ESports Betting Made Safer With Technology

Published Saturday, April 08, 2017 -
ESports Betting Made Safer With Technology

The internet has provided the world with what millions of players are enjoying every day, games that entertain and challenge. The introduction of eSports betting has been keeping the online gambling industry on its toes anticipating possible issues during the development process. Match fixing and skin wagering has become a problem that is being addressed by Genius Sports and FACEIT who have partnered with the Esports Championship Series (ECS) to explore and improve data and statistics usage.

The arrangement focuses on the development of a Counter Strike:GO analytics platform by Genius Sports that will provide real-time, data-driven predictions, with a plan to integrate the data with the league ahead of the coming season beginning April 14th.

The Esports Championship Series will benefit from the Genius Sports Esports Bet Monitoring System, allowing it to keep in touch with real time betting markets and receive warnings of unusual betting patterns. The two participants maintained that the technology supporting the system is the first of its kind to be used in a professional eSports competition.

FACEIT co-founder and chief business officer Michele Attisani commented on the initiative, “We are very aware of the challenges all leagues face as the industry grows and we felt this was a logical next step to safeguard our fans and stakeholders,” Attisani continued, “Genius Sports is the trusted and go-to platform for all major sports leagues, their unrivalled experience in this sector alongside the newly-developed technology specifically designed for CS:GO makes them an integral partner for ECS as the league continues to grow.”

Mark Locke, Chief executive officer of Genius Sports, also said, “As well as help ensure players and fans are treated to a fair and transparent game, ECS league representatives are equipped with information and tools necessary to maintain a clean, honest and exhilarating contest.”

ESports is new to the gambling public and vulnerable to corruption and scandal, technology will help solidify a good reputation for this popular activity.  




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