Online Bank Ivobank Partners with Nordicbet

Published Thursday, July 09, 2009 -

Prominent Scandinavian gaming company NordicBet, has announced that they have signed an agreement with Ivobank the specialized online gambling bank. With this move Norwegians playing on the Nordicbet web site will have access to Ivobank's secure online banking services. Nordicbet is one of Norway's most popular web based gaming sites. Norway recently brought in new rules that stop the use of credit cards and transfers to offshore or out of state gambling sites. The new partnership circumvents those new rules.

Chief Executive Officer of Nordic Gaming Group, Per Hellberg, said of the partnership, "Ivobank is a great solution for our Norwegian customers, who are understandably worried about security and discretion. Our message is that the new laws don't mean an end to online gaming in Norway".

Director of business development at Ivobank, Neil Caldwell, commented, "NordicBet is a terrific brand and signing them up as a merchant reinforces Ivobank's commitment to working with the very best partners in gaming. I'm certain that NordicBet's players will see the value and benefits of becoming Ivobank customers from the moment they apply for a new account".

Established in 2002 Nordicbet, targets the Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish markets. Ivobank was launched in 2008 and was designed as a specialist online bank with a gaming industry focus. The bank has established itself as the only FSA regulated bank catering to the online gambling industry. Ivobank is offering customers a bonus of up to NOK 200 when they make their first transaction through NordicBet, as an incentive to start an account. Where there is a will there is a way and in this case a quick secure partnership solution has been found.

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