Online Gambling Less Addictive Than Reported

Published Friday, July 11, 2014 -
Online Gambling Less Addictive Than Reported

Sheldon Adelson has it out for online gambling and has been using adjectives that describe internet betting as the crack cocaine of gambling. The addictive qualities of online wagering have been the main thrust of many detractors who want to bring to everyone’s attention the dangers of online gambling.

All that being said a recent article in the Atlantic suggests that internet betting is not as addictive or seductive as was previously thought. Researchers say architectural design cues make people want to gamble, perhaps more than their digital equivalent environments do.

The Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction in conjunction with the online gaming firm Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment which showed that on average online gamblers bet infrequently and for very small amounts of money.

According to the Harvard study’s data on 40,000 sports bettors, the average gambler places less than five wagers per week with an average wager being $5.50. Another indication of the low stakes comes from the study of almost two million online poker players which revealed the average time spent at the online poker tables was less than five hours over a six months and the average rake paid by these users was less than $1 per hour.

The research also said there was some problem gambling with a small percentage of players approximately  1% to 5% of all gamblers that exhibited “intense gambling behavior” which is in line with the most problem gambling statistics and has not changed much even after the introduction of Internet gambling. These studies argue that of online gambling with this current data points to online gambling having very little social impact. The opponents to online gambling should take note that brick and mortar casinos are designed to lure people in and keep them there. The palygrund casino model keeps people involved and comfortable which makes the punter less apprehensive about losing money. The computer screen is much less seductive than the land based casino when it comes to the gambling experience.

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