Online Punting on the Preakness

Published Friday, May 16, 2014 -
Online Punting on the Preakness

Online betting on horse races has been around for some time now. Online betting on the running of the 139th Preakness Stakes on Saturday May 17 may see the favourite odds on winner of the Kentucky Derby, California Chrome get a chance to make the next move to a possible Triple Crown victory.

Wagering on race day at the track has been estimated to exceed $80 million dollars which is considerably greater than average Saturday betting. There are a great number of bets being made that have not been thought out by those who are real novices at betting on the races. The online wagering stats are readily available at various internet platforms that can give the seasoned punter on the ponies a considerable edge for profit.

There are tons of 'advice' web sites for novice gambler on the horses. Tips on how to succeed are garnered form the mountains of data about the betting patterns of punters at the three biggest horse racing events in America. Getting value for your betting dollar means looking at the obvious and trying to avoid betting on the grey horse because it stands out or putting your bucks on the favourite. Because for example at the Preakness the favorite horse might have only a 25 percent chance to win which at an event such as this race could result in an over inflated value. The smart money would steer clear of the favorite and look for better value on horses with more middle of the road odds.

Most betting on the race takes place minutes before the gate opens and with last minute betting available online one should remember there may be some delay issues so leave a buffer time in there to make sure your wager is processed. Remember to bet smart and don’t throw your money down and hope it bounces back.

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