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Swiss Casino:

When I started the process of playing at the Playtech casino Swiss Casino Online (also known as S Casino), I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of everything. First of all, the initial download is just, 644 bytes and goes by very quickly.

As a new player at Swiss Casino, I was given a 100% match bonus on my deposit. As I made a $50 deposit I was playing with $100.

One of the good things that I noticed, is that when you start to play, after you make your deposit they tell you exactly what games you aren't allowed to play in order to withdrawal money off of your bonus. This helps if you don't read the disclaimer and aren't sure what you are allowed and not allowed to play to meet your wagering requirements; which in this case is 12 times the bonus amount and deposit amount.

Once you get in and have made your first deposit, receiving your bonus that is accredited immediately you have 67 different casino games to choose from, including Table Games, Slots, Video Pokers and Progressives.

Another one of the things that you might want to look at is your transaction history; this allows you to keep track of the hands or pulls you play.

The first game that I played was Blackjack. The game played very smoothly, once I started betting more than a dollar I ended up winning rather often, I got about 5 Blackjacks in the twenty minutes that I was playing which, as any Blackjack player knows if very impressive.

Blackjack Switch was the next game that I played, and though I was not as lucky in this game as I was in the first game, it was still a very good play. The cards came out quickly and there were a couple of wins. The graphics on this game and the others are quite good, and in this game you can hear the dealers voice tell you whether you won or lost and when to place your bets, which adds an air of reality to the game. I stayed and played at this game for about 20-30 minutes because I was having such a great time and it is a rush to see what you will win.

After I had enough of the card games for a while, I figured it would be a good time to try my hand at the Online Slots Swiss Casino has on the menu, so I went to the Progressive game Cinerama Slots.

Cinerama Progressive Slots is a good game, and once you start playing it can be very profitable! I got to the bonus round on the first spin, there wasn't much a of big profit, but getting to that round so quickly is amazing. I found it very easy and smooth to play this game, you can get lost by just clicking the spin button over and over because of how quickly you can win.

After exploring this game for a while, I decided to see how I would do at Tens of Better Video Poker. The cards in this game sometimes take a few seconds to be dealt, but after they do come up the game play is stimulating.

I didn't stay at this game very long but I stayed in the type, I went to Four Line Deuces Wild Video Poker. I did much better at this game, the cards came out quicker and the wins came pretty often. Since I was doing so well in this game I decided to stay for a while, but after about 30 minutes and after winning a pretty good amount of money I wanted to take my luck to another game, however this didn't work out for me.

I went in to try to play Megaball, but I got kicked off of the server twice. After trying 3 times unsuccessfully, I gave up and went to Keno. Keno is a fun game to play, and this Playtech casino is no exception. The play went very fast, and once I picked my numbers and clicked the button it was less than a couple of seconds before I was able to see the outcome. After the bootings from the previous game, I was glad to see that I kept online with this game.

My two favorite games at Swiss Casino were Deuces Wild and Safe Cracker Progressive Jackpot.

I really liked Deuces Wild because of the length of time I was able to play for the money that I spent, I was betting $2.50 for each hand and since the winnings kept coming I got to play about 45 minutes before I got below my desired level.

Safe Cracker was the best game I played - the first spin I took I got a big win, which definitely peaked my interest, and within the next 5 minutes I got another big win. I kept playing this game for the next hour and a half, and within that time I won over $125, which, with what I was betting (75 cents a spin) was very fulfilling.

Another game that I liked and thought that everyone should know about is Highway Kings. The reason that this slots game is interesting, is because no matter what your bankroll is you can play here for a long time - because you can make a bet of as little as one penny. Penny slots are good for those out there who love to play at the casino but don't have much to put in.

I emailed Swiss Casino customer support with a question and was pleasantly surprised to find that they contacted me within the hour. They were friendly, and it seemed like they really cared about whether they helped me out or not.

So overall, Swiss Casino is a good place to play. They notify you what games you should avoid in order to meet your wagering requirements, and they offer games of all different types to meet your fancy. Once you decide which game you would like to play you will see like I did that they are very realistic and professional, which is why so many people can't stop talking about them.

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Enjoy the beautiful lobby of Swiss Online Casino.

Swiss Casino Lobby - Pick Your Game Here !!

Here at the cashier you can make deposits, get bonuses & cash out.

Swiss Casino Banking

Blackjack at its finest, at Swiss Casino.

Blackjack Game @ Swiss Online Casino

One of many wins at the Progressive Jackpot game Cinerama.

Cinerama Progressive Jackpot Slots

This Deuces Wild game offers wins very often that will definitely peak your interest. Four Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Game

Great shot of Keno at its best.

Play Keno Online at Swiss Casino

Another win at the fun filled Pai Gow Poker Table.

Pai Gow Poker

A great big win at Safe Cracker.

Safe Cracker Slots

The bonus round of Safe Cracker.

Safe Cracker Bonus Feature Slot Machine Game

Swiss Casino Strong Points:
  • The easy download.
  • The payouts of the games.
  • The speed with which the games play.
  • The graphics and sound effects.
Things Swiss Casino Could Improve:
  • Getting kicked off the server in certain games.
  • Slowness in some of the card games.
  • Sticky bonuses, read the terms and conditions for the bonus.

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