Mobile Online Gambling Now Available At MGM Las Vegas

Published Sunday, July 17, 2016 -
Mobile Online Gambling Now Available At MGM Las Vegas

In America the online casinos are legally available in only three states, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey and the offering of mobile online gambling is being called a first in Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Resort. In June of last year Spin Games announced that its content solution had gone live at a number of MGM Resorts International terrestrial properties in Las Vegas.

The initial launch featured a total of 21 games including HTML5 slots, video poker and bingo content. Kent Young, president and founder of Spin Games, commented at the time, “We are delighted to be launching with MGM Resorts International and are very excited to see our HTML5 strategy of leading edge, device agnostic technology coming to fruition.” “Our long-term strategy is to be at the forefront of US interactive technology and content for land-based, mobile and web applications.”

Now a year later MGM Resorts has launched what it calls the first real-money mobile gambling platform to be offered by a casino in the USA. The easyPlay Mobile Tournaments platform, which was developed by mobile gaming technology company oneLIVE inc, allows guests at nine Las Vegas resorts to compete with other players in a variety of tournament games using their mobile devices or InteractivePro Tables located at MGM Grand International land based locations.  oneLIVE inc. is an integrated casino account-based wagering app that gives players the convenience of mobile app games with maximum game play while on casino property.

Tom Mikulich, senior vice president of business development for MGM commented, "The introduction of easyPLAY Mobile Tournaments at our MGM Resorts properties gives our guests an exciting, new opportunity to play their favourite games while enjoying the best Las Vegas has to offer," Mikulich  added, "The tournaments are extremely user-friendly, provide players with a variety of game options including slots and bingo, among others, and bring an element of competition that our guests will enjoy whether they are sitting at a bar enjoying a drink or simply hanging out by the pool."






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