Pala Interactive Signs With Betgenius For Acquisition Expertise

Currently there are no Pala Interactive online gambling sites that support English and also accept play from Canada with Canadian currency but this firm is very active across the border in the USA.

Pala Interactive is majority owned by the Pala Band of Mission Indians in California and back in June of 2017 it launched in New Jersey. The online betting software developer began operating the brand in fall of 2014 and followed by the launch of in the spring of 2016. The company is a versatile business to business operation that has high levels of scalability and technical expertise along with a white label social gaming platform.

The firm has recently announced a deal with Betgenius to acquire its expertise in delivering personalised digital campaigns in the online gaming sector, as well as its performance aimed approach to method media purchases.

The Betgenius firm was voted Acquisition and Retention Partner of the Year at the 2018 EGR Awards. Betgenius is a specialist digital marketing agency that secures engages and retains customers for as many as 150 regulated clients.

Business Development Director of Digital Marketing at Betgenius, Josh Linforth commented on the arrangement,  “Pala Interactive is a forward-thinking operator which understands the power of effective digital marketing. I’m confident that our strong inventory, unique creative capabilities, and lower-funnel acquisition tactics will help them scale their online presence and drive revenues in New Jersey.”

Chief Marketing Officer at Pala Interactive, Jeremy Clemons, also commented, “We are excited to partner with Betgenius to enhance our customer acquisition efforts. Betgenius delivers a unique blend of digital marketing expertise along with a keen understanding of the online gaming market.

“We are confident that combination from Betgenius coupled with Pala Interactive’s delivery of an outstanding player experience will make our performance-based programmatic campaigns successful.”


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Online Gambling Launch Lessons Revealed

Starting any kind of business usually requires research into the market and available funds in order to get things up and running smoothly. The online gambling business is no different but there are many firms that throw caution to the wind and jump into an enterprise without doing the basics. There are always lessons to be learned both good and bad from those who make the leap. Legalized online casino gambling is coming on strong in a number of jurisdictions in the USA.

The Keystone State Pennsylvania is to become the second big state to get into internet betting and Online Poker Report has revealed five key lessons for the jurisdiction to learn from New Jersey’s internet betting enterprise.

New Jersey has lead the charge in the race to introduce online gambling and now betting on sports in the USA. It failed in certain ways but has been successful in others which has given any following jurisdiction aiming to secure a successful online gambling platform a leg up. The five major lessons that the poker web site suggests are not overestimating the so called first-mover advantage, not letting fear mongering influence policy, prioritizing educating the consumer and legality must be a focal point, along with fostering innovation and competition. Any advantage in being the first mover is madly overrated and in some instances detrimental as the experience of New Jersey proved without a doubt.

Most of the first gambling websites weren’t ready for the big time. Many were simply using outdated software that was generations behind the European products available. Dealing with the numerous issues associated with a launch of an online gambling web site there were advantages in not being part of the swarm of firms looking to gain a following of loyal players. The advantage of waiting and watching from the sidelines may be a strategy that is being utilised by operators launching soon in Pennsylvania.




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Dutch Authorities Fine Betsson For Unauthorised Offerings

The online betting industry is subject to the laws of the land they are operating in and thus subject to fines and penalties should the rules be broken. The news that a Maltese registered gambling company Corona Ltd was fined €300,000 by the Dutch regulator for accepting players in the Netherlands without the approval of the relevant authorities is the just the tip of the regulation iceberg in many jurisdictions.

The subsidiary of the Betsson Group Corona is a legally registered Maltese operator and is the biggest gambling products provider owned by Swedish interests listed on Stockholm’s stock market. The two offending casinos Oranje and Kroon were fined by the Kansspelautoreit, the regulator for the Dutch jurisdiction for “offending activity” that took place between May and August of 2017.

According to Kansspelautoreit the domains of the company also violated the online gambling laws by suggesting that consumers utilise “the most popular online payment method in Holland.”  Authorities started a probe after receiving complaints regarding the web sites. Operators were negligent in barring access to their locations while consumers were alerted that access was prohibited.

The regulator also looked into activities of affiliated Betsson operations offering betting products in Holland’s jurisdiction but found no wrong doing associated with Holland’s gambling laws.

Authorities in Holland said the investigation was a possible response to, “the publicity that Betsson itself had sought following the tightening of enforcement regarding online games of chance without a licence as from the middle of last year.” Only last year the Betsson Group filed a grievance with the European Commission after plans by the authorities in Holland to impose higher fines for a larger number of violations of Dutch gambling regulations were revealed.

Betsson Group has also attempted to reverse the decision with other legal actions against Holland’s laws with no results.




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E G C Announces IMGL MasterClass Montenegro 2018

The internet betting industry has been adjusting to the new rules for advertising in a number of jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and Italy. Concerns have been revealed by operators that regulations restricting the advertising of online gambling has reduced the potential for earnings and growth in the sector.

Dealing with change there are experts that are providing insight into the issue and solutions to the complex situation.

The organizers of the inaugural European Gaming Congress have announced a special IMGL MasterClass focusing on providing up to date information for gambling operators facing restrictions on advertising of their brands in regulated markets.

The inaugural edition of European Gaming Congress is set to be presented on the 16th of October 2018 at the Grand Union Hotel in Ljubljana Montenegro  bringing together industry experts from everywhere in Europe to create a platform which will enable both networking and learning from experience. Online gambling has been legal in Montenegro since October of 2011, and the gaming authority, the Games of Chance Administration, began issuing online gaming licences in January, 2012.

The “IMGL MasterClass – Advertising for gambling – a new minefield for operators”panel discussion will be held during European Gaming Congress. The Italian government has published its Dignity Decree, outlining the official ban on all forms of gambling advertising. This is a mandatory requirement after its successful passage in the government. The gambling-related matters in the decree are primarily related to advertising, the distribution of slot machines in Italy, and measures to reduce gambling addiction of Italian consumers. Controversy has erupted with  industry stakeholders claiming the new laws will not reduce the number of gambling addicts but will have a counterproductive effect resulting in the growth of the underground market. Panelists for the IMGL Masterclass panelists include gaming experts, regulators, attorneys, industry executives, and educators.

This is must attend event for all operator levels providing a unique opportunity to get ahead of the marketing curve.



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Quebec Spending More On ISP Blocking Fight

The amount of time and public money being spent on legal proceedings regarding online gambling is staggering. The recent news that the Quebec provincial government is once again trying to block online gambling sites in their jurisdiction comes at a time when the public purse in Quebec is stretched to the limits.  The challenge comes despite the obvious fact that blocking has already been ruled to be unconstitutional by the Quebec Supreme Court.  

Apparently the Attorney General of Quebec filed an official appeal with the Department of Justice in the faint hope the high court decision will be overturned and the province of Quebec will have the entire online betting market sewn up.

Originally the issue came to light in May of 2016 when Quebec’s legislators passed Bill 74 which told Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block all unlicensed online gambling sites. The list of banned sites was a massive 2200, restricting access to some 8.2 million citizens.

Justice Pierre Nollet in his decision against the legislation wrote, “Its pith and substance is to prevent online gambling not set up and operated by the province from being ‘communicated’ by ISPs and not the protection of consumers or their health,”  

The Justice also noted that Bill 74 was not only against the public interest, but was also a clear violation of the Canadian Radio-Television Commission Act. The consuming interest of the Quebec politicians to be righteously protecting the interests and health of the public is a vain attempt at controlling the way people in Quebec live. There are a number of controversial laws passed in the French province that contravene the constitution of Canada. Other jurisdictions have tried to prohibit and restrict internet gambling through the use of ISP blocks but few have been successful. The Quebec order to block is far too broad in scale and another financial gamble for the taxpayer of the province.



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Funding For Problem Gambling Failing The Demand

Addictions are common these days because humans it seems are always wanting more. The reality of addiction can be devastating for those trapped by the urge to do more until there is no more. Funding to help those who want help for their particular passion has been a priority for the foundations that organize assistance with governments usually onside.

The distribution of funds for helping those with a gambling addiction has by many standards been to little with no consideration for the newest form of betting via the internet. Smartphones have created a whole new level of addiction for gamblers that has been compared to hard drugs.

In places such as the state of  Ohio in USA where according to data from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services more than 76,000 people which is almost one percent of the state’s population have admitted to struggling with a gambling addiction in the past year. A gambling addiction counselor who works at the Toledo-based Zepf Center, Steve Kapelasaid commented, that as it gets easier and easier to gamble, the prevalence of problem gambling will likely grow.

Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling commented. The idea that one addiction is more important than another is clear in the way the funds are distributed with billions of dollars in public funding marked for drug and alcohol treatment each year, gambling addiction services received just $73 million nationwide in 2016.  Whyte added, “We are criminally underfunded,”

Mr. Whyte estimated that about 2 percent of the adult population of the USA or around 6 million people are affected by a  gambling issue. White continued, “At the end of the day, this is a national public health issue,”

The writing is on the wall for politicians to get up to speed on the problem gambling issue and be proactive in educating the public about the need to fund resources to help those with this addiction.


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Trump Impeachment Odds Recalibrated

The continuing saga being played out in US politics has millions of people fascinated by the reality television show that President Donald Trump is hosting on a global scale. The seriousness of the situation in America is felt by those who actually see just how precarious democracy is in the land of the free. Divided and polarised the country is having trouble finding a balance between the extreme right and left leaning public.

President Trump has everyone confused and bewildered as to what will happen next. The shifting sands and suspected political intrigue has a number of politicians wondering when the end will come for Donald Trump. There are bookies in the U.K. that are providing odds on whether the President will fall from grace with impeachment proceedings.

The odds makers are adjusting their lines on the chances of Trump getting impeached which is at its lowest mark since he was elected. Bovada now has his chance of being impeached at +120 for yes, -150 for no which is down from -200 for a yes a month ago. PaddyPower has it as 6/4 yes, 1/2 no, lower from July. Bookmakers are speculating however if he slides out from under impeachment he will be re elected in 2020.

After the news that two of Trump’s associates have run afoul with the legal system Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Apati said to the Express newspaper, “It’s been a busy week in the world of politics and the latest news has led to punters predicting an impeachment before the end of Trump’s first term,”

Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen has presented the most damaging evidence with Cohen’s assertion that Trump directed him to make payments from campaign funds to women he believed could negatively affect his bid for the Presidency. Retaliating, Trump spoke to Fox News and said the economy would be ruined if Congress tried to take such a measure against him.






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Playtech Gambling Software Expands Into New Territory

Some software developers in the online gambling world always seem to land on their feet. The history of Playtech online casino software is known for its variety of games and constant development of new content. Playtech is one veteran developer that comes to mind when thinking about determination and continued success.

The CEO of Playtech Mor Weizer has been insisting that the Asian sector remains a “commercially viable and attractive market” for the company despite severe competition across Asia leading to a fall in profit for the first half of 2018.

The primary reason behind the Isle of Man based firm issuing a profit warning, even though Weizer had said the outlook in Asia had “stabilised” since then. The apparent  impact of the region’s intense competition on the firm’s bottom line is clear. “Asia is not going to disappear,” the CEO said, highlighting the content provider-led structure of the jurisdiction presented a challenge to the company.

Mr.Weizer explained, “It is still a growing market; perhaps not at the levels of previous years, but still in the high single digits, I have been told. However, a year ago there were only five companies operating in the market and now there are 30-plus.”

Playtech will maintain its pricing structure in Asia while focusing on premium services. Playtech chairman of the board Alan Jackson did acknowledge, “disappointing” market conditions in Asia,but maintaining it is, “not reflective of the core strength of the Playtech model as the regulated segment continues to report organic growth and encouraging momentum”.

Mr.Weizer continued to add on a positive note, “Playtech has identified key markets in Europe and Latin America which have the potential to increase their online penetration of gaming revenue and where Playtech's regulated markets focused capabilities have an advantage. These markets are the focus for increasing Playtech's scale and distribution through signing new licensees.”




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New Jersey Licenses Another Online Sports Betting Operator

It goes without saying that the online sports betting gold rush has begun in the USA with firms creating an early foothold in the already established territories such as Atlantic City New Jersey. The Garden State has seen some lean days but has also reinvented its old self in Atlantic city with the introduction of internet betting. The State spearheaded the legal fight to change sports betting and has victoriously made it now possible to bet on sports in the broad USA.

Jumping onto a moving bandwagon does look a bit dangerous but in the long run could be worth a slice of the $40.6 million in sports wagers which was taken in the first full month sports betting was legal in New Jerseys gambling outlets.

Six of Atlantic City's nine casinos now offer sports betting, as well as two horse racing venues.

The latest entry into New Jersey's expanding sports betting market is which has launched online sports betting integrated with its online casino. New Jersey gambling regulators approved the site to go live. The SugarHouse Online Sportsbook & Casino has an online affiliation with Philadelphia's SugarHouse casino and is the first internet sports betting operation associated with the license of the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City.  Operated by Rush Street Interactive, it is already licensed as a regulated online and mobile sports betting services provider in Colombia.

Rush Street Interactive president Richard Schwartz, commented, "Being the first U.S.-based gaming operator to launch a regulated online sportsbook outside of the U.S. has been helpful in establishing the SugarHouse Online Sportsbook & Casino,"

A company statement read, ‘Unified player accounts, wallets and bonus points will allow customers to switch between sports betting and online casino gambling,’ The NFL season begins the first week of September so the push is on to get in on the online sports betting gold rush in the USA.


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Aspire Global Signs Content Deal With ORYX Gaming

The growing online gambling industry has a number of veteran firms that keep on top of the trends and adjust their direction accordingly. One such firm is ORYX Gaming a leading turnkey solutions provider which has an omni channel cross-product platform that contains a mix of proprietary and 3rd party games for Casino, Slots, Live dealer content, Lottery, Poker, Virtual Sports and Instant game offerings. The blend contains localized and exclusive content from ORYX, Gamomat, Kalamba and some standard integrations such as Quickfire, Netent, NYX, EGT, Amatic and Isoftbet an aggregate of some 5000 world-class gaming titles.

ORYX Gaming has announced it has signed a content distribution deal with online gambling  solutions provider Aspire Global. The online betting platform pioneer Aspire Global has a substantial track record going back twelve years. Aspire has regulated licenses from the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Italy & Malta and is a publicly listed firm.  

Aspire Global’s platform and its network of brands will now feature ORYX’s proprietary games and top performing titles from Gamomat, Kalamba and other content with the new arrangement. ORYX’s RGS platform will support  Gamomat’s Royal Seven XXL and a number of Red Hot Firepot and Golden Nights Jackpot Games. ORYX’s recently launched real money version Casino Patience, will also be part of the Aspire Global’s network.

Aspire Global COO Dima Reiderman, commented, “We are very happy to add ORYX Gaming to our portfolio, this addition will further expand our games offering for our partners white-label network and their players.”

ORYX Gaming CEO Matevz Mazij, also had this to say, “Aspire Global is one of the top solution providers in the market and we’re pleased to call them a partner following this latest deal. We’ll be delivering a range of our own classic titles and third-party content for Aspire Global.”





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