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In the online world there are hundreds if not thousands of casinos to choose from. However, the majority of these tend to operate using download software and as such when a decent no-download casino comes along, I'm always interested to see what the offering is like. runs one such casino and so I decided to check out this NetEntertainment-powered casino. is actually much more than just a casino - indeed it offers pretty much every type of betting opportunity available. Just one account is needed to access the site's sportsbook, betting exchange, poker room or casino. However, it was the casino that I specifically wanted to try out and so after signing up with the site this is where I headed.

Signing up at the site is actually very easy and allows a person to sign up using a number of different currencies. However, I soon learnt that whilst the 'base currency' can be one of many, the casino itself actually runs only in Euros. Any deposit is firstly made in to the best account and then converted at the prevailing exchange rate to Euros for casino play. This certainly sounds complicated, although actually I was able to deposit $100 in to my account and convert them in to Euros for casino play with relative ease ($100 = approximately 65 Euros). As any player would expect with a respected site, a good number of deposit options are available including NeTeller which I used to fund my account. Incidentally, all first-time casino deposits attract a 30% bonus should the player choose to accept the wagering terms.

With this being a no-download site there isn't really a casino 'lobby' as such. However, the main casino page lists all the different games available and as one would find in a download casino, the different games are grouped by type. As such, Blackjack would be found in the 'Table Games' section and the cool Voodoo Vibes game would be found under 'Slot Machines'. This certainly makes navigation of the 50 or so games a lot simpler.

To begin my play I started where I usually do - at the Blackjack table. Although regular readers may well argue I should play other games, I personally always find the Blackjack offering to be a good indicator of the casino's quality. Similarly, it's still a hugely popular game and as such I rarely give it a miss. Specifically I played at the Blackjack Double Jack game. This is one of three Blackjack varieties, although the other two tables are just 'standard' games operating at different bet levels. The Double Jack game, however, offers players the chance to place side bets on certain cards appearing - those that like the bigger pay offs for small amounts will certainly enjoy this game. However, the 1-40 low limit table and the 25-500 high limit game will probably still hold more appeal for the regular Blackjack player. Incidentally up to 5 spots can be bet at once at this casino meaning a total amount of 2500 can be staked per deal.

Although this is a browser-only casino I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Blackjack game I played. The graphics are of a good quality and certainly at the top end of no-download market. Similarly, a good user interface makes betting very simple. More importantly, the games contain smooth animation which is often a let down area for no-download casinos. This is certainly not the case at though.

I also played at the Let it Ride table which can play off really handsomely if a pair of tens or better is dealt in the first three cards. Unfortunately I wasn't in luck this time in terms of massive payouts but I still managed to walk away from the table games with the majority of my bank balance intact. As such, I next decided to move over to the Video Poker games available at

Sadly this is an area of that I think could be improved. Whilst Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and a couple of other varieties are playable, a total of just 4 VP games means Video Poker fans probably won't be able to get a great deal of satisfaction out of this casino. However, multi-hand fans may well be happier since each version of the game can be played across a number of hands all the way up to 100. These multi-hand games are great fun, particularly when a winning hand is dealt on the initial deal! Having said that, I did find some of the video poker games were slightly jittery in terms of animation although this certainly shouldn't detract too much from the entertainment factor.

At this point my balance was still hovering around the amount that I started with. However, this was all about to change with the slots where I managed to successfully multiply my starting balance by 5! has around 20 slot games and although this may not seem like a huge number, the variety is still excellent given each game has a very unique identity. Whether its mechanical-style games or multi-line video slots, there certainly is good variety at this casino. Progressive jackpots are also featured within a number of games and at the time of playing the Arabian Nights jackpot was standing at almost £800,000 at the time of playing! With many of the slots accepting bets of pennies all the way up to around the $50 mark, I would think most gamblers should also be satisfied with the slot action they can get!

One game I particularly enjoyed playing was the Voodoo Vibes video slot. As the title would suggest, this is a black-magic themed game and although this game could have been made really sombre, I actually liked the cool graphics and found it surprisingly entertaining. One thing that slightly annoyed me was that the pre-set bet amount on this game is £10. I guess I should have checked the bet amount myself although I still had a slight shock once I'd hit the max bet button. Having said that, my grimace turned in to a smile when this spin landed three scatters triggering a 10-free spin bonus round! This bonus certainly helped boost my bankroll!

Since high-betting seemed to be paying off for me I continued to high-roll on the Crazy Sports game. This is a pretty cool game with 9-payline set-up meaning it was relatively simple to get small-value wins. However, apart from winning my bet back a few times this game didn't seem to be doing much so I left it at that.

I continued to look around some of the other slots around at and have to say I found all of them really entertaining. Very often I find that no-download casinos perform badly in the slot arena but certainly with this casino a lot of thought has gone in to making the game play as fun and exciting as possible. I also found that many of the slots paid out at regular amounts which I certainly find a plus - there's nothing worse than depositing money to play slots and finding that within minutes your balance is back at zero.

As I said though, on this occasion lady luck seemed to be shining down and I ended up with a Euro balance equating to approximately $300 - a decent win. Withdrawing was a simple as depositing - a quick visit to the cashier and I was able to convert my casino winnings in to my 'base currency'. With the money then converted I was then able to request a withdrawal. To begin with I was slightly annoyed that I'd not been sent any withdrawal confirmation email. However, with less than an hour gone since making my cash in I happened to check my NeTeller account and found the funds had already been returned - I guess you don't need holding emails when withdrawals are processed this quickly! I certainly found this part of the set-up very positive.

In terms of customer support at, this is offered via telephone, email and live chat. However, the only telephone number provided is international dial for Malta. As such, I think this might put off a lot of people and certainly isn't a great service. However, the live chat support is a good way to contact for instant support and emails are responded to in a timely manner. Of course, I wouldn't expect players to have too many issues and as such the service provided by this casino is acceptable, although there is certainly room for improvement.

Having finished my play I must say I was impressed with the offering. I didn't have high hopes for a no-download site but was pleasantly surprised and think that this casino could even give some download casinos a run for their money. There is a decent selection of games and the graphics, sound effects and animation all work well together to provide a certainly entertaining experience. The banking function of is superb and players definitely cannot moan about one hour withdrawals. I do think the support function is a slight disappointment, particularly since the site does so well in other areas. However, this is still sufficient and generally I think there is little to complaint about with Now just to see how long I can keep my withdrawals totalling more than my deposits!

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This version of Blackjack pays of handsomely for dealt jacks but I'm happy anyway when I'm dealt this natural 21 Bjjacks

I bet a risky £12.80 and win exactly that back whilst playing on the Crazy Sports slot Crazy Sports

I hold three to a royal and cross my fingers whilst playing Deuces Wild Video Poker Deuces Wild Video Poker

I decide whether to gamble again after successfully doubling up my Video Poker win Gamble Double Up

I nice winner on the attractive Fishy Fortune video slot Fishy Fortune

Once a player has selected a game they can chose play and technical settings to ensure a game plays as they want it to Game Options

I get the lowest valued winning spin on the Gold Rush progressive slot Gold Rush

I pick two and hit two for a nice £32 on my £2 bet whilst playing the usually poor paying Keno game Jungle Keno

I am dealt a pair of jacks whilst playing Let It Ride but unfortunately as my last two cards Let It Ride

I activate the bonus round whilst playing on this aviation-themed video slot Pacific Attack Slot

I win 700 in the battleships-style bonus round on the Pacific Attack game Pacific Attack Bonus Round

Not a huge win but a win nonetheless whilst gambling on a scratch ticket Star Ticket

I get a scatter payout whilst playing the spookily-themed Voodoo Vibes game Voodoo Vibes

Betsson Casino Strong Points:
  • Superbly fast withdrawal processing
  • A good selection of games with many having a real fun factor
  • Generally high quality graphics and good animation
  • No-download interface means many players can be playing within seconds of logging in
Things Betsson Casino Could Improve:
  • Video Poker selection is not huge
  • Telephone support is only via international dial
  • Some of the games can be jittery, probably due to the no-download nature of this casino

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