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Up until very recently, it would be basically impossible to find the best online casinos Belarus has to offer, as all online casinos were outlawed. Though, as of 2019, Belarusian citizens can legally enjoy of casino sites, there currently are no legal options available – which we’ll be exploring on this page.

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On this page we’ll explain the unique legal situation in Belarus. There are currently no legal online casino options in Belarus, unfortunately. We’ll also walk you through our expert criteria which can be used to select safe casinos when the situation changes, so you can find the best online casinos in Belarus.

We will also take a detailed look at Belrusian laws concerning online gambling, in addition to pointing out the sites you should avoid. So, if you’re ready to get familiar with the exciting world of online casino sites, stick around.

Best Belarus Online Casinos Ranked

As we have said already, there are no legal online casinos Belarus players can access. Off-shore sites are banned, and the government has yet to launch any online casinos of its own. The law in Belarus is such that only state-owned gambling establishments can legally operate in the country.

That said, many expect the first sites to be launched as soon as 2020. While this gives players little to do in the meantime, you can still read this page to become acquainted with how to spot legal, trustworthy casino sites.

If you’ve never joined an online casino before and you’re unsure how to start, don’t worry. The registration process for couldn’t be easier. Registration typically follows these simple steps:


When legal online casinos become available, choose one from our rankings or through your own research.


Select an appealing bonus to opt into upon registering with your desired casino.


Start playing your favourite games and work towards the wagering requirements of the bonus.

As the market becomes lively, finding the right casino for you can be difficult. With so many great choices on the market, it can be hard to narrow things down. To make matters more confusing, new sites are being launched all the time, further expanding your options.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest developments in the world of online gambling, we’ve got you covered. Our news feed below will keep you up to date, so be sure to check back often.

Belarus Casino Review Criteria

If you’re curious as to how we chose the best casino sites Belarus, or anywhere else, has to offer, we’ll let you in on our secret. For years, we’ve been using a set of refined criteria for selecting gambling sites based on the most important factors players should look out for.

To learn about each factor in greater detail, simply click on the links provided below. Alternatively, keep reading to get the full picture. Here are the main factors in ranking the best Belarus online casinos:

Casino Game Catalogue

Even the best online casinos in Belarus would be nothing without the games, which is why a varied and entertaining game catalogue is an absolute must. Players always have their own favourite games and titles and ensuring that they can find them at their chosen casino is a major concern.

When it comes to examining a game library, it’s not just about quantity. We also look out for quality and diversity. A broad range of games, courtesy of the best software developers in the business, and a healthy mix between slots and table games will always score highly with us.

The Top Slots Available in Belarus

Slots are easily the most popular casino games online, and no matter where you play, you’ll find them in the hundreds. There are even specialized slots casinos that offer nothing else, such is their appeal.

However, we’ll be looking mostly at casinos that offer a broad range of titles – slots chief among them. Though Belarus players cannot access any online slots at this time, you can be sure that the upcoming legal online casinos will have them in scores.

Best Belarus Blackjack Offers

As the casino game with the highest overall payout rates, blackjack enjoys enormous popularity online. Simple to play and with many variations to choose from, this table game will always be a staple in any good online casinos in Belarus.

If you wish to learn more about playing the classic game of twenty-one, head over to our guide to all things blackjack casinos have to offer. Unfortunately, players from Belarus cannot legally access any online games of blackjack at this time.

Best Belarus Online Roulette

The dizzying spin of the roulette wheel has become synonymous with the most glamorous aspects of casino gambling, and you can enjoy that same thrill online. If you’re looking for non-stop roulette action, we recommend that you take a look at our overview of the best roulette casinos.

Belarus Live Casino Platforms

The hottest trend in online gambling at the moment is live casino gaming. Live suites allow players to play and stream live games onto their devices, playing against real professional dealers in a variety of studios and gambling resorts around the world.

Though there’s plenty to be said in favour of live gambling, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First and foremost, unless you have a steady WiFi connection, you might find that your mileage will vary. Live streams require a lot of data, and perfect visual or audio quality is not always guaranteed.

Full List of the Online Casino Games Available in Belarus

Though your options for legal casino sites in Belarus might be somewhat limited – to the point of being currently non-existent – the selection of available games thankfully is not. There are no casino games that are outright banned in Belarus, meaning you’ll have your pick of the lot.

Here are all the online casino games that can be played legally in Belarus:

First Class Casino Software

One factor that many first-time players overlook is the importance of high-quality online casino software. Over time, you will become familiar with some of the biggest names in the industry, whose names and information you can find in our casino software firms overview.

The importance of good software is manifold. There’s the obvious benefit of being able to access the latest and best games, with innovative approaches to gameplay and stunning graphics. But that’s not the only thing that makes software such an integral part of the screening process for the top online casinos in Belarus.

If a developer is well-regarded in the field of online gambling and has won numerous industry awards, you can trust that their output is of the highest quality. What’s more, you can trust that they would not allow their games to be platformed on an illegitimate casino site.

Casino Safety and Licensing for Belarus

Player protection and safety are always our number one priority when selecting casino sites to feature on our pages. Simply put, it is never worth risking your data or money with a shady site, and we would never recommend a casino that doesn’t hold valid licenses or certification.

In Belarus, online gambling is regulated by both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. While neither ministry issues licenses for online casinos, Belarusian players are not permitted to play at offshore casino sites.

Licenses are not the only thing to look out for, however. Especially when no licenses are possible, it is essential that you look for alternative indicators of trustworthiness, such as certifications from third party fairness auditors, encryption software, and links to responsible gambling organizations.

While this might all sound somewhat complicated, there’s actually a number of simple ways in which you can screen for these factors yourself. To check a site’s encryption software certification, simply click the little lock icon on the left side of your browser’s address bar.

This will allow you to review the software information, including whether the certificate has expired or not. Another simple trick is to scroll down to the bottom of your chosen online casino’s page. It is here that you will find any pertinent licensing information.

In the footer of the page you will also find logos and links to responsible gambling organizations. This is a good sign, which shows that the operator has the well-being of its players in mind at all times. Naturally, we have already screened for these factors already, and all of our featured casinos have passed our test.

Belarus Best Mobile Casino Options

Most modern casino fans play on the go, using a smartphone or tablet. Due to the huge migration of players from desktops to mobile devices, the top online casinos Belarus and elsewhere have had to act accordingly and up the ante when it comes to their mobile offers.

Customer Service in Belarusian

Players can often overlook the importance of strong customer service, but they do so at their own risk. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues when playing, you need to be able to rely on fast, helpful support in your own language.

Though all of our featured casinos provide customer support in English as standard, not all of them provide support in Belarusian and/or Russian, which is something you may wish to take into account before registering.

The Best Online Casino Bonuses in Belarus

If you pay close attention, a casino welcome bonus can provide a significant boost to your gambling budget. The key is to get all the facts before you opt in, otherwise you might end up paying more than you receive in the end. That’s why we’re here to help.

When ranking bonuses, we pay careful attention to the wagering requirements, game contributions, validity periods and betting limits. We’ll be explaining these terms in greater detail shortly, but if you already feel comfortable in your understanding of them, feel free to use the links above to claim a bonus.

Top Online Casino Offers and Promotions: Terms and Wagering

The most common form of casino bonus you’ll find in Belarus, and indeed most countries, is a deposit match bonus. In these offers, the casino will match your deposit by a certain percentage – usually 100% or more. While this is naturally very appealing, we do recommend you read further.

Most deals of this nature are subject to wagering requirements. This refers to the number of times you will be required to wager the value of your deposit, the bonus or both until you are eligible to withdraw the bonus amount.

Typically, we advise our readers to aim for bonuses with wagering requirements no higher than 50x. Anything higher than this and you’re likely to be paying in more than you’ll get back, making the bonus not worth your time.

You’ll also have to account for the period of validity, which is the length of time in which you are required to meet the wagering requirements. If you can’t meet the requirements in the given time, the offer becomes void. So, if wagering requirements are high, and the period is short, it won’t be worth your investment.

For reference, we’ve outlined some of the most important bonus terms below for you to peruse and become familiar.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on game contribution rates. Unfortunately, when it comes to bonuses, not all games are created equal. You’ll often find that slots will contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements of your bonus, whereas table games contribute far less.

Naturally, this depends on the bonus, so you should approach it on a case-by-case basis. Each bonus will declare its contribution rates within the full terms and conditions, so make sure you read them carefully before opting into a deal that doesn’t fully support your chosen game.

Some games might even be excluded outright. On the topic of exclusions, you might also find that certain payment methods are excluded from triggering the bonus. Oftentimes these are e-Wallet services like Skrill and Neteller. As always, a close reading of the small print will save you from future issues.

RTP: List of the Best Payout Online Casino Sites for Real Money in Belarus

We’ve briefly touched upon return to player rates with regards to games already, but casinos themselves also have RTPs – and you’d be remiss not to pay close attention to them. The RTP of a casino is calculated by finding the average rate from all of its available games.

While some casinos may have higher payout rates than others, don’t let this sway your decision too much. Instead, let it allow you to make a more informed decision based on the casino you’ve already taken an interest in.

The Best Payment Methods for Belarusian Players

The ability to make safe, speedy transactions is absolutely crucial when gambling online. When assessing online casinos, the available payment methods is another area we pay close attention to. In Belarus, you have the benefit of being able to access a broad array of payment options.

Out of the options available, we usually recommend that players opt for PayPal, where available. This is down to the service’s stellar reputation for safe, speedy transactions that keep your banking details hidden from the casino – adding an extra layer of security.

Whether you choose this option or not, it’s always important that a casino offers the broadest possible selection of payment methods so that you can opt for the one that suits your needs best.

Gambling in Belarus 2021 – the Latest Trends

As legal online gambling is still relatively new in Belarus, things can only continue to get better. Though options are slim for the time being, we can expect to see more and more sites enter the market, and in time the online casino scene could become very competitive and exciting.

Presently, the gambling industry represents a significant revenue stream for the Belarusian government, which suggests that even more liberal legislation could be passed in the years to come. Until then, players have to satisfy themselves with the available operators.

In the next few sections, we’ll be covering various aspects of the gambling industry in Belarus – from the legal nitty gritty to the available land-based establishments. If you wish to skip to any particular section, you can do so by clicking the links provided above.

As you may already be aware, gambling is legal in Belarus. The country legalized gambling in 1991 in the hopes that it would boost tourism to the newly independent nation. All gambling institutions are currently owned by the state and are overseen by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Up until very recently, despite the legality of land-based gambling, online gambling sites were strictly prohibited, and large fines were enforced upon citizens who accessed off-shore sites. While off-shore sites remain prohibited, citizens will legally be able to access state-approved online casinos.

Legal iconography overlaid with the flag of Belarus.

Naturally, the fact that players are limited to state-approved betting sites means that the selection of available legal online casinos in Belarus is quite small. However, this is likely to change over time as the state approves more casinos.

As has been previously noted, the Belarusian government does not issue licenses, nor are sites licensed by other regulatory bodies permitted under Belarusian law. This distinguishes Belarus from many other markets, which allow sites licensed by regulators such as the UK’s Gambling Commission.

Casinos to Avoid in Belarus

While you are under no obligation to play at any of the sites, there are some sites that we recommend you steer clear of. These are websites that have either been blacklisted by the Belarusian gambling industry, or otherwise fall outside the remit of the law.

If you choose to gamble at any of the above sites, you do so at your own risk. As blacklisted sites, you have no guarantee that your data and money will be protected. It is our belief that, given that legal options are available, it is never worthwhile to take a chance on a blacklisted site.

History of Gambling in Belarus

Belarus is one of the youngest independent countries in Europe, which makes its gambling history relatively recent. Until the collapse of the USSR, Belarus was just another member state within the Eastern Bloc. In 1990, Belarus became an independent nation, and began to pass its own laws.

In 1991, the state ruled gambling to be legal, albeit controlled by a state monopoly. The motivation for this monumental legislation was the potential to boost tourism in the region. The legislation was designed in stark contrast with that of Russia, in order to be a far more liberal alternative.

This proved to be a smart move, attracting a great deal of gambling tourism from wealthy Russians into the nation. Given Ukraine’s similarly strict gambling laws, many Ukrainians also cross over to Belarus to enjoy the country’s gambling opportunities.

Land-Based Belarus Casinos

Legit Online Casinos & Gambling in Belarus
🏛️ Land-Based Casinos 11
🎰 Gaming Machines 667
📑 Betting Shops 466
💻 All Licensed Casino Sites None
🏆 Best-Rated Safe Casinos Our Top Picks

As casinos have been legal in Belarus for thirty years, there are a number of land-based establishments citizens can enjoy. All of these are based in the nation’s capital, Minsk. As a gambling hub for much of Eastern Europe, Minsk boasts a large variety of land-based casinos.

Chief among these is Casino Shangri La, which is renowned for its professional staff and lavish surroundings. It is open 24 hours a day and features two VIP areas and 15 gaming tables. In addition to this, you can expect to find high betting limits and excellent dining options.

Alternatively, you could visit the Opera Casino, located within Minsk’s exclusive Beijing Hotel. This casino is the frequent venue of high-class poker tournaments, making it one of the most exciting gambling destinations in the Belarusian capital.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belarus Casinos

We acknowledge that the absence of legal online casino sites in Belarus can be frustrating, but we hope that this page has been useful all the same. If you have any further questions, contact us at or read our frequently ask questions below.

Is gambling legal in Belarus?

Yes, gambling is legal in Belarus, and has been since 1991. To learn more about the nation's gambling past, we recommend you read our history overview.

What is the best online casino Belarus players can access?

Unfortunately, there are currently no online casinos that Belarussian players can legally access. To understand why, we recommend you read our full guide to Belarusian gambling laws.

Can I use PayPal in online casinos Belarus?

While PayPal is available in Belarus, you currently cannot use it in online casinos, as there are no legally operating online casinos in the country. To learn more about the available payment methods in Belarus, take a look at our payment method overview.

Which online casinos are blacklisted in Belarus?

Technically speaking, any online casino that isn't state-sanctioned is blacklisted in Belarus, insofar as you will be subject to fines if you access such sites. To learn which sites you absolutely should avoid, however, you can take a look at our overview of blacklisted casinos.

Which casino games are legal in Belarus?

Essentially all casino games can be played legally (albeit in land-based settings) in Belarus. For the full list, head over to our overview of the available casino games.

Conclusion: There Are Safe Casino Options for Belarusian Players

Based on our research and reviews we can confidently state that there are many safe, legal casino options for players from Belarus. Provided players stick with state-sanctioned online casinos, they can expect to enjoy secure and entertaining casino games.

To review any of the information we covered over the course of this page, simply click on the links provided above. We sincerely hope that you found this page helpful and that you will enjoy many happy hours playing at the best casinos in Belarus.