Pacquiao vs Marquez Boxing Match Online Betting Odds Revealed

Published Friday, November 11, 2011 -

Boxing is a classic sport and many still see the matches as an opportunity to place a bet and watch for the outcome. There is excitement in the air as two very different contenders face off this November 12, 2011 with the Pacquiao v Marquez fight ready to roll. These two fighters are ready once again to put the gloves on as they have on numerous occasions since 2004. 

Marquez managed to hit the canvas three times in the first round back in 2004 and still at up and score enough points to call a draw. Proof that when the going gets tough the tough get going. In the 2008 bout Marquez slammed the floor this time in the third round but fought back for twenty four rounds. Welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao odds are overwhelmingly in the champs favour as the contender who has shown a remarkable ability to come back after severe punishment much to the consternation of Pacquiao.

In play wagering is making the punting much more lively as the older at 38 years but possibly wiser Marquez may be at the end of a stunning career that has had some controversial judges decisions. Speculation has it that Pacquiao may have evolved since fighting his opponent last and will take control of the match from the outset.
Online gambling operators are offering generous odds based on the performance from the two fighters and odds of course on a possible upset for the champ. Pacquiao will be fighting hard to set the scene for a super battle with Mayweather sometime next year.
Making a decision based on the facts is what gambling is all about but there are times when the gut instinct can make better bets than logic. It should be a good battle to watch and play on as it progresses.


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