Online Gambling Coupon Firm BetHalf Integrates Payment Processors

Published Saturday, September 10, 2011 -

The trend towards group buying power has come alive in the age of the internet. Online gambling is also included in the coupon marketing trend and a few firms have come to the forefront to supply the goods and services. BetHalf is the first group buying voucher portal and is focused on promoting Daily Deals for Poker, Casino, Sports Wagering, and Bingo using it unique platform.  BetHalf provides all the services required to give gaming firms and their affiliates payment solutions, coupon acquisition and facilitation of the entire process.

Recently BetHalf launched it integrated solution for payments by putting together MyPayLinQ and PICClub. The options provided by BetHalf include Visa, MasterCard, Citadel, Western Union, Money Gram and UKASH. The integrated solution gives the customer group buying power by making a platform that combines buyer that have similar requirements. The amalgamated e-wallet works in a variety of countries with ease and functionality.

The CEO of BetHalf, Blake Benson, commented, "Given the breadth of their global customer base, it was a natural fit for us to work exclusively with Chuck Kidd and MPLQ”, Benson continued, "Our decision was also based on MyPayLinQ's decision to allow BetHalf to offer our group buying platform exclusively to its current merchants and members. Customers can enjoy the benefits of half-price deals to try out new gaming sites while online gaming companies have the opportunity to attract new customers they would not have been able to before."

Ike Turner,Marketing Manager for BetHalf, also commented on the arrangement, , "Integration with MyPayLinQ leapfrogs us ahead of any potential competition with our Groupon-style promotions for poker, sports or any other iGaming category." Turner added, "MyPayLinQ has hundreds of merchants and thousands of players from around the world which saves us the time needed to plug into each merchant separately. With US football now kicking off, there is no better time for us to start selling."



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