The Best Netherlands Online Casinos – The Top 2021 Casino Sites for Dutch Players

The Netherlands has a regulated offline gambling market, which consists of a state-run casino monopoly and over 40,000 private slots. Online players have fewer options since all forms of online gambling have been illegal. On 19 February 2019 the Senate approved a bill for remote gambling. However, you won’t any list of the best casinos in the Netherlands until licences are issued, which many people project won’t be until next year.

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Best Dutch Online Casinos

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Gambling in the Netherlands

To operate remotely, sites need to possess a valid licence from the Kansspelautoriteir (referred to as the Netherlands Gambling Authority from this point on), the country’s regulatory body for all things gambling. Until they start issuing gaming licences, sites that accept Dutch players are doing so illegally. This page covers the topics relevant to the Netherlands and its gambling laws. We’ll also give some advice about how to find a good operator, so that when the Dutch market finally opens, you can be ready to find a trustworthy site.

Why You Won’t Find the Best Netherlands Casinos

As I had stated earlier, the country currently has a monopoly on all forms of legal gambling. As a result, the only licenced operators are those of the state lotteries, state sportsbooks and Holland Casino. The Dutch licencing body has yet to hand out licences to offshore operators. For now, we can’t provide a list of the top online casinos for the Netherlands. At the time being, you’ll have to play at one of the State’s licenced land-based establishments. However, if the laws change, we will of course provided detailed reviews of the top operators that service the Dutch market.

The flag of the Netherlands, with some text stating online gambling is illegal.

Gambling is legal in the Netherlands. However, until recently, the government has placed strict regulations on the industry so that offshore betting sites were kept out of the region. Historically, the Netherlands has taken a stricter stance than other EU countries. Every time the nation looked into a new form of gambling, it typically resulted in the removal of the activity.

Online gambling is forbidden at the moment. So to play legally, you’ll have to visit one of the 14 state-run land-based casinos (operated by Holland Casino), or sports betting locations.

There is good news on the horizon for online gambling. The Senate just approved a new online gambling bill, which is set to open up the market to foreign companies. However, it will take a year or two before any meaningful changes are felt and licences are dealt to offshore sites.

The agency in charge of licencing all gambling activity is De Kansspelautoriteit, or the Netherlands Gambling Authority (NGA). The best way to stay up-to-date with any regulatory changes in the country is to visit the Kansspelautoriteit website as well as the government’s page on games of chance, available in both English and Dutch. The site lays out all of its decisions in extremely clear language making it easy for players to find the info they need.

Criteria for Searching for a Quality Online Casino Site

Although it isn’t legal to gamble online in the Netherlands at the moment, you still may want to know how to find a top online casino. This info will be helpful if you find yourself travelling abroad to a region with legalised online casinos. It will also be useful info for near future when the NGA opens up the market to foreign casino brands. If you’d like to learn more about the topic of online casino in general, visit our homepage, that is filled with detailed explanations of the following criteria.

One of the first things one should do before playing, is check whether or not you can legally gamble in the country. The easiest way to do this in the Netherlands is to visit the NGA website or contact the authority directly. Once the Kansspelautoriteit (NGA) starts dishing out licences, you’ll want to ensure that you only play at sites that hold this licence. This is by far the easiest way to guarantee you are at a trustworthy site.

Next, see if the site at which you are playing offers a welcome bonus. When travelling, I recommend you don’t accept the welcome bonus because these usually have wagering requirements that often are hard to meet within the timeframe of most trips abroad. If you don’t accept a casino bonus, you can still play like you would at any standard casino.

Next, you’ll want to land on a site that has a great selection of mobile casino games that are playable both on desktop and mobile devices. An operator needs to have a good mobile casino if it ever wants to be mentioned amongst the best casino sites. A mobile platform filled with hundreds of mobile games is a great indicator that you are at a suitable casino.

When playing online for real money, you’re going to have to make casino payments. Top online casino sites will accept a wide array of popular payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and other e-wallets. Payments are kept secure through encryption technology that each site must have in order to obtain a European gambling licence.

Should you run into any problems when playing or making payments, you should contact the casino’s customer support directly. A knowledgeable and responsible customer service is the first sign that a site can be trusted.

Online Casino Games

Casino games are the backbone of any casino, whether it be land-based or an online site. However, when you’re in the Netherlands, you’ll only have access to casino games at one of the country’s land-based betting establishments. However, once online gaming is finally introduced in the country, you’ll find the libraries of the best online casinos in the Netherlands filled with the following games.

Overview of Gambling in the Netherlands in 2021

The Netherlands has a fairly active betting market. Although it lags behind in overall numbers when compared to other EU countries, this is simply because of the country’s smaller population and the fact that it does not have legal online gambling at the moment. As stated earlier, the only place at which one can legally gamble is at one of the 14 state-run casinos or at the country’s state-run sports betting and lotto centres.

Online gambling is still forbidden, but the legal gambling sector still produces more than €2 billion, €500 million of which is transferred to charities and a similar amount to the state treasury. The NGA is not in charge of the other countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As a result, there aren’t NGA numbers for the gambling markets of Aruba, Curacao and St. Martin.

Gambling in the Netherlands Overview
Land Based Casinos 14 State-owned Casinos
Legal Gambling Forms Lottery, Sports betting, Casinos, Slots
Gambling Regulator Kansspelautoriteit (Netherlands Gambling Authority)
Revenue of Holland Casino €656 million per year.
Average Spent Per Casino Visit €114
Most Popular Casino Game Slot Machines

History of Gambling in the Netherlands

Gambling in the Netherlands was first regulated under the Betting and Gaming Act of 1964, which stated that all gambling was prohibited unless the gaming establishment is licensed. There has only been once casino licence awarded since 1975 and that belongs to Holland Casino or De Nationale Stichting tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen.

The first casino opened its doors on 1 October 1976 in Zandvoort, but now there are 14 land-based casinos in the country. These can be found in the following cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht et al. The newest casino was opened in late 2018 in the city of Groningen.

Land-Based Dutch Casinos

As stated in the paragraph above, the country currently has 14 land-based casinos in operation. Although many have a great atmosphere, there aren’t really any casinos that are renowned outside of their regions. Nevertheless, many Dutch people enjoy a night out at a one of the state-owned casinos run under the name of Holland Casino. People are drawn to the trustworthiness of the casinos and their average payout rates of 92%, the legal standard is only 80%.

Famous Dutch Gamblers

When people think about famous gamblers, the first thing that comes to mind is a poker player. The head-to-head format of the game makes poker exciting for audience viewers, many of which start to develop affinities for certain personalities. The most successful Dutch gambler is Marcel Luske from Amsterdam. He sits atop the all-time money list in the Netherlands having earned $4,982,301.

Luske’s largest single win came in 2004 when he finished 10th in a WSOP Main Event. He is known for his trademark upside-down glasses that he wears when playing. Other notable poker players include Steven van Zadelhoff, Ruben Visser and Govert Metaal.

Netherlands Player Questions

On this page, we have covered the most important aspects surrounding the topic of the best online casinos in the Netherlands. Currently, online gambling in all its forms is prohibited in the country. We will update this page should anything change regarding the country and its stance towards the activity. Below are some of the most common questions we receive from people who want to learn more about online casinos in the Netherlands.

What is the best online casino?

There are many great online casino sites in Europe, however, these operators cannot legally be accessed by players within the Netherlands. As a result, we currently don't have a list of the top online casinos in the Netherlands. At this time, the best casinos in the Netherlands are those run by Holland Casino. If you want to know how to choose the best online casino in another country, keep in mind my top casino criteria.

Is it safe to play online casino games?

In regulated markets, it is completely safe to play online casino games. However, the main factor determining the safety of online gambling is its legal status within the country. Because online gambling is illegal in the Netherlands, it is not safe to play online casino games.

Can you win money playing online slots?

Yes, you can win money playing online slots. However, you cannot play online for real money in the Netherlands. If you're playing in a market with legal online betting, then you'll be able to win real money when playing online. The only prerequisite is that you must deposit real money to win money.

Which online casinos are legal in the Netherlands?

There are no online casinos that are legal in the Netherlands. I stated earlier on this page that the NGA has recently decided to allow online gaming, but has yet to issue any licences to online casino operators. The only way in which somebody can legally gamble, is if they visit one of the state-run gambling halls that fall under the Holland Casino name.

Which Dutch casinos have the best payouts?

Because Holland Casinos are the only legally operating casinos in the Netherlands, these sites also have the best payouts. There are 14 spread throughout the country. On average, the casino pays 92% of the stake back to its guests. Games like roulette and blackjack have returns that can be as high as 98.6%. Remember however, that a player's chance of winning is ultimately determined by luck.

Conclusion: The Best Online Casino Site for the Netherlands

Long story short, online gambling, in all its forms, is prohibited within the Netherlands. This is changing, and players within the country should expect to see casino sites emerge over the next year or two. However, until that happens, we can’t recommend any sites as the best online casinos in the Netherlands. Once the NGA starts handing out licences, you’ll have access to all of the award-winning games and casino platforms found in many of the industry’s largest markets.