Illegal Online Sports Betting Bust in California

Published Friday, July 29, 2016 -
Illegal Online Sports Betting Bust in California

The American Gaming Association estimates that about $140 billion will be wagered illegally in the US this year although it remains illegal, sports betting is a very popular gambling format all over the world. The issue of legality is compounded by the available online sports betting sites that undermine the effectiveness of laws and policing.

The recent article posted online reveals the underground aspect of illegal sports betting in America where it is only legal to bet on sports in the state of Nevada.  The FBI and local police raided the small Lady Luck casino in California after serving the owners with a search warrant. More than 100 FBI agents and San Diego police personnel conducted the raid on the operation. Authorities infiltrated the little casino and sought to find evidence of alleged illegal online sports betting.

The enterprise is located less than 17 km east of downtown San Diego California where the FBI gathered enough evidence to lay charges against 14 individuals. Nine have been apprehended, while five others are still at large.

The Lucky Lady Casino was a front for the illegal sports betting operations stated the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California.

Special Agent for the FBI in charge of the sting, Eric Birnbaum, commented in a statement to the press,  “This case is a classic example of how a legitimate business can be infiltrated and used to facilitate criminal activity by members of a criminal enterprise,” The special agent continued, “The FBI is committed to disrupting and dismantling criminal enterprises that seek to use legitimate businesses as a platform for their criminal activity.”

This is a small bust compared to the one which occurred recently in New York where Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced a 57-count indictment against four people for operating an illegal sports betting network worth almost one $ billion USD.



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