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Bingo online is a relatively new phenomenon. However, some sites were quick to jump on this emerging trend, with Bingo Liner being one of them. Indeed, I first signed up at this Leap Frog-powered site back in early 2006. At the time though I didn't write about my experience. This time however I decided to go back and capture my experiences in an review.

Leap Frog software has always required that users download and install the bingo software and Bingo Liner still operates in this way. As such, after a quick look around the Bingo Liner website I headed to the download section to obtain the 480k installer. This installation program then proceeds to download further files from the internet. In total the download and installation process took around 4-5 minutes although this could be slower on a less speedy connection. Of course, this software download and installation procedure only needs to be performed once.

After a few more minutes of the software updating itself I was presented with the logon screen. Thankfully I remembered my old username and password combination and soon I was back sitting with my 'benroles' account logged in. New players will have to register an account with Bingo Liner, although this is a very straightforward procedure - a player simply enters their details in the appropriate window for real time account activation. New players will also be happy to here that Bingo Liner awards a great no-deposit bonus worth $5 to all new members. Unfortunately though, despite play taking place in US dollars, players from this country are actually not allowed to register with Bingo Liner and indeed any attempt to access the Bingo Liner website results in redirection.

Once a player has used up their free play sign-up bonus they need to make a purchase to keep on playing. And since I wasn't eligible for any free money (without a deposit) on this occasion I pretty quickly realised I'd have to head to the cashier. Having said that, Bingo Liner doesn't have a cashier as such, rather a pop-up menu that appears when 'Cashier' is clicked allowing access to functions such as 'Deposit' and 'Withdraw'. I used NeTeller to deposit $100 although a handful of other deposit options are available namely Credit Card, FirePay, Click2Pay and ACH transfer. Impressively, the minimum deposit amount at Bingo Liner is just $10 for NeTeller purchased and $20 for the others. Certainly this should attract the low-rolling players!

As stated earlier, I wasn't entitled to any completely free money on this occasion. However, all deposits are rewarded with a 25% bonus and so my $100 was increased automatically to $125 (via $25 being added to my bonus account). However, completely new players depositing for the first time are awarded with a 100% match worth up to $100. Specifically for NeTeller depositors this is a 200% match meaning $100 deposited quickly becomes $300 to play with. Most bingo sites offer sign-up and on-going bonuses, but it's pleasing nonetheless to see Bingo Liner keeping up with the competition.

When it comes to the software itself, players are firstly dropped in to the overall lobby. Since Bingo Liner has a very loose nautical theme, the lobby is made to look like a ship. A nice touch is that players are represented with 3D avatars. As such a player can walk around the inner lobbies (e.g. Bingo, Slots, Video Poker) and similarly can see other players doing the same. It's quite a strange thing to see these 3D people walking around but an interesting way of presenting the lobby nonetheless. As stated previously Bingo Liner does offer a few casino-type games. However, it was Bingo that I was interested in and so headed specifically to the appropriate section of the 'ship'.

Once standing in the Bingo lobby I saw that there Bingo Liner runs up to 4 rooms at once. However, at the time I played only three of these were open. I assume more bingo rooms are opened depending on how heavily populated the games are at the time. One thing I did notice though is that regardless of the room chosen, all games at Bingo Liner are of the 75-ball format. This means that there is one prize which goes to the first person to complete their card following a pre-set shape (which changes each game). As such 90-ball players used to the 1-line, 2-lines, full house format won't get what they want here.

I personally don't mind the 75-ball game though, particularly since it tends to mean jackpots are bigger. As such, I entered one of the rooms to have a game. I had forgotten exactly how the Bingo Liner games were set out, but on entering the room I soon remembered. All players in a room are actually sub-divided into groups that sit around tables. This is just like a real bingo room and similarly the software indicates how well those sitting next to you are doing, just like would happen in the real world. I like this approach and certainly it makes the game more entertaining - not only are you following your own cards but you can see by coloured squares in front of other players how close they are to beating you!

Tickets are valued at different prices depending on room and game selected although usually a $0.05 or $0.10 ticket game can be found. Having said that, a $1 minimum purchase means more than one ticket must be purchased and similarly the full-house games seemed to have a set cost of $1 per ticket. This range should satisfy most people though and with jackpots often hitting $70 or so a win should return a decent amount on any investment made. Actually purchasing tickets is straight forward with players easily able to buy multiples of tickets using the 'jump' menu system or by entering the value of tickets they want to buy.

Once a game begins there is very little a player needs to do. All purchase cards are displayed at the top of the screen with a slider being used to navigate between them. However, as numbers are drawn the numbers are automatically marked off a player's cards with the cards themselves automatically rearranging to show the best cards first. Similarly, a countdown shows a player how close they are to getting a win with a green border appearing to indicate only one ball is needed for a claim! I certainly don't have any issue with this setup although I know some players like to daub cards themselves. From what I could see this isn't possible at Bingo Liner but I suppose this does stop lazy eyes missing a would be win!

When it comes to winning, I actually did pretty badly for most of my games although did manage to scoop a full-house jackpot for just over $120. Annoyingly I lost my internet connection during this game so couldn't actually see the win itself - I just know it was me though because upon re-logging in to the software my balance was standing at almost $190! Speaking of big wins, Bingo Liner does offer a jackpot on every game which can be won when full house is called within a set number of games - this stood at almost $1,500 at the time of playing!

Winning isn't everything though when it comes to bingo and an addition to the software that wasn't present when I played in 2006 is a chat room. This isn't integrated in to the playing environment, rather Bingo Liner have chosen to display the chat room in a separate window. I don't mind this though as it means players who don't want to chat can close the window and concentrate on the game. I find chat fund though and was pleased to see a number of chatty individuals were playing when I was. A chat moderator is present at all times which also encourages play and runs side chat games that give players the chance to win some bonus money. $5 per chat game was on offer when I was playing which is not bad for a free-to-enter competition.

Whilst on this occasion I could easily have kept some winnings and left but I stupidly got caught up in the action and ended up losing my balance. I guess I wanted to repeat my big win - something that never happened! However, I remember withdrawing when I played here previously and had no issues. A reasonably high $50 minimum withdrawal policy is enforced which is a slight negative but with processing taking 48-72 hours, getting funds out of Bingo Liner shouldn't be a hassle.

When it comes to support this is offered via live chat and email. I was impressed that an email I sent was responded to in just 15 minutes and of course, live chat means support is available even quicker than this when required. However, my request was actually to have my account closed and although I got a response, I was told management would have to deal with it. I guess therefore that although support is available, for more serious issues there may be more waiting. I suppose that is the case with most places though. At least a responsive team is on hand 24 hours a day for those niggling issues.

To conclude I was reasonably impressed with Bingo Liner. I don't think the software is the nicest available and the lack of 90-ball games may put off some people. But generally this is a solid bingo hall. A nice selection of 75-ball games is available and important functions such as banking and support work well. The new addition of a chat room improves the entertainment factor of this site and some decent money can be won. With a nice sign-up and on-going bonus scheme Bingo Liner is certainly a contender for someone considering where to play. And certainly, for a site that's got a good track record, Bingo Liner certainly comes recommended.

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Bingo Liner actually shows all connected players in 3D - I get quite excited that tracyellen appears to be following me about! Bingo Liner Avatars

Once in a bingo room, players actually sit at one of the available seats allowing users to see how close others at the table are to a bingo Available Seats

At the top of the game a player's cards are auto-sorted to show the best card first Cards Auto-Sorted

My luck's not been good so I talk to my fellow player to see if Lady Luck is listening! Looking For Lady Luck

I get so close to a winning bingo with just 1 number needed across a handful of cards. Sadly I'm just beaten to it! Just Beaten

I'm obviously not the only person having a bad session at Bingo Liner! A Bad Session

The chat function at Bingo Liner is not integrated into the playing screen but rather appears in a separate window that can be opened or closed as a player desires Bingo Liner Chat

When first logged in a player can choose where they want to go - the bingo room, the 2 slots rooms or the video poker room Choosing Where To Go

A number of seats and tables are available when a player has decided which bingo room to enter Seats And Tables

A handful of side games are available should a player want to try and boost their bankroll Sidegames at Bingo Liner

Bingo Liner Strong Points:
  • Responsive customer support available although more problematic issues may require management intervention
  • Very low minimum purchase fees
  • Nice sign-up and ongoing bonus scheme
  • Nicely priced ticket prices with jackpots usually offering a very good return on any purchse
Things Bingo Liner Could Improve:
  • 90-ball bingo availability could attract more players
  • Software looks slightly 'dated' although is certainly acceptable
  • $50 minimum withdrawal is quite high

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