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Global Player Casino:

Update: Global Player has changed their software to the Boss Media platform. Please note that the Global Player review below is based on the old version of the software.

Global Player Casino is in my opinion one of the best online casinos out there on the Internet. I really like an online casino that brings something new to the table. That is just what Global Player Online Casino has managed to do. Let's have a closer look at Global Player Casino.

Global Player Casino runs it own private label casino software, and I have to say I am very impressed with it. The software is not flashy at all - I actually like that - it works very well and I really get that gambling feeling I always get when I visit a real brick and mortar casino.

For starters, I had to download the software package - it took up about 3MB. Then, when I wanted to add more games I had to download a bit more.

Global Player Casino is THE PLACE to do your gambling if you are a fan of Blackjack, Roulette and/or video poker.

On the other hand - if you are looking for slots or games other than blackjack, video poker and roulette, this is not going to be your new favorite online casino. Global Player caters to the real blackjack, video poker and roulette fans with many, many great versions of these casino games.

The single zero roulette is played on a great roulette table with many handy features such as 'same bet' and other quick pick buttons for special bets. The betting limits are from $1 to $1000 per game.

Blackjack variants such as single deck Reno blackjack can be found here. And also one of my favorites, The Baden-Baden version of blackjack. Some of these blackjack games gives the players some very good odds of beating the house.

Global Player Casino also has a ton of video poker variants you can choose from - the coins sizes in the video poker games go as low as $0.25 and up to $1, and in most variants you can bet from one to five coins a game.

Global Player also has several multi-hand video poker games, and video poker games with progressive jackpots.

Here is how it went when I took Global Player our for a test drive for this Global Player Casino Review.

I made a $300 deposit with NETeller and headed straight for the single deck blackjack table called 'Reno Blackjack'. Here it's possible to choose from a single player version, or a multiplayer version where it's possible to chat with the other players and share their joy or misery. This game offers great odds for the player - but today I did not win or lose much so I moved on to the roulette table.

Global Player Casino offers many great variants of roulette, with different rules and table limits. I choose the Single Zero roulette table because this version offers the player better odds then standard American roulette tables, which have both a zero AND an double zero.

At the roulette table I stated out by placing a bet of $5 on black - I have a friend of mine who always tells me to bet on black so I thought 'why not'. That little @#$@@^#! roulette ball landed on 5 red numbers in a row - so I was beginning to think about calling my friend up :-)

I was betting according to the Martingale betting system - this is a progression betting system where you double your bet every time you lose one bet. In other words, I started out by betting $5 - then $10 - then $20 - then $40 - then $80. I was so glad to see that $80 bet landing on black 29.

I am not going down that betting strategy road again any day soon - but it sure is a lot more fun then placing the same size of bets in every game. After a few more games, I decided to move along to the video poker games while I was still ahead.

Global Player Casino has some great video poker variants, I think they have more then 20 different video pokers to choose from. The games can be played with coin sizes starting from $0.05 and up to $1. Furthermore, you can bet from one to five coins per game - and some variants also offer 3 hand video poker - where you play 3 video poker hands simultaneously. That is great fun in my opinion. I won a bit on the video poker games too.

I also ended up trying a couple of slot machines at Global Player Casino - they all come in a version with a progressive jackpot and a version without a progressive jackpot. The only thing I could think of that Global Player could improve on is the relative few slot machines they offer.

But the bottom line is this: Global Player is a GREAT casino for the blackjack, video poker and roulette fans out there. The customer service is great - you can call them for free or email them. I tried sending them an email and I had an answer within 20 minutes.

For this review I ended up cashing out almost $500. Global Player paid me to my NETeller account within 2 hours - a great casino with great customer service. I am a regular player here, and if you try them out I am sure you will become that too. Global Player Casino knows what we the gamblers want and they deliver just that.

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Global Player Casinos Lobby

The Lobby of Global Player Casino - This is where you pick your casino games

Baden Baden Blackjack

The Baden Baden Blackjack Variant - Here I am Betting on 5 blackjack Hands in one Game

3 Hand Bonus Video Poker

Bonus Video Poker Is Just One Of Many Great Video Pokers Offered by Global Player

Jacks Or Bettor Video Poker

Jacks or Bettor Video Poker

Single Zero Roulette

This is the Single Zero Roulette Table - One Of The Best Roulette Games Found Online

Reno Blackjack - Single Deck

Reno Blackjack

Progressive Slotmachine

One of the Slots offered by Global Player Online Casino

Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack offers Great Odds for the Player

Global Player Casino Strong Points:
  • Fast responding Customer Service and Fast Payouts of winnings.
  • Great Blackjack Variants
  • Blackjack Tournaments
  • Great Video Poker Variants
  • Great Roulette Games
  • Global Player Casino offers New player bonuses - highroller bonuses and ongoing bonuses for regular players. Furthermore the Global Player Comps System rewards loyal players with extra free casino chips.
  • Good betting limits for the regular smaller players and for the highrollers.
Things Global Player Casino Could Improve:
  • If you are looking for a casino with a great variety of different slots - don't look her. You will only find a few slots to choose from at Global Player Casino.

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