Webmaster Content: Jackpot Tracker - 600 x 200

Adding quality content is a great way to encourage repeat visitors and add 'stickiness' to your Web site. Our Jackpot Trackers are now available for you to use - easy to integrate and absolutely free of charge.

Progressive Jackpot Tracker - 600 x 200:

Adding the Jackpot Tracker to your site is as easy as 1-2; we'll provide you with a short piece of HTML code to copy, you simply paste it wherever you want it to appear on your page.

If you haven't already, you can view the jackpot tracker in action right here at Online-Casinos.

Adding The Progressive Tracker:

To add the Progressive Tracker to your site, simply copy the code from the textarea below and paste it in your Web page's HTML wherever you would like it to appear.

Important: As a suggestion only we have added a short sentence and a textlink to the code provided. This will be located just below the progressive jackpot tracker on your webpage and link back to Online-Casinos.com. This is a suggestion only - you are welcome to edit or remove this sentence and link, or no-follow the link if you prefer. Obviously we really appreciate it if you decide to link to Online-Casinos.com - the choice is yours.

Click inside textarea to select all code, then paste into your Web site's HTML.
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