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Casino Fortune:

Casino Fortune is an old and very popular online casino powered by Playtech software. The Casino Fortune software is available in a download version and a no download version. My review of Casino Fortune is based on the download version of the software.

I downloaded the Casino Fortune software and installed it on my computer - the download and installation was easy completed, and everything during this process was made very user-friendly in my opinion. Then I opened a 'play for real money' account. If you want to try the software for free, you can open a play for fun account. I started out by making a $100 deposit and instantly received a $110 bonus on top of my first deposit. New players at casino fortune are offered a welcome bonus up to $999 Free - WOW a big bonus was my first impression - but remember to read the terms and conditions for this offer before you decide if you want the new player bonus at all.

I started out at the blackjack table. I played at the multi-player table, where you can chat with other players while you play - or with the customer support if you have any problems or questions. Blackjack is also available in a multi-hand version and a private table version with the option of inviting your friends to the table. I played a while at the blackjack table - and as you can read above I stated out with a balance of $210 - including the bonus. At one point my balance got below $100 while I played blackjack - so this could have turned out to be my shortest casino review ever. However I managed to climb back above $200 with some wild and risky big bets. I then decided to move on to try some of the other 70 games offered by Casino Fortune.

I tried all the table games Casino fortune has on the menu. This includes Baccarat - Caribbean Stud Poker - Pai Gow Poker - 3 Hand Poker - Let it Ride Poker - Casino War - Craps - Sic Bo and Roulette. All the table games have a minimum bet of only $0.10, so the casual players - and players betting according to a gambling system - can have a lot of fun at Casino Fortune. I especially enjoyed the roulette game. Casino Fortune has three different roulette tables for you to choose from - I was playing the regular European table with only a single zero. My strategy at the roulette table was to bet 9 units on number 17 - completing the number - with a unit on every single border and corner - plus a single straight bet on number $17. I was betting with $1 chips so this strategy costs $9 per spin. I did win on this strategy - but it took a lot of spins for the ball to land on number 17. When the ball finally came to a rest on number 17 I won $144. But as it took a lot of spins before number 17 finally won my bankroll had decreased a bit - but not much - because I had made some smaller wins of $9 and $36 on the numbers placed around number 17. Because of this, I still managed to walk away from the roulette table with $261 - not bad at all. You can see a screenshot of my winning spin to the right.

Then I wanted to try some of the online slots. Casino Fortune has lot of different slots so I was unable to try all of them for this review. I started out playing some of the 9 payline video slots with 5 reels. The Captain's Treasure Slot takes coins from 1 cent and up to $5. Playing on all 9 lines will cost you from 9 cents up to $45 per spin - depending on your chosen coins size. The Captain symbols are wild. I also tried the 9 Payline Slot called Highway Kings and the 9 payline slot called Silver Bullet. I played a long time on these 9 payline slots with a coins size of 10 cents - however I never won or lost much - so I have to say that I have played other slots where I have had more fun.

The I made a really bad decision - I wanted to try and win the huge jackpot on the Sunny Progressive Slot - at the time of writing this progressive slot had a Jackpot of $717.478,90. To win the jackpot you will have to bet three coins per spin - and the coin size is fixed to $1. So it's $3 per spin if you want a chance of winning the jackpot. When I started playing this slot machine I had about $250 - when I gave up on winning the jackpot I left the slot machine with only $40. I did not win the jackpot - in fact did not win much at all. You can see a screenshot of my biggest win of only $15 at the Sunny Slot below. This progressive slot really took me to the cleaners.

After my expensive lesson was learned at the progressive slot I wanted to try something less expensive. So I took my $40 with me to play video poker. I played at the video poker machines for a long time at Casino Fortune. You can play most versions of video poker at Casino Fortune - and some of the versions are not only available in the standard single hand version - they also come in 4 hand play video poker versions. I especially enjoyed the 4 hand video poker games - these are a lot of fun in my opinion. However I did not win or lose much - so my account balance always stayed around the $40 I still had left after my fatal attempt to hit the Jackpot at the Sunny Progressive Slot.

Then I went back to the try some of the many classic slot machines you can play at Casino Fortune. I started out at the Tomb of the Pharaohs Slot. This slot has 3 reels and 1 payline - a true classic slot with no wild symbols or anything like that. I did win a bit on this slot - among others I managed to line up 3 blue bugs on the payline several times. The I tried a slot machine called Bermuda Triangle - this slot machine has 3 reels and 5 paylines. The coin size can be from 5 cent only and up to $5. I played at Bermuda Triangle for a while without winning much - but then I won $40 with 3 airplanes on one of the paylines. Alien Alert is a slot machine with a single payline - you can bet 1 - 2 or 3 coins per spin and you can adjust the coin size from 5 cents up to $5. I also won a bit on this slot machine - among others a $22.50 win with 3 red aliens on the payline. Seas of Battles is a slot machine with 3 reels and 3 paylines - the coins size can be set from 5 cent and up to $5. I did not win on this slot - but I did not play it for that long as I did not find it very entertaining - the symbols on the Seas of Battle Slot are ugly in my opinion.

Speed O'Meter is a slot machine with 3 reels and 3 paylines. I won BIG on this slot. Among others I won $40 three times short after each other by lining up 3 red sports cars on the payline- so that was a nice $120 win. Then I went on and won another $95 on a single spin where 3 speedboats lined up on one payline and 3 airplanes lined up on another payline. I played some more and lined up 3 airplanes again - so that was another nice $75 win. When my bankroll showed $300 I decided to cash out my winnings.

When I wanted to cash out my $300 - I got a really bad surprise. I chatted with the Live Chat Support and discovered that I was not allowed to cash out the bonus part of my balance - $110 - at all - not ever. The bonus is for wagering in the casino only and can not be cashed out at all. Furthermore, I had to wager a minimum of 16X (Deposit+Bonus) before I was allowed to cash out any amount - and if/when I would cash out I would not be allowed to cash out the $110 bonus. The casino would deduct $110 from my cash in. The very friendly and helpful Live Support told me that I had almost fulfilled the minimum wagering requirements for the bonus - but that I would have to play a bit more to be allowed to cash out my winnings. This experience shows exactly why I always advice players to read the small print about bonuses - so just do as I say - don't do as I do. I should have read the terms and conditions for the bonus but I had not done this at all. In my opinion the $999 bonus Casino Fortune offers to new players is not the greatest casino bonus online - at least not with these terms and conditions attached.

I went back to the blackjack table to fulfill the wagering requirements - and I succeeded in doing this very well. However, I did make some very big and risky bets to keep by account balance above $300 - remember that I had made a $100 deposit and received a $110 bonus - so the $300 would only result in a $90 net profit because the casino would deduct the bonus from my cash in. However I did win at the blackjack table and ended up with a balance of $453.45 - for me this is a very nice profit. I cashed out and left the $110 bonus in my account to play with another time - perhaps I can win again with the free bonus - even if the bonus itself can not be cashed out.

I can recommend you to try out Casino Fortune - they are in my opinion very honest and has a good reputation among online gamblers in general. However I have to rate their casino bonus offer to new players to be below standard - because the max. $999 Free bonus can not be cashed out ever. As you can see above, I still managed to cash out a very nice win with this bonus offer - so it's not bad at all - but I still do prefer bonus offers that can be cashed out.

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Casino Fortune Lobby

Casino Fortune Lobby

Blackjack Table @ Casino Fortune

Online Blackjack @ Casino Fortune Online Casino

Roulette @ Casino Fortune

Online Roulette @ Casino Fortune

Sunny Progressive Slot

Sunny Progressive Slot

Bermuda Triangle Slot

Bermuda Triangle Online Slot

4 Hand Video Poker

4 Hand Video Poker

Regular JorB Video Poker

Regular Jacks or Better Video Poker

Speed O' Meter Slot

Speed O Meter Slot

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker

Tomb of the Pharaohs Slot

Tomb of the Pharoh Slot

Casino Fortune Strong Points:
  • Nice Made Playtech Software
  • New Players can get up to $999 Free
  • Casino Fortune is a member of the Sunny Casinos Group - a group of 4 online casinos and a real land based casino
  • This casino has a good reputation among online gamblers in general
Things Casino Fortune Could Improve:
  • The terms and conditions for the welcome bonus to new players are in my opinion below standard. You can not cash out the free bonus ever - only winnings won with the free bonus

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