admit Webcam won't be for everyone, but similarly I can see Webcam could certainly deliver what many other online casinos cannot.

Casino Webcam has closed

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My very first bet at the Baccarat table is a winner when the Banker outcome matches my selection Baccarat Win on Banker

My $15 bet at the Blackjack table is a loser, although with a $10 minimum at this table a few wins would soon see a player's bankroll rise A Loss on The Blackjack Tables

For some reason the cashier was not in English when I first entered although this may be due to my computer settings! Casino Webcam Cashier

Players are able to chat with each other and even the dealer whilst playing Chatting With Other Players

Players are able to see mini-biographies along with photos of the available dealers Learning About The Dealers

Once within a game, a pop-up menu appears if a player ever wants to swap to a different table Switching Tables Pop-Up

I sit down at this Roulette table just as my usual lucky number is spun in - a few seconds earlier and I could have been a big winner! Live Roulette

Having decided the 17 won't be out again in a hurry I shift my bets elsewhere, although still leave a dollar on 17 just in case! Betting On The Roulette Table

Sic Bo is a popular dice-based game which offers players a number of different betting options Live Sic Bo

A different camera angle shows a close-up of the dice so a player can be sure of any game outcome Sic Bo Camera Angles

Once within the casino lobby a player can first select a table and then can select a seat at that specific table Selecting a Table and Seat

An instant bonus is available and I was impressed with the clarity of Casino Webcam's bonus policy Taking a Bonus is Optional

Casino Webcam Strong Points:
  • Live dealer games ensure players are getting a fair game - real dealers means a life-like casino experience is now available online
  • High betting limits should satisfy pretty much every player apart from those that really like massive bets
  • Generally good no-download software combines the best of virtual casinos with their real life counterparts
  • Good sign-up and on-going bonus offers, although wagering conditions are relatively high
Things Casino Webcam Could Improve:
  • Limited number of games available, although this is to be expected for a casino of this type
  • The casino finance department only processes withdrawals once a week
  • Customer support is only available via email

Casino Webcam has closed

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