Live Online Gambling Builds Trust

Published Monday, February 02, 2009 -

The most common element that keeps the online gambling public from playing is trust, or lack of trust being more to the point. Most people who play online games are at the mercy of the operator in short they have to trust the dealer or trust the machine they are playing to be fair. New technology is beginning to add a feeling of reassurance to the online gambling participant. The introduction of new products and features such as live casino dealers has created a more realistic gambling experience.

Most old school gamblers would agree that there is no way of knowing if the cards you are dealt at an online casino are randomly generated. Internet gambling operators tell us they are, but many participants are still reluctant to wager large amounts of cash on cards dealt from a computer.

Many top online casinos are now offering live streaming during games. Allowing the player to watch a dealer physically shuffle and deal cards when playing games such as Black Jack or Poker, giving the gaming public a real time experience.

The ICE exhibition in London was the venue numerous gaming brands used to present their new Live Casino attributes. Online gambling patrons are now able to play live roulette, poker or black jack and see the action unfold live understanding that the dealing is random, legitimate, and happening as they watch.

Live casino action will bring the trust factor into a finer focus freeing the online gambler from the fear that the deal is not fair. Online gambling will continue to use every technology available to make this form of entertainment more realistic. Online gaming is more mobile more honest and more realistic every day.

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