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Ruby Fortune Casino:

Microgaming-powered Ruby Fortune Casino has been operating since June 2003, and is part of the Palace Group of casinos (Spin Palace and Cabaret Club are also in this group). I have always been a Microgaming fan, particularly since they introduced their so-called 'Viper' software, so it was great anticipation that I began my review of this casino.

Ruby Fortune Casino, as with a number of Microgaming-powered casinos, actually offers two ways to play - a no-download 'flash' version (which has a reduced number of games) and a full-version download option. Since I wanted to enjoy the full range of games Ruby Fortune Casino has to offer (over 150!), I opted for the download-version.

Downloading is really easy, with the user simply having to click a link on the Ruby Fortune Casino website to activate the 3.38mb download. With the download being so small, it should take no longer than around 20 minutes, even on a dial-up connection.

Registration asks for the usual name, address, date of birth type questions, and so after a minute or so of form filling I was set-up and ready to play. Ruby Fortune Casino does offer a 125% sign-up bonus (offering up to $100 free for new players), but this can actually be claimed after an initial deposit has been played. So, I decided that I would deposit $30 without initially claiming the bonus - that way if I won anything I could cash out without worrying about wagering conditions. And if I got down to zero, I could get an extra $37.50 added to my account!

So, with my $30 NETeller purchase having gone through without a problem (available currencies are Dollar, Euro and Great Britain Pound), I now had to decide what game to play! Ruby Fortune Casino presents its games in a lobby format; with games grouped by general headings (e.g. table games, video pokers, slots etc.), making it very easy for the player to find the game they want. I decided to check out 3-card poker - a game that recently I have been doing very well at!

The aim of the game is simple - to be dealt a hand that is better than the dealers (thus winning the ante and bet). Also, a player can bet on whether they will be dealt a pair or higher, regardless of the dealer's cards. Ruby Fortune's version of this game is faultless - superb graphics are complemented by a good game speed and nice sound effects. The game also played very fairly - many players complain that online casinos can be 'streaky', but with this game I found I had more than my fair share of decent hands. In fact, a few nice hands (such as a straight being dealt when I had the pair+ game in play) helped me boost my bankroll to $44.

So, with my play at Ruby Fortune Casino off to a good start, I decided to move on to another game. Sticking with the table games, I decided to have a look at the Blackjack games offered by this casino. The lobby showed that there were actually a number of different Blackjack games available, with each one replicating the variations of the game found in brick and mortar casinos (e.g. Vegas Strip, Vegas Downtown, European etc.) However, I decided to play 'Triple 7s BJ' - a standard Blackjack game - but with a side-bet allowing access to a progressive jackpot! For a 1 credit side bet a player can win a bonus pay off of a minimum of 5 credits and a maximum set only by the progressive jackpot meter - which at the time of writing this stood at over $22,000! These bonuses are awarded if a player is dealt at least one 7 as a starting card. If a player gets dealt 3 7 of diamond cards, the jackpot is won!

Again, this game played excellently, with the high-standard graphics and sound shown in 3-Card Poker again on show here. Unfortunately, I came out of this game with a slightly diminished bankroll, despite being dealt a few 7s for the bonus pay offs. The problem with this game, is that the one credit side bet rapidly eats into your bankroll, especially when taking in to account the speed with which this game plays.

While Ruby Fortune had many other tempting table games for me to play, I decided to have a look at the Video Poker games on offer. A good variety of games are available at this casino, and players can pick between the 1-hand, 4-hand and 10-hand version of each game. 'Full' pay-tables for each variety also ensures that the player gets the best possible odds for their bet. I decided to have a play on the 10-hand Joker Poker game.

Once again, the graphics on this game really made the play enjoyable. The fairness of Ruby Fortune was also noticeable, and I found that, while I had some dud hands, a number of nice hands also came up. My best was being dealt three 3's as a starting hand, and with the joker card being wild this produced some nice full house and 4-of-a-kind finishing hands. Unfortunately, despite my bankroll climbing nicely, I got greedy and ended up playing back most of my winnings.

My final area of investigation for Ruby Fortune Casino was to check out the slot selection. Ruby Fortune must be congratulated on offering a tremendous range of slots - progressive jackpot slots sit along side 'mechanical slots', video slots and bonus slots. In fact, a player could just about think up any combination of reels and paylines and find the slot they wanted at Ruby Fortune.

I decided to check out the new video slot that everyone is raving about - the Tomb Raider Slot featuring the wonderful Lara Croft! This 5-reel slot offers everything a player could want - free spins, scatters, bonus rounds and more! And Ruby Fortune offers this game with the option of betting just 1 cent per line! This is excellent, and means that players really can maximize their playing time even on a modest deposit. Unfortunately, Lara really didn't seem to like me, and I barely had a decent win let alone seeing the bonus screen or free spins in action.

As such, I took what remained of my bankroll to the Double Magic Slot. This slot was one of the very first creations of Microgaming and is a simple three-reel, one pay-line 'mechanical' slot. The game also includes a star symbol, which acts both as a wild symbol and a win multiplier. This game, despite being one of the oldest Microgaming games available, still offers a great gaming experience - this really does get as close to a conventional slot as is possible in an online world. I also found that, while this game did not offer me any big wins, the lower-paying symbols did appear often, making sure that game play was not over within 5 seconds flat. As such, I came out of this game just slightly below the balance with which I started.

Despite my balance being miserably low, I just had to have a play on the bonus-game slot, Wheel of Wealth Slot. This is again a slot with three-reels and one pay line, but with this game if you get a special 'spin' symbol on the third reel you get to play the bonus game where the player can spin the bonus wheel offering some huge pay offs! Unfortunately, my balance was really too low to play this game (it is $3 per spin) and I quickly ended up at zero before the bonus game symbol appeared. However, it was still good fun - and I know of many people who have done well with this game.

Sadly, at this point I could play no longer, but nevertheless my small deposit of $30 had lasted a long time - and with the games being so fun to play, I do not regret losing. Palace Group are well respected in the gaming industry, and I know that if I had been lucky enough to win I would have been paid without any hassle within a couple of days.

As with all reviews, I always like to test the support of a casino. Ruby Fortune Casino offers a multitude of ways to contact them - email, telephone and live chat are all available. The casino also offers a number of different free phone numbers, meaning you should be able to contact them free from whatever country you call from.

Unfortunately, while I found it very easy to get in touch with support, I was not too impressed with the quality of the support available. I decided to use the live chat function to ask first how many games the casino had, and secondly when the casino opened. Despite this information being available on the website (the casino lists all the games they have and the auditing reports date back to the casino's opening month) both questions were unanswered by support - one representative claimed she was new, while another simply asked me to email the support team as they knew more than him. While I appreciate that these are not usual questions to ask, I was slightly disappointed with these responses.

Nevertheless, in summary I must say that Ruby Fortune is a wonderful casino - a huge selection of games have been recreated in pain-staking detail, and as such an online player should find everything they ever need here. Couple this with the excellent support availability and good bank processing, and it really does make Ruby Fortune one of the best casinos around.

Now, time to claim that $37.50 bonus to see if I can get my own back!

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Play 10 hands at once in this Jacks or Better Video Poker game

10 Play Jacks or Better Video Poker: Play 10 hands at once in this Jacks or Better Video Poker game

A winning hand can pay nicely if the pair+ is played

3 card poker: A winning hand can pay nicely if the pair+ is played

The star symbol is wild and also multiplies wins

Double Magic Slot: The star symbol is wild and also multiplies wins

The latest video slot offering from Microgaming is themed around Lara Croft!

TombRraider Slot: The latest video slot offering from Microgaming is themed around Lara Croft!

Win a progressive jackpot if you get dealt 3 7-diamonds!

Triple 7s Blackjack: Win a progressive jackpot if you get dealt 3 7-diamonds!

Just one of a number of 'bonus' slots available at Ruby Fortune

Wheel of Wealth Slot: Just one of a number of 'bonus' slots available at Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune Casino Strong Points:
  • Excellent range of games
  • Superb quality of graphics and sounds across all games
  • Generous sign-up bonus
  • A number of different contact options are available
  • Good banking processes
Things Ruby Fortune Casino Could Improve:
  • Support not always helpful - somewhat lacking in knowledge

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