Doyle's Poker Review - This pokerroom has closed down

NOTE: This pokerroom has closed down

Doyle's Poker:

NOTE: This pokerroom has closed downThe love of poker seems to be sweeping the planet at the moment, and with unheard of internet players going on to win huge tournaments such as the World Series of Poker, more and more people are turning to online poker rooms in an attempt to win big. However, whilst there are a good few poker rooms to choose from, and even a few endorsed by well known celebrities, very few have a name as famous as Doyle Brunson supporting it and even fewer actually give players like you and me the chance to play against out idols. However, Doyle's poker room does all of this and more.

Although many poker players will be well aware of who Doyle Brunson is, for those who are new to the world of poker I'll give a brief summary. Basically, Brunson is regarded as a bit of a god in the poker world having written the so-called 'bible of poker' entitled Super System. He's also won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets since the 1970s and continues to take part in a number of tournaments around the world. Given his standing, it was with high expectations that I decided to check out this Microgaming-powered poker room.

Doyle's Room operates only by the download software provided, although the 7.36mb download should be manageable for most players. It's also worth nothing that unlike online casinos, once the software has finished its installation there is no more hanging about waiting for further files to be downloaded. The only slight difference I noted compared to many poker rooms is that players have to enter their email address and choose an online moniker before they are allowed access to the download. Again though, this shouldn't be a problem for many people I was up and running within literally a few minutes.

Doyle's Room is part of the Microgaming-powered Multi Player Poker network and as such anyone that's played on this network before will use the same table name even though they are now playing through Doyle's. This does make life easy, although even new players to the network should not encounter difficulties in signing up with the poker room - a pretty standard detail capture form is used to record a player's 'vital statistics'. Players are also able to use the same username and password to access both 'real play' tables as well as 'guest play' tables. However, since I like the thrill of real money play the next stop for me was the poker room cashier.

Doyle's Room offers a good number of deposit options and as this poker room accepts US players, options such as Passporte and Moneygram transfer are likely to be popular. Standard deposit options such as Credit Card, Firepay and NeTeller are also available for those in non-restricted countries. As I am based in Europe I was able to deposit $100 via my NeTeller account without issue. All new players are entitled to a sign-up bonus worth 25%, 35% or even 50% depending on deposit option and promotion code used. I always like poker bonuses as they are released once a certain number of 'action points' have been awarded. Players earn these simply through playing and as such there's basically the ability for players to get free money simply through playing poker! The rewards don't stop at sign-up either - VIP loyalty is taken seriously at Doyle's and regular players will soon find themselves coming to the attention of management for all the right reasons!

The poker room lobby is the portal to all the different games available at Doyle's and with over 5000 people connected at any one time there should certainly be a good game or two going on at any time of the day. Doyle's offers both cash games as well as tournaments covering a host of poker varieties including Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, 5 Card Draw as well as 5 and 7 Stud. However, despite all this choice I decided to start my play at the most popular variety - Texas Hold 'Em.

The range of games at Doyle's is truly immense with lo-limit tables running with blinds of just $0.05 / $0.10 and high-end tables offering players the chance to participate in $200 / $400 No-Limit games. With such a great range I really cannot see anyone being disappointed and I was easily able to find a nice $1 / $2 No-Limit game to test out my poker skills.

Anyone that's played at Microgaming-powered poker rooms before will know that the software presents a high quality playing experience and Doyle's is no different. The game uses high graphics and good sound effects to make play really entertaining. Similarly, a highly intuitive interface makes play easy with players able to pre-select their 'move' even before it is their turn to play. Of course, players can revise their decision should a player before them act - for example you might not want to call after all when a player has chosen to go all in!

Sadly I didn't seem to be getting any decent hands at the Hold 'Em table and so I decided next to move on to an Omaha cash game. Omaha poker is great fun and sees a player being dealt 4 hole cards instead of the usual two. The game then progresses as with Hold 'Em rules but the twist is the best 5-card hand must use at least 2 hole cards. As such, there's no 'playing the board' in this game. Of course, this can lead to frustrations though where you may think you have a flush but then realise you don't if you are playing two ole cards! I noticed that there were certainly less people playing Omaha but still a very decent number - I would think at Doyle's that a player can find a decent game no matter what their preferred type of game.

Of course, cash games can be too risky for some people and as such Doyle's offers a great range of tournament games. Tournaments are great as they allow players the chance to play poker at a fixed entry cost, and with the multi-table tournaments attracting huge numbers of players there's still the chance to win huge prizes. Of course, some people prefer smaller tournaments and so the Sit 'N' Go range of games would be a great place to look. From low limit games to ones with massive entry fees, again most people's preferences will be serviced at Doyle's Room. There's also some great 'bounty' games available where Brunson himself takes part - knock him out and win a cash prize!

Sadly despite checking out a variety of both cash games and tournaments I didn't seem to be win anything of note and after a few hours play and a couple of risky all-in moves found my balance down to pennies. As such, I didn't make any withdrawal this time round. However, Doyle's prides itself on being customer-focussed and as such I wasn't surprised to learn that withdrawals are processed at best within 24 hours and at worst within 72. This is certainly acceptable and should suit most players.

As well as good banking procedures, Doyle's Room also prides itself on good customer support. Indeed, the home page proudly boasts that it was ranked number 2 for customer service out of all online poker rooms by Bluff Magazine. Certainly the availability of contact methods is good - email, toll free telephone and live chat are all offered. It must be said that toll free telephone is only offered for US and UK residents, although an international-dial number is available for other players and of course live chat can be used 24 hours a day completely free of charge for players around the world. My test of customer support went well and the live chat representative I spoke to answered my questions quickly and helpfully.

To conclude I have to say I was pretty impressed with Doyle's Room. There are a number of sites operating using Microgaming software. However, no others can boast of having Doyle Brunson onboard and the ability to actually play against him is a great draw. Even when he's not around a good number of tables are available covering Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha and a whole lot more. This is great and should appeal to the vast majority of online players. Similarly, the huge range of tournaments should be attractive to those that like to play for a set amount of money. Of course, winning is one thing but getting money out of the poker room is more important. Thankfully Doyle's performs well here as the room does in terms of customer support. With this room focusing heavily on attractive regular poker players, I certainly think Doyle's is worth checking out, particularly for those wanting to try their skills against a pro or two!

NOTE: This pokerroom has closed down

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I deposit my first $50 hoping that it might last me longer than my usual 10 minutes! Making a Deposit

Doyle's Poker room is owned and operated on behalf of Doyle Brunson and players can even play against the poker star from time to time! Doyles Loading

The poker room lobby displays all the available tables and gives some useful stats on how tight or lose the table appears to be Poker Lobby

I sit down and start surveying the competition Surveying The Competition

I put in a reasonable amount of money in an attempt to take down the pot with my pair of 8s Betting Up My 8s

I sit down for a bit of Omaha action Trying Omaha

For those that like to know how much money they might lose, tournaments provide an excellent way to win big for a predetermined buy in amount The Tournament Lobby

I shouldn't really have played with this starting hand, but think my hand has got some strength when I see the flop The Tournament Lobby

Doyle's Poker Strong Points:
  • Good number of tables available covering many game varieties and limits along with the chance to play against Doyle Brunson himself!
  • Excellent selection of tournament games
  • Good customer support
  • Fast withdrawal processing
Things Doyle's Poker Could Improve:
  • More toll-free numbers would be a positive move

NOTE: This pokerroom has closed down

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