Nevada Gaming Commission Approves Online Poker Gaming

Published Thursday, January 05, 2012 -

The long awaited decision from the gambling State of Nevada has finally been made. The Nevada Gaming Commission has approved its regulatory framework for online poker. The unanimous decision will allow for the launch of live poker games early in 2012.

Executive Director of the Poker Players’ Alliance, John Pappas, commented on the move, “Nevada is essentially moving ahead without a federal law. Should it become federal law, I think Nevada will be in position to be one of the first states certified to issue licenses.”
The approved online poker regulations are open for amendments but are presented in a simple and concise manner. The approval of the new framework makes it difficult for players to transfer gaming money to one another as all withdrawals and deposits need to be facilitated through the online casino operator or the internet service provider. This is to ensure that accounting and taxation will be monitored by officials.

The rake has been set to a maximum of 10 percent of the pot. Players of online poker in Nevada will be able to deposit real money through the gaming sites and receive their winnings throught he same accounts without any issues.
Poker room operators will be required to retain a cash reserve that is equal to the total funds deposited by the playing public thus ensuring there are funds available for jackpot payouts and wagers. Only one account is available to players who must prove they are of age to play in Nevada. The proof must confirm they are at least twenty one years old to register for an account.
Nevada’s relatively small population of 3 million will mean there won’t be large jackpots and the competition at online poker rooms won’t be the best until other American States join together and offer interstate poker games for money.


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