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Miami Beach Casino:

This review is for Miami Beach Casino, which is a part of the Sunny Group, which I found to be well worth playing. The casino is powered by Playtech software, which in most cases is a good sign that the casinos games are pretty good to play.

When I started to download Miami Beach Casino, I was surprised with how fast it went, in total it's only 185 KB - and with my cable internet it took less than 2 minutes to download. As always, following the download I went to register my account at the casino, and it was a pretty routine form which only took a couple of seconds; however it did take a little bit longer than I like once I had filled in all of the information to take me to the cashier. Once I did get to the cashier, I went in to make my deposit, via NETeller, which went very quickly. I deposited $50 and in less than a minute I was accredited with my $50 deposit.

Right now, Miami Beach Casino is offering a 100% match bonus; there is however a downfall to this bonus, the wagering requirement. In this game the wagering requirement is 50 times just to cash out any winnings, which is in my opinion outrageous. Also, something else to remember is that when you are playing your bonus you can't play Craps, Roulette, Baccarat or Sic bo, because they won't go towards your wagering requirements. When you think that you might have met your wagering requirements but you aren't sure I have found that it is easiest just to contact customer support and ask them, they will let you know how much more you have to go and/or if your have met them.

The welcome email I received from Miami Beach Casino was extremely friendly and welcoming. As with other Playtech casinos, this casino offers good graphics as well as sound, with most games the sound effects fit rather well. There are over 60 games to choose from at Miami Beach casino, and each game has great response time, you aren't waiting for cards or symbols at this casino.

Now onto the meat of Miami Beach Casino. I played several games during the time I played at Miami Beach, but I have to say that there was a tie between two games for which was my favorite. This is unusual for me, because most of the time the game that I like the best is Blackjack - however in this instance it was between two Slot games.

The two different games were Goblins Cave, which is a Multi-spin bonus game. In this game you have the chance to hold whichever symbols come up on your first spin to try and make a winning combination on your second spin. Usually this game doesn't produce much for me, but this session the game was very profitable. I got winning combinations several times, but the best part was that within the 20 or so minutes I was playing the game, I got to the bonus round 2 times and won a total of $22 from less than a dollar bet.

The other game that I enjoyed thoroughly was Triple Profits, which is another Multi-spin slot game with a format like Goblins Cave. I got even more wins off of this game, almost every time I hit the spin button I got some kind of win. This also brought me to the bonus round a number of times. I played for a little bit longer on this game, and when I got to the bonus round 3 times I won over $35. With both of these games the minimum bet is just one penny, which is outstanding if you are on a low bankroll, the total bet if you are betting maximum at one penny is 15 cents. The maximum bet goes all the way up to five dollars, which should satisfy most players. There are also three reels for each one of these games, and one payline per reel.

The above are not the only games that I played, but they were the most fun and the most profitable. With the total $100 that I had to play with I played a good amount of games, and spent a good amount of time playing each game which means to me that the overall payout of Miami Beach Casino is good - because as we know there are some casinos out there that don't payout anything hardly and you will lose everything quickly.

One of the other games that I found to be pretty good was Deuces Wild Video Poker. From the time that I started playing the game, I almost immediately started getting four of a kind, and it didn't stop the whole time! I played at this game for over half an hour, and never went under the amount of money I came into it with. Right before I left the game started to get cold, but I can say that I left the game with a good size profit.

I played quite a few other card games, but none with the return of the game above. After I played around for a while with my old favorite game Blackjack, which went very well by the way I went back to playing Slots. I played Magic Slots, Tropic Reels and Diamond Valley for a while before I decided that I was done playing for the time being.

Overall, my experience with this casino was very good. I would recommend Miami Beach Casino to all of my friends because they actually payout pretty good. And as far as I can tell other people feel basically the same way as I do, which is why they have one of the highest customer bases in the industry. From the time that I started downloading the casino I had nothing but good experiences, nothing slowed me down, nothing made me wait and nothing really stood out to make me think twice about playing here.

Now, I would recommend that before you play this or any other game you read the terms and conditions of the bonuses carefully before accepting them to avoid any misunderstandings, basically they are the same as any other casino - except for the wagering requirements and game restrictions and much worse than average.

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Blackjack @ Miami Beach Casino

This is a good winning hand at Blackjack

The popular Cinerama Slotmachine

The popular Cinerama Slot machine, fair win.

Four of a Kinds in Deuces Wild

One of many Four of a Kinds in Deuces Wild.

Goblins Cave Multi Spin Slot

Very good win at Goblins Cave Multi Spin Slot.

Goblins Cave Bonus Round

Goblins Cave Bonus Round.

Let Them Ride Poker

Let Them Ride Poker, one of many easy winning hands.

Magic Slots

Another win from Magic Slots, they came very often.

Temple of Treasures Slot

Temple of Treasures Slot, winning double my money.

Triple Profits Slots

Triple Profits, where I made a good amount of money.

Casino War

Casino War, where its easy to win.

Miami Beach Casino Strong Points:
  • Great speed of games
  • Good game selection
  • Good overall payout on games
  • Customer support is friendly and fast
  • Good betting limits - 10 cent blackjack
Things Miami Beach Casino Could Improve:
  • The wagering requirements for bonuses
  • The layout of the lobby and game listings

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