German Interstate Treaty on Gambling Flaws Revealed

The news travels fast when politicians do the wrong thing and it is finally discovered and revealed by academics. An example of the process and how it keeps the truth active is Germany’s controversial Interstate Treaty on Gambling which has been the subject of a rigorous study assessing the Treaty’s impact on integrity in sports, customer protection and revenue from taxation. The study has concluded the results are mostly negative.

Assessing the success of the legislation three noted academics spent six months collecting data for the study entitled “Fact-based Evaluation of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling.” The process involved using  methodologies including economic, legal and sociological silos.  Germany’s restrictive online gaming regime resulted in the jurisdiction having the lowest percentage of punters going to regulated gambling offerings placing Germany last on the list for compliance.

Professors from the Dusseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, the Institute for Sports Integrity at the German School of Sports in Cologne and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, revealed their results of the comparative ‘Channelisation Index’ at a press conference in Berlin recently.  

The report on the 300-page study was supported by lobby groups such as the German Sports-betting Association (DSWV), which was optimistic that the results would convince the politicians to apply more equitable regulations for the online betting industry.

Professor Martin Nolte, director of the Institute for Sports Integrity at the German School of Sports in Cologne said current integrity legislation as going “completely beyond the reality” of the situation and that the country was missing opportunities to fund sports integrity initiatives.

Professor Justus Haucap, director of the Dusseldorf Institute for Competition Economics commented, “Only when online gambling is legalised can the State achieve a number of goals: protecting players, combating gambling addiction and preventing the manipulation of sports,” Haucap continued to add,  “This is exactly where the current legislation fails, along so many lines.”


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New Online Gambling Regulations Causing Operators Stress

The online gambling industry is a worldwide business with many different jurisdictions and rules which affect its development. The new regulations imposed by Australia and the Netherlands have created a crisis of sorts for the operators who have decided to exit those areas and comply with the regulators.

The Netherlands for example has been an attractive destination for online gambling operators responding to the demand for this kind of offering from a local market. The recently imposed  regulations basically prohibited online gambling without a license from the Kansspelautoriteit effectively closing off access to international suppliers.  

The same situation is presented in the Australian online betting market where the government voted for proposed amendments to the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. A recent announcement that GIG will be leaving the Australian market after the decision comes as no surprise to industry leaders. By the time the new regulations come into play it will be hard if not impossible for offshore operators to apply for an online gambling license and actually get one. Unlicensed online casino and poker operations will become illegal in the jurisdiction. GIG announced prior to the implementation of the new regulations that Guts, Betspin, Rizk, Thrills, Kaboo, and SuperLenny brands are not available to Australian players as of May15th 2017.

Other reputable online gambling service providers have also left the Australian market place before the new regulations come into effect. Vera&John left the local market late last year, and 888poker followed suit leaving the punter in Australia looking for alternatives. Another Gibraltar-licensed  operator 32Red also exited Australia after Australian MPs approved the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016. It is certain that the domino effect will be witnessed as many other gambling service providers find complying with harsh restriction and expensive regulations imposed by jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere becomes to arduous. The online gambling public is left with less choice and more risk.


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NHL Stanley Cup Championship Betting Trends

The fascination with ice hockey is at a peak at this time year with the season’s championship playoffs for the Stanley Cup into game 3 of the best of seven series. Wagering on the games is exciting considering these teams are competing for millions of dollars in endorsements and fame.

The Stanley Cup championship is watched by millions of fans in North America who have seen the western and eastern conference winners come down to the final battle for the coveted mug.

After a two week preseason, and then a long six-month 82-game regular season, hockey handicappers are juiced for NHL playoff betting lines that come during the second week of April. There are many web locations packed with live odds for each game as well as real time scoring updates throughout the National Hockey League postseason. 

There are many opinions on the best NHL playoff betting trends to get involved with. Watching the trends whether it’s tight goaltending, player stats, game experience, or home ice advantage the number of betting opportunities are all covered by the online sports books.   

Game three of the finals begins on Saturday June 3rd between the Nashville Predators and the Pittsburgh Penguins in Nashville then on Monday June 5th again in Nashville then on June 8th for game 5 in Pittsburgh if necessary.

There are prop bets offered too such as the 2017 Conn Smythe Trophy Winner or 2017 NHL Draft picks. When the games are on there are live betting offerings that can be interesting to participate in. Ice Hockey is one of the fastest games on the planet and is exciting to watch as the intensity heats up during the playoff action. Research and keen observation could be the ticket for a winning punt on the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Knowing the history of this tournament adds a lot of excitement to even the smallest of wagers.




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Netherlands Clamps Down On Offshore Online Gambling Operators

The Netherlands took time to form a set of rules for online gambling participation and is now fine tuning those regulations. Measures have been announced to strengthen regulations in the Netherlands. Online gambling operators use links from Netherlands located web domains to access sites from offshore offerings. More stringent guidelines, which will come into effect from June 1 that will focus on operators targeting the Dutch gambling market.

Regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) have urged international gambling operators to block IP traffic from Dutch internet users and stop the processing of payment transactions relating to online gambling on their sites from any Dutch located bank. New industry guidance recommendations relating to national advertising and marketing standards for internet betting in the Netherlands were introduced earlier this year. A few months ago the KSA restricted advertising on all online gambling advertisements in print, digital, TV,  radio and other media in the country. It is legal for Dutch residents to gamble online, but only on websites hosted in the Netherlands.

An investigation was announced dealing with the use of the internet for gambling by minors in the Netherlands. In a statement KSA Vice Chairman Henk Kesler said: "That minors can participate in online gambling is unacceptable."

Regulating online betting in the Netherlands has taken years and the Upper House of Parliament is considering the Remote Gaming (KOA) bill which focuses on a regulate online gambling market.

The KSA has also stated that international online gambling operators that fail to comply with the new regulations will be blacklisted by IP providers and give up any rights to apply for Dutch online gambling licences when the country decides to fully regulate the industry.

The Netherlands like other countries that have attempted to stop illegal internet betting found it's almost impossible to police with as many as 450 online gambling websites still accepting bets from Dutch residents.

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Internet Betting Take Over Imminent

Looking for a thrill and not wanting got go out, turn on your phone and find a reputable online betting location but even better fire up your 4K television and play with the sound up. The notion that online gambling will replace the terrestrial casino environment like the ones all over the world some in exotic locations seems ridiculous when looking at the massive amounts of money already invested.

The online gambling experience is different is so accessible though there are some vague concerns that the pastime may take over. The world is becoming more digitized and virtual and the internet betting industry is growing in leaps and bounds. The terrestrial casino may be doomed to being inhabited by those who don’t have a smart phone. The huge cost of the terrestrial casino and people deciding travel is too expensive or time consuming are also markers for the demise of the big buildings and large staff.

The gambling industry is huge and people bet on everything. It is always great news to hear about the winners but very few want to hear about the squandering of fortunes. Last year it was revealed that David Milch one of the most creative writers in modern prestige television had done just that.  The creator of the classic shows NYPD Blue and the acclaimed western Deadwood, made a sizable $100m fortune during his forty year career and blew it all on betting.

Mr. Milch said to the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, “I would say gambling became a problem for me. It distorts relationships, the way you want to live.” He added,  “If you don’t realise when it has you in its grip, shame on you.”

The addictive personality is blind to their issues until the end of the line when the river runs dry and one’s life has changed forever.

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Paddy Power's New ChatBot App Now On Facebook

The use of social media to gain attention to a particular field of interest is growing as more and more people expand their horizons with Facebook, Instagram and other sources. The use of social media has never been more important to the online community which offers vast amounts of entertainment of every sort.

Iconic Irish online gambling operator Paddy Power has recently announced it will introduce a ChatBot that allows consumers to place bets directly through a Facebook Messenger mobile application. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service provided by the Facebook platform.

The application was created by bet messaging platform provider Onionsack which lets punters to log in to their Paddy Power betting account as well as check balances and place wagers. Onionsack interprets the messaged bet and delivers the transaction directly to Paddy Power. Other aspects of this application allows customers to get personalised sporting updates and other media presentations pertaining to Paddy Power products.

Product director at Paddy Power, Michael Healy, commented on the new app., “We know our customers love mobile messaging apps so having a ChatBot on Facebook Messenger is the obvious first step into the ChatBot marketplace. Nearly all of Paddy Power’s customers are on Facebook, and now they can actually place a bet through the Facebook Messenger app with ease.”

“Our customers will be able to request odds and receive push notifications tailored to their own betting interests, plus enjoy a daily serving of Paddy Power mischief and entertainment.”

CEO of Onionsack, Jonathan Power also commented, “With nearly the whole world connected to Facebook, the logical step is to allow customers to place a bet through the social media giant’s Messenger app.

“Our innovative transactional bot allows exactly that, providing punters with an even easier way of betting through instant messaging.

“We expect more bookmakers to launch their chatbots in the near future, as it provides a simple and more personalised way of betting.”



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Inspired Entertainment Scores With Finland's Veikkaus

Inspired Entertainment, Inc. is a global games technology company, supplying Virtual Sports, Mobile Gaming and Server Based gaming systems with associated terminals and digital content to regulated betting and gaming operators all over the planet. The company has been making great strides in its expanding strategy although it already maintains over 100 websites in 30 countries.

The company announced a few months ago that it had completed a Virtual Events Deal with Michigan Bureau of State Lottery in the USA to supply its world-class Virtual Events lottery products online.

Now the company is announcing it has struck another lucrative deal with the Finnish government’s Veikkaus, the Finnish National Betting Agency which has an exclusive and legal betting license for lottery and sports betting in Finland.

The software developer utilized a public RFP process to access the competition to supply Virtual Sports products to Veikkaus Sports Betting locations and the Veikkaus Sports Betting web domain.

Luke Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer at Inspired Entertainment commented on the arrangement , "We are pleased to have been chosen as the Virtual Sports supplier to Veikkaus,"  Alvarez continued,  "Following the recent announcement of Inspired's deal with Michigan and our rollout with the Greek lottery, OPAP, this deal adds to our growing portfolio of international lottery partners." 

Steve Rogers, CCO Digital Games, for the Inspired firm also said, "This is a significant and strategic deal for Inspired's growing Virtual Sports business," Rogers added, "Winning the RFP to supply our world class Virtual Sports products to the Finnish National Betting Agency is testament to the quality and commercial viability of our products, and offers a significant opportunity for further growth within the Scandinavian lotteries."

Referring to the company’s weak second quarter financial results CEO Alvarez said: "We continue to be excited about the momentum in our business. We delivered solid volume growth in our SBG estate and rapid growth in our Virtual Sports business driven both by increasing market penetration and improved performance from existing operators.”



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Online Casino Payout Methods Explored

The effort to play at real money online gambling games can be great and sometimes frustrating if the punter wins. Getting the payout after a lengthy session at an online casino can put some players off their game so operators with swift returns of owed winnings are most popular. Gamblers are more cautious when venturing on the internet to play. 

Online venues for gambling are judged on the basis of its payout policy. Players have no choice but to put their trust in online casinos to send their winnings in due time. Players worry that they will not receive their winnings creating a time where frustration and anxiety prevails lasting for days or sometimes weeks. Choosing a payment solution that works well may be difficult for some especially novice internet gamblers. The options are many but are dependent on the country and the site location of the casino or card room.

Choosing a payment method for online gambling activity is important and finding the most convenient requires some research. Electronic wallets are very popular mainly because of it is a simple and complete application. Considered the fastest option available for online casino transactions cash is transferred instantly or in 48 hours. Funds can remain in the electronic wallet and be used to make other purchases online or straight transfer to ones bank account. Casinos do not charge any additional fees for this type of transaction. Other transaction processors such as Neteller, Skrill and PayPal can apply certain restrictions which has made these methods unsuitable in some jurisdictions.

There are other methods to get playing online for real money such as credit cards which are generally safe and accepted in most jurisdictions. The courier’s check is also one of the safest options but it is also the slowest. After the check is delivered to your door you will have to take it to your bank and make a deposit. The Bitcoin experience is also available for those who dare. Looking for a casino that advertises fast payout minimizes frustration and worry.



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Swedish Online Gambling Demand Growing

The change in the laws regarding online betting has been slow in coming in many parts of Europe and Scandinavia with certain jurisdiction holding out on reforms that comply with international e-commerce business standards set by the European Commission.

Politicians are seeing the advantages of a regulated betting industry and are complying slowly but surely. Sweden’s Svenska Spel’s online monopoly is soon to be reformed and a new market created. Since 1994 when the Swedish Lotteries Act was introduced the Swedish gambling industry major tenets are the restriction of foreign gambling entities inside Sweden's boundaries and the prohibition of Swedish gambling enterprises outside of the country. This is done with the intent of keeping profits at home, where they directly benefit the government.

Historically the government has kept a tight grip on internet betting in Sweden. Svenska Spel maintains control over online gambling and if Svenska Spel decides it will comply and open its doors to the rest of the operators who pay the fees there will be better choice for punters in Sweden. The law in the jurisdiction makes it hard and risky for citizens to participate in online games offshore.

However recent figures released by the gaming regulator in Sweden Lotteriinspektionen have indicated that there are more punters turning to offshore international operators. There was local activity decline at the state-owned online monopoly operator Svenska Spel, which revealed sales had fallen 5% to SEK 2.16b. due to its land-based operations, which declined 9% year-on-year, while internet gambling operations rose by 6%. Again the same trend was noted in the horse racing sector with online activity up by 10 percent and terrestrial revenue declining by 10 percent. The lid will eventually come off the cookie jar in Sweden and the consumer is pushing the demand for more online products.


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Online Betting On Trump's Demise Surges

Gambling on something that seems obvious to even the bookies can pay off for the savvy punter watching the odds. The current fascination with current President of the USA has led to many a bet especially in the United Kingdom.  Paddy Power Betfair the iconic Irish gambling operator saw the potential for a political betting market as soon as Mr. Donald Trump became President Trump.

The loose cannon approach that the Donald is now famous for has bookies and punters sitting on the edge their seats as every tweet he makes reveals the drama that is very American. The fascination has extended to parts of the world that the Americans defend and consider valued friends. Donald Trump has many aspects and so there is a number of prop bets concerning his presidency as the 45th commander and chief of the greatest nation on the planet. Paddy Power lists Trump impeachment at 2/1 and a resignation at 15/8.

Paddy Power Betfair  told MarketWatch recently, “Impeachment has been a hugely popular topic ever since Election Day — when it was 16/1, immediately after news of Trump’s victory emerged," adding, “By the time of his inauguration, the price was at 10/1.” “We’ve been betting on impeachment for all recent U.S. presidents but, even at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton was only ever 6/1 to be impeached.”

There are other online gambling operators such as the U.K.’s Ladbrokes which issued a press release that Trump is now “odds-on” to leave office before the end of his first term. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes commented, “Political punters are wondering how many more scandals can Trump overcome," Bridge continued, "And despite the short price on offer, money has poured in for the president to be impeached, leaving us with little option but to cut the odds.”


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