Casino Frauds Exist Stay Vigilant Stay Informed

The Internet is one dangerous place say critics of the technology yet at other times it is a wealth of knowledge and connectivity. The use of the internet for gambling has been a boon to some and a problem for others the entertainment potential is obvious but the down side cannot be ignored.

There is some always risk and there are ways of avoiding scams presented by fraudulent internet casino operators. The so called rules are there to be followed and it is a good thing that there are the various commissions and regulatory bodies to keep the games on the up and up.

The online gambling industry as a whole watches itself because if there is one bad apple the reputation of the entire industry is put in question. The individual gambler is the most at risk of losing not only their money but also their identity.

Looking out for oneself is paramount in reducing the risk of harm while enjoying an online casino experience. Fraudulent online casinos appear to be legitimate in many aspects but there are a number of ways in which their true objectives are exposed. These rogue casinos are exposed regularly on websites which focus on keeping the public informed about such activities as slow withdrawals and account closures as well as the miss use of personal information. Making a concerted effort to verify the online casinos mandatory licensing information is a priority.  First check the name of the recognized licensing body then make sure that the logo of the casino website will access the licensing body.

The online gambling industry is in a constant state of flux so staying up with the latest information regarding scam casinos and methods to avoid being duped is like a premium insurance policy. Knowledge and vigilance is a must so read the fine print and stay away from the fraudsters.

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Australia's Crown Casino Fined For Machine Tampering

The recent news from Australia has pointed out that not all casinos are being honest after the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation found Crown Resorts violated the Gambling Regulation Act of 2003 when the operator “adjusted” its gambling machines. The Australian listed casino operator Crown Resorts Ltd. headquartered in Melbourne has been hit with a AUD 300,000 (US$226,608) fine after charges of tampering with certain electronic gaming machines on the casino floor were revealed.

The fine is the most severe imposed on the Australian gambling operator, which has maintained during the investigation that it was innocent of wrongdoing. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) was adamant about the rules saying the firm needed to secure permission from the regulator before altering any of its gambling machines.

The Guardian news outlet reported that the VCGLR stated, “Crown’s failure to obtain approval means it has contravened the Gambling Regulation Act 2003” adding, “This is the largest fine the commission has issued to Crown and reflects the seriousness with which it considers the matter.”

Testimonies from whistleblowers claimed that the casino’s managers ordered staff at Crown Melbourne to tamper with the machines which included disabling lower bet options and modifying buttons to allow prohibited auto play, both actions could increase gambling losses.

Crown Melbourne said in a statement, “While Crown Melbourne’s position throughout this process was that the Gaming Machine Trial did not require the prior approval of the Commission, Crown Melbourne respects the Commission’s decision, which brings this process to a close,”

Australian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie said that hitting Crown Casino with a fine wasn’t enough regarding how grave the violation and the casino’s lack of cooperation.

Wilkie commented, “I expect the commission and the police to diligently probe these matters. It would be completely unacceptable to the community if they take the casino’s explanations at face value or continue to hand out slap-on-the-wrist fines,”  






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Belgium Gaming Commission Takes Aim At 'Loot Boxes'

The European Union is constantly working on keeping it together and economically fair for its members. The issue created by the introduction of ecommerce is a touchy one that some jurisdictions in the Union have difficulty accepting. Online gambling as well other certain kinds of gambling are making some operators nervous especially in jurisdictions such as Belgium.

Belgium is a strict jurisdiction with strong rules regarding betting. Belgium’s regulator, the Belgium Gaming Commission has recently declared that so called ‘loot boxes’ in video games are “in violation of gambling legislation”. Acquired by players through actual gaming or by purchase with real cash the loot boxes offer random prizes. The regulator has stated that to remain legal in Belgium the real money aspect in video gaming must be discontinued. Those firms which don’t adhere to the new ruling could face a fine of up to €800,000 ($967,500), according to the news outlet BBC.

The Minister for Justice in Belgium, Koen Geens, said in a prepared statement regarding the reasons behind the decision, “Mixing games and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for mental health.

“We have already taken numerous measures to protect both minors and adults against the influence of, among other things, gambling advertising.

“That is why we must also ensure that children and adults are not confronted with games of chance when they are looking for fun in a video game.”

Peter Naessens, The Belgium Gaming Commission director also spoke on the ruling, “Paying loot boxes are not an innocent part of video games that present themselves as games of skill.

“Players are tempted and misled, and none of the protective measures for gambling is applied.

“Now that it is clear that children and vulnerable people in particular are exposed to them unprotected, game manufacturers but also parties such as FIFA, for example, are called upon to call a halt to this practice.”



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Report Reveals Tennis Tops Match Fixing List

Tennis is the game that seems to be the most fixed of all the sports. It may come as a surprise to regulators considering the other sports that have been implicated in corrupt actions such as football and cricket.

Tennis according to the Independent Review Panel is experiencing match fixing and corruption at an unprecedented level especially in the lower-level events. The report was initiated up in response to a 2016 report by the BBC and BuzzFeed News that revealed a spate of illegal betting in tennis. The IRP study took place over a two year period and it included over 100 players.

The study suggested there was also “some evidence of some issues” at the higher levels of tennis including matches such as the Grand Slam competitions although the IRP stated it did not consider this to be a “widespread problem” in elite tennis events. Much to the relief of officials the study also revealed there was no possible cover-up action taken by tennis’ governing bodies or the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).

A proposal floated was for the International Tennis Federation to consider terminating all sponsorship deals with wagering enterprises and for the Tennis Integrity Unit to be reorganised and reformed. The most volatile period for match fixing w=ran from October until the end of the season where there were as many as two or three fixed matches per day in ITF events.

The IRP said that exploration of wrong doing at Grand Slam events was “insufficient”, while it criticised the Association of Tennis Professionals for “failing to exhaust potential leads before ending investigations”.

Integrity body ESSA said, “ESSA and its members have been working closely with the TIU to address potential betting related match-fixing throughout this process and are committed to working with them to tackle corruption.” Adding, “This has delivered a number of positive investigative actions and sanctions and we will continue to work in partnership with the tennis authorities.”


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Norway Curtails Offshore Online Gambling Operations

The delicate balance between governments and the online gambling industry has long been a concern as the changing views of politicians and critics upsets the operators projected bottom line. There are many jurisdictions where the discussion related to investments in the gambling industry has become a bone of contention.

Norway is currently going through a time when its parliament’s opposition is Norway’s calling for the nation’s oil-based pension fund to divest its significant holdings in gaming companies. The government’s Norsk Tipping is included in the fund which reportedly holds NOK26b ($3.3b) worth of gaming operator’s shares in the portfolio. Now a coalition of Norway’s opposition parties have secured a favorable committee vote on six of eight proposed methods to strengthen the nation’s gambling rules. These new measures are to be formally adopted by parliament on May 7 2018. These new rules include granting the NGA new powers to investigate companies that allow advertising and marketing of unauthorized gambling products. The organization will be allowed to impose financial penalties on firms that are in violation of the regulations.

The organization also put into place the DNS blocking of unauthorized offshore gambling sites offering punters from Norway gambling products. This rule was imposed instead of an IP blocking effort, with the DNS block will just warn gamblers that access to these sites is not condoned by the government but consumers can still choose to continue if they want to.

Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande’s has also launched efforts to curtail Norsk Tipping’s monopoly by introducing a program to license international gambling operators.  Norsk Tipping will also be required to cut some of its marketing activities in Norway in an effort to make sure the monopoly isn’t allowing harm to come to problem gamblers in Norway.

The payment processors and banks were ordered to be aware of certain accounts and to stop processing online gambling payments associated. But some processors simply changed account numbers. Now however the NGA issues the name of companies, rather than account numbers.




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Spike Games Links With FunFair For Blockchain Gaming

Using a powerful combination of peer-to-peer networking and cryptography, FunFair's advanced blockchain-powered casino platform is the first to deliver secure and fair games for players with easier set-up and much lower cost, helping to create and empower a new kind of operator. The statement from FunFair is a concise description of a trend that is growing fast in the online gambling industry.

The U.K. headquartered firm  FunFair Technologies, is known for being the world’s fastest Ethereum virtual coin powered platform for online casino gambling.  It has recently announced a partnership foremost game developer Spike Games. They will work together to build new versions of existing online gambling offerings created entirely on the blockchain principal ensuring players have complete transparency and provable fairness.

FunFair’s existing suite of blockchain-powered casino games ranging from blackjack and baccarat to slots will be added to by Spike Games content. The partnership is intended to help refine the process to enable game developers to simplify integration of game content on the FunFair platform.

 CEO of FunFair Technologies Jez San commented on the partnership,  “Spike has over 25 years’ experience developing high quality slot games and we are delighted to have partnered with them to lay the foundations for the next generation of blockchain games. By incorporating our proprietary Fate Channel technology with their rich experience, we can now give players the game play experience they are used to, with all the benefits that blockchain brings.”

The Founder of Spike Games, Rob Anderson, also commented on the arrangement, “The potential of blockchain technology in the online gaming industry is enormous and we are very excited to be partnering with FunFair at such an exciting time in its development. We believe in giving players the best possible experience and FunFair’s technology will ensure we can provide fast, beautiful, secure games to existing and new crypto players across the world.”




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Esports Entertainment Announces Expanding Partnerships

Gambling on E-Sports or basically betting on video games is a relatively new product vector that some firms are engaging wholeheartedly. Looking into the sector’s history it has been expanding at an enormous rate. One firm that is an original in the e-sports betting industry is Esports Entertainment Group which has a background in the offering of e-sports wagering.

The company was called DK Sinopharma Inc. described as a developer of real money wagering in second generation social video game experiences delivered to consumers around the world. Then back in 2014 it changed its name the first time legally to VGambling Inc. which was described as a next generation Internet gaming/gambling company. From operational bases in Canada and Antigua, VGambling had the intent to combine "video games" and "Internet gambling" to create and lead a global "online video gambling" industry.

Then again back in May of 2017 VGambling Inc. a licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on eSports wagering, announced its most recent name change to Esports Entertainment Group, Inc.  Several reasons were sighted for the change, the most important being the launch of their eSports online wagering platform supported by both investor relations and media relations campaigns. Better name recognition within the industry and a greater search engine relevancy on both traditional and social media platforms.  

Esports Entertainment offers wagering on eSports events in a fully licensed, regulated and secured platform to the global eSports audience, not including the United States. In addition, Esports Entertainment intends to offer participation in multi-player video games tournaments online for cash prizes.

The firm has headquarters in St. Mary's, Antigua and Barbuda and has recently announced their latest affiliate partners list. Esports Entertainment has secured affiliate marketing agreements with a further 15 professional esports teams.

Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment, commented, “We are proud to provide all esports fans and teams a fully transparent esports wagering platform, the only one in the world to help the entire industry grow and prosper.”



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SkyBet Acquired By Online Gambling Giant Stars Group

The big thing in the online gambling industry during its history has been the rapid expansion of companies through acquisitions and mergers. The newly renamed Stars Group formerly known as Amaya Gaming is one company that is growing in leaps and bounds with the recent announcement that the Canadian located gambling firm will purchase the UK firm Sky Betting & Gaming. The buyout will subsequently create the largest publicly listed betting company anywhere.

The Stars Group will benefit from the purchase which will expand exposure for its sports betting products as well as increased access to other markets. The arrangement which is subject to approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and gambling regulators has been valued at $4.7 billion.

The sellers private equity firm CVC Capital Partners have an 80% stake with 20% still owned by the original owner Sky Plc. The terms of the agreement states The Stars Group will use cash and stock for the acquisition. The cash portion of the deal comes to $3.6 billion while the rest will be paid in 37.9 million newly-issued common shares. This is the gambling group’s second really large purchase deal in the past four years, following the purchase of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in 2014 for $4.9-billion.

The Stars Group has been looking at opportunities that would boost its sports betting and casino brands and reduce the current situation with the company’s focus revenue generator online poker.

The Stars Group has been on an acquisition spree of late with the announcement that it would buy a 62% stake in Australian betting operator CrownBet for $117.7 million and with this The Group has secured an entry into the fast expanding Australian gambling market. CrownBet’s acquisition of William Hill Australia will make it the third largest operator in the market. The recently formed merger of Tabcorp and Tatts will however create some stiff competition for the Stars Group enterprise.




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Stanleybet Romania Links With Kambi Group

The partnership strategy is still going strong in the gambling industry with the recent announcement that Kambi Group has signed a deal with leading Romanian operator Stanleybet Romania to provide its sports book across the firm’s online and retail channels.

Since 2004 Stanleybet Romania has become one of the largest sports betting operators in the regulated gambling market in the Romanian jurisdiction. This long-term agreement will see Stanleybet Romania transition its online customers to Kambi's Sports book platform that will eventually be combined with the Oryx Gaming player management system. It was suggested that the whole process will be done just in time for the FIFA World Cup competition coming this summer. An online gambling upgrade is expected by Stanleybet Romania after which Kambi's retail solution will see another launch.

Kristian Nylen, Kambi Group’s Chief Executive Officer commented, "As one of the strongest sports betting brands in Romania, I'm delighted Stanleybet Romania has chosen Kambi and our market-leading Sportsbook to springboard the company to its next phase of growth,"

Nylen continued, "The agreement reflects the strength of our multi-channel offer, as well as the flexibility of the Kambi Sportsbook, with Stanleybet keen to offer their customers a unique and differentiated sports betting experience,"

Sorin Georgescu, Stanleybet’s Romania Chief Executive Officer also had this to say,  "This partnership is a key milestone for Stanleybet Romania's evolution in the local market. During the tender process, it quickly became clear Kambi not only had the best sportsbook in the field but also possessed the most sophisticated proprietary technology in the industry.”

Georgescu added, "Our mission is to offer our customers the best sports betting experience possible and by partnering with Kambi we will be able to do exactly that, with the added flexibility to differentiate and stay true to the strong Stanleybet Romania brand,"






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Secure Funding Methods Key to Online Gambling

The internet gambling experience is dependent on the availability of payment methods that safe and secure. The introduction of payment processing firms to the online gambling mix creates a real concern for players that are not sure if what they are doing is legal or compatible with the jurisdiction guidelines.

Online payment solutions for gambling are continually evolving, as operators try to keep up with the growing action as well as threats to privacy and security in cyberspace. The online gambling industry has been plagued with the problem of payment processing with consumers looking for the best method while operators look for the most secure for protection. Credit cards wire transfers electronic wallets and now complicating things even more there are casinos that accept virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.  

During the evolution of online betting governments and regulatory bodies around the world have used prohibition on money processing as a method to keep internet betting operators legal in their jurisdictions.

Skrill, is a subsidiary of Paysafe Group Limited that is based in the Isle of Man and regulated in the United Kingdom. It was acquired by a consortium of The Blackstone Group and CVC Capital Partners at the end of 2017 and has been a solid example of a safe bet for money transactions involving internet wagering for years.

The firm has an option called Skrill Rapid, allowing users to deposit funds into online gambling accounts directly from their bank accounts without sharing specific details with the gambling operator. The safe use of information by Skrill Rapid still allows instant deposits without extra charges. The Skrill Rapid service is used in partnership with as many as 170 European banks and over 200 Million users now have access to this particular service without having to register personal information. A simple and safe secure transaction method is the key to an enjoyable online betting experience for consumers and operators.    


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