Oscars Online Betting Begins

Published Saturday, March 01, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Oscars Online Betting Begins

Do you think that you can predict who will win at the Oscars? Want to bet? The Oscars like the Super Bowl are pure entertainment mixed with apprehension for your favorite movie or super star actor. You may want to bet that yours will win and you can. You can legally bet on some online gambling sites. If you feel certain about your hopeful you may want to wager some money.

For starters, how many millions of viewers will tune in to watch the Oscars Sunday night? More or less than 40 million? This year, as in some previous years as a successful host, it will be Ellen DeGeneres guiding the event. On stage along with her will be an all-star cast of presenters, including Angelina Jolie.

But who will win the big prizes? Best Movie or Best Leading Actor? You may wish to risk some cash on your picks. You needn’t worry since there are some legal gambling sites. One of them is Bovada, a sports-betting site licensed in Canada. Sportsbook manager, Kevin Bradley, says, “It's by far the biggest non-sports occasion for us." Bradley is not shy to admit that his site's Oscar wagering is in the "healthy" six-figure range. He is keen to mention that a lot of money comes from Hollywood.


In Las Vegas, where gambling is not legal when it comes to entertainment events with known outcomes, the Oscars still get bets as sideshow. Sportsbooks posts odds and hosts red-carpet parties for the telecast. Wynn/Encore Sportsbooks director Johnny Avello says, "It's a big deal for us…We roll out the red carpet. And, yeah, there are a lot of pools floating around. Nothing sponsored, of course. But there's a definite…motivated interest in the outcomes."

What’s your guess for the best movie category? The biggest category mover, Bovada's Bradley says, has been Dallas Buyers Club.  It is still a three-way race. "The three movies should be within striking distance," he says.



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