Demographics Changing the Face of Online Casinos

Published Saturday, May 30, 2015 -
Demographics Changing the Face of Online Casinos

Gambling is changing and not because of the internet but because of the changing demographics of the world. There is an ancient idea stating that the common demographic profile of the online gambling industry is that of a middle aged, middle to middle-upper class male. That may certainly be true for some analysts but for others there are different stats being considered. The advent of online casinos, poker rooms and internet sports betting has opened a door to the larger picture which includes every gender and age group. The new use of the internet for entertainment gambling  has spawned a totally different base line for the measuring of gambling site use. The biggest threat to the casino business is not be the threatened rise of online gambling. The biggest threat could actually be the increase in the the demographic group known as millennials, suggests one expert on the subject.

Alex Bumazhny, a director at Fitch Ratings stated recently, “Millennials seem like they are a little bit less interested in gambling in the casinos," "They'll still go to casinos quite a bit, but they spend their money on food, beverages, nightclubs and entertainment, and less so on the slot machines."  

This suggests that they may not be as excited about placing bets as they are about having a fun time at the venues they are in. As for the casinos millennials prefer casino-themed social games and daily fantasy sports. The gambling industry is taking on the challenge by investing in the types of games Gen Y enjoy most.  Caesars Entertainment for example purchased social gaming businesses and International Game Technology, which makes slot machines and bought the social gaming company Double Down Interactive a while ago. IGT and Caesars Entertainment generated $80 million and $167 million in the first quarter from their respective social gaming divisions. The faster the terrestrial casinos embrace the tech edge the quicker they will engage the next millennial of gamers.


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