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Casino Club:

Casino Club is a hugely popular casino, being the most visited online casino from Germany. The casino uses the trusted Boss Media software, which may feel a little outdated compared to other software providers - but has a reputation of giving the player a reliable and fair gaming experience. Casino Club is licensed by the Gaming Commission of the Government of Curacao (Netherlands). By all accounts the casino's operator is traded on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, meaning they operate under their gambling code of conduct.

The casino download is relatively quick, and offers you the opportunity of the playing the casino in one of several languages; including French, German, Spanish and of course English. The registration process is quite long-winded but not too complex. When you're in the casino you will get a wide range of options to make a deposit, but one thing to note is that the casino operates in Euros. Thus any money which you deposit into the casino will be converted from dollars into Euros. I made a NETeller deposit of 60 Euros (about $80) which was instantly deposited into my players account.

At the time of playing the casino offered a first deposit bonus of 25 Euros when you make a deposit of 25 Euros or more.

The bonus only carries an 8x bonus + deposit wagering requirement, so it's an attractive bonus even though it's not a massive offer. The bonus was automatically deposited to my account on making the 60 Euro deposit, giving me 90 euros to sample the casino with (I'm not sure where the extra 5 Euro came from).

I started the session by trying out the casino's Blackjack. On entering the Blackjack lobby I was struck by the number of tables with players on them. There are six blackjack rooms; each possessing six blackjack tables. On the occasions which I played blackjack most of these 36 tables where occupied and about a quarter were at full capacity. I found a similar experience with the French Roulette lobby where many of the Roulette wheels where bustling with punters. This confirms that Casino Club is truly a popular online casino, offering a sense of reassurance that the casino is trustworthy. It also gives Casino Club a sense of life; online casino can be lonely places if you don't come across other players, but being able to see so many other souls on Blackjack and Roulette, you start to get a sense of community. Anyway... I played a lengthily session on a couple of blackjack tables, coming across a hand full of high rollers. After wagering about 300 Euros during my session I hit a low point of being 40 Euros down on my originally balance but managed to string some wins together and to recoup my balance to 80 Euros.

After that I tested out the Pai Gow Poker table, which has a minimum table wagering limit of 5 Euros. A plus point is that the software gives you the option to split the cards the 'house way', which provides you with the best possible chance of beating the dealer. The game is really fast so you can sprint through the hands and play a large number of games within a short period of time.

At this point I decided to try a couple of slots machines. The first was a soccer themed slot with a massive 25 lines over 5 reels. All the slots use a credit system which is a little frustrating (if not confusing), and seems totally pointless; why not just use the casino's currency? I then played a slot called 'Honeymoon', which turned out to be an almost exact copy of the previous games, through with only 9 lines to play on. Over the two slots I managed to makes up the 15 Euros I had lost on Pai Gow Poker and felt the both games offered the player a fair chance of winning.

At this point I decided to play a video poker game and picked out Deuces Wild as the candidate. It's a single hand video poker machine with a max bet of 5 Euros over 5 coins, meaning a maximum bet per hand of 25 Euros. What I didn't realize is that the machine was set at the maximum wager of 25 euros per hand on entering and not the 5 Euros which I thought. Thus after just two losing spins, my balance of 76 Euros was down to 26 Euros (I narrowly missed a straight which would of bagged me 250 euros). After being killed on those two hands I decided to leave the video poker for another day and tried to reclaim some wins on the Roulette table.

I started by trying out a roulette version called Racetrack Roulette, which is the same as French Roulette with a single zero, but you also have betting options on the 'racetrack' area of the board. The racetrack board duplicates numbers as they appear on the Roulette wheel, giving you the option to select different combinations of numbers (representing different segments of the wheel). After a short spread on Racetrack Roulette I played the French version, where I found numerous other gamers on the wheels.

I made a small profit on the French Roulette table, then moved over to a couple of 3 liner progressive slot machines; one called Haunted House the other Aladdin's Lamp. Playing at 50 cents a spin, Aladdin's Lamp was offering a progressive jackpot of 142,948 Euros. Across the two games I only managed to achieve a couple of small wins and didn't make any profit from the session.

The penultimate port of call was a table game called Money Reel. The game is straight forward, in that you place a bet on the number which represented a multiplier on your wager. Then - if that number lands on the reel you receive the multiplier and your wager. After about seven spins on the Money Reel I begin to feel disinterested in the game and left for the Blackjack table where I gambled away the last of my 30 Euros.

As I was unable to retain any of my balance, I never tested out the withdrawal process at Casino Club. However, I expect that such a popular casino is trustworthy enough to issue players with quick withdrawals. I emailed the casino support asking about the casino promotions and I was received a timely reply explaining that promotions are offered to regular player via email.

Casino Club is well functioning online gaming site and one that you should feel secure in trying out yourself. To tempt you to sample the casino, there is a modest but fair sign up bonus. While the Boss Media software is not the most attractive on the web, it certainly does have a lot of character and offers the player all the regular table games you would expect. The main reservation about Casino Club or the Boss Media software is that the slots and video poker games are not as exciting as those you will find at many other venues. However, I think the main selling point of the casino is that it's packed with load of other players, making your Blackjack and Roulette gambling more of a community experience.

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One of Boss Media's Progressive slots machine, Aladdin's

Alladins Progressive Slot

Blackjack's Lobby

Blackjack Lobby @ Casino Club

Multi Player Blackjack

Multi Player Blackjack

Killed on Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker

A simple 3 liner, Haunted House

Haunted House Slot Machine

A winning slot, Honeymoon

Honeymoon Slot Machine

One of Casino Club's novel games, Money Reel

Money Reel

The public Roulette Tables are busy

Multi Player Roulette

Another table classic, Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker Table

Racetrack Roulette

Racetrack Roulette table

A top slots with 25 winning lines

Soccer Slot Multi Line

Casino Club Strong Points:
  • Small percentage bonus on relatively large first deposits, however the sign up bonus carries quite modest wagering requirements so it's an attractive offer overall
  • Casino Club is seriously popular, which is more then evident from the number of players your find on the public Roulette and Blackjack tables
Things Casino Club Could Improve:
  • The Slot / Video Poker selection is slightly limited.
  • No toll-free numbers are available for customers outside of the United States.
  • Fax back forms are sometimes required before a first withdrawal is processed.

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