Pennsylvania Debating Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

Published Friday, April 17, 2015 -
Pennsylvania Debating Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

It seems that every day the online gambling news is dominated by issues facing various jurisdictions in the USA. The latest has been the discussions underway in the state of Pennsylvania where the opportunities and potential pitfalls related to the regulation of online gambling came to light. The state legislature hearings held before the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee, were very different from the US Congressional hearing on the same general topic. These hearings called on a list of competent witnesses offering both social and technical viewpoints of the topic from many angles.

PA House Bill 649, one of three online gambling-related bills currently under consideration in the state was discussed.  Both sides of the online gambling debate were exposed at the hearing with invited delegates expanding on the perils and benefits of legal internet betting in the state of Pennsylvania. Some of the witnesses included David Satz, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Development at Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Chris Sheffield, Managing Director / Senior Vice President of Interactive Gaming at Penn National Gaming; Michael Pollock, Managing Director Spectrum Gaming Group; also from New Jersey and Kevin Mullaly, Vice President of Government Relations for Gaming Laboratories International, providing certification and testing services.

Lindsay Slader, Operations Manager, GeoComply, was on hand to provide technical expertise and dispel the falsehood that online locations cannot be tracked with precision. GeoComply’s Slader’s live-time technology demonstrated first-hand that technology exists to properly police the boundaries of intrastate online gambling.  GeoComply also demonstrated company systems which help describe and identify users who might attempt to evade or falsify the results of location tracking.  Slader commented to the committee, “We have it pretty much down to a building level,” adding, “You can see what part of Starbucks you logged in from and, yes, we also know what you did last summer.”

On the negative side of the debate was Andy Abboud, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Community Development. Las Vegas Sands Corp who was there to tell the committee the negative aspects of online gambling.



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