Magic Slots $.25's jackpot history

Progressive Name: Magic Slots $.25
Game Type: Slot Machine
Coin Amount: 0.25
Reels: 3
Manufacturer: Playtech
Cur. Jackpot: $ 4,406.21
Start Amount: $ 750.00
Avg. Jackpot: $ 5,500.46
Larg. Jackpot: $ 8,050.31
Bonus Game? Y
Last Payout: $ 1,401.40
Payout Date: Dec 31st, 2014
Elapsed Time: 3 years
As the name implies, PlayTech's Magic Slots is a magician themed progressive slot - complete with magic hats, wands and other related imagry. It plays very fast, and has a few things that distinguish it from most other machines, most notably it's unusual 'shape'.

There aren't a lot smaller reel combinations that pay off, so it can frequently be a game of winning ang losing streaks, and offers a bonus game designed to keep you at the one-armed bandit - a bonus game that opens up once you've accumulated 3 magic wands - over a period of as many spins as it takes (provided they're at the same sitting). And of course, the progressive jackpot remains the main attraction.

Jackpot Hits History

Dec 31st, 2014 $1,401.40
Dec 25th, 2014 $8,050.31
Aug 10th, 2014 $5,117.55
May 31st, 2014 $7,432.59