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Yukon Gold Casino:

Yukon Gold Casino is a Microgaming-powered casino that is a part of the massive Casino Rewards Group. Although this casino is the newest addition to this group's properties, with the experience held by this casino operator I expected good things when I decided it was time to have a play and write a review.

Like all the Casino Rewards Group properties, both a flash and download version of the casino are available. However, to fully experience all that Yukon Gold Casino has to offer, the download version is recommended. Downloading and installing is really simple, with the website providing clear instructions on how to get up and running. Incidentally, the initial download file size is just 322k. However, upon completing this download I realized this is simply an installer, with further files then downloaded in the background (5.92mb of files).

As I would expect from a Microgaming-powered casino, everything went smoothly in setting the casino up, and after completing the registration form I was ready to play. I chose to set-up a US$ account, but players can also chose to play in Euros, UK Pounds and even Canadian Dollars. Incidentally, the main website for this casino is also available in French.

With my account created but sitting with a zero balance, it was now time to visit the cashier. As with installing and creating my account, I soon discovered that making deposits to Yukon Gold is really simple too -; although this is of course what the casino wants! A wide range of depositing options are available, and I made a $100 transfer from my NETeller account.

As a new player at Yukon Gold, I was entitled to claim the welcome bonus - all new players can get up to 50 free credits. However, there are wagering conditions attached, and it is advised you read them thoroughly before accepting a bonus. Also, at all the Casino Rewards casinos, people that play only for bonuses are frowned upon - and players of this nature may soon find they are banned from receiving any more bonuses from any of the Group's properties. Of course, you can still get extra money through the loyalty program. A nice touch is that all play at Casino Rewards casinos is pooled, so the loyalty money claimed can be combined and played on any one of a players accounts.

Yukon Gold Casino has numerous games a customer can play, and Microgaming (the software developers), adds a good few games each and every month. Of course, this could make it difficult for a player to find the game they want, but thankfully, the sensible grouping of games in the lobby makes it easy to locate exactly the game you want. First, games are grouped by type (e.g. table, slot) - and then further broken down by game specifics (e.g. number of lines on a slot machine). A really nice touch is the game preview function that allows a player to see exactly what a game is like before they download it (e.g. number of decks for card games, or payout tables for Video Poker).

I have to say that the range of games is immense, with popular games such as Blackjack sitting next to more modern games such as Three-Card Poker. Of course, easy access to games is one of the main draws of online casinos. Although I had this great range of games in front of me, I still ended up settling to place my first bets at the Blackjack table! Having said that, the different variations of Blackjack available meant this wasn't the easiest of decisions: European, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and Multi-hand are just some of the Blackjack games available!

I went for the European Blackjack, and started off placing some $2 bets. This was the table minimum; and for those looking for a little more action, up to $2000 can be bet on a single hand! I did start getting a little more adventurous however, and pretty soon I found myself playing $10 chips! Thankfully, a few nice Blackjacks and doubled-up 21s rewarded my risk-taking!

I have to say, when it comes to playing at Microgaming casinos, it is easy to simply accept the great quality of the software. However, when you really look at it, it is pretty amazing how exciting they have made the casino-playing experience. Superb graphics are on show in every game, and the overall smoothness of the games is excellent. Similarly, a players game experience is fully user-configurable, which is also great. Want a dealer voiceover? No problem. Want to play a faster-paced game? Simply click your desired speed and your wish is granted.

Another lovely touch at the Yukon Gold Casino is the auto-play feature, which allows you to get your computer playing without any input needed from you. For slots, it simply keeps your reels spinning, and even for thinking games such as Blackjack, the computer plays perfectly on your behalf! This is a great way to speed through bonus wagering restrictions. Of course, some people would like help to play perfectly; but want to still control the game. For these people the expert strategy function is probably the answer: never play poor strategy again!

Of course, while bells and whistles are nice, it is making money that really makes people smile (me included!) and thankfully, I did OK at my table play. After coming off the Blackjack table I sat down at the Poker Pursuit table. Again, my bank roll was helped out by some nice cards falling, but unfortunately my $1 jackpot bet kept going to waste. However, if that Royal Flush had landed, I would have been very happy with my $62,000 return on a $1 bet!

After playing around on some of the other card games available, I then moved on to the Video Poker section of the lobby. This is an area that has really been developed by Microgaming recently, particularly with the multi-hand games. While not too long ago only single-hand and 4-hand play was possible, gamblers can now play on 50 and even 100 hand varieties of VP! What's more, betting limits on Yukon Gold casino Video Poker games are crazy! Up to $125 can be staked on a single hand of Video Poker! That means a Royal Flush would pay off $100,000! Wow!

Of course, betting this much was way outside of my reach, but I did have some fun playing on the 50-hand Aces and Faces game. I was dealt a pat straight while betting $25. This meant I was rewarded with a cool $100 just for this hand! I also did OK on the Jacks or Better Power Play game. I was dealt 3 to a royal, and although that wonder hand never materialized, I still managed to win $27.50 from various winning combinations. Of course, it almost need not be mentioned that the graphics, sound effects and game speed on all the Video Poker games was superb.

At this point I had about $200 in my account, and so decided to have a little play on the slots before cashing in. A major draw of all the Microgaming-powered casinos is the progressive jackpot games available. For a small bet a person can really win big; at the time of writing the King Cashalot jackpot was standing at over $1.2m - a pretty good return on a $2.25 bet!

Although a progressive sounded tempting, I decided to check out some of the other slot games available. I was soon grateful that I did, particularly while playing the Oranges and Lemons single-line, three-reel slot. I was betting $4 a spin and successfully lined up three double-bars. This paid off a health $120, and gave me more ammunition for some of the other slots available!

Yukon Gold Casino really must be a favorite of slot players with such a huge number of games available. From basic three-reel, one line slots to multi line video slots, pretty much every combination of game features can be found in a slot at Yukon. I am a fan of bonus games, and was soon contented with playing the Wheel of Wealth game. Unfortunately, the bonus round only paid me out $50 - but nevertheless it's great to see that $1000 spinning on the wheel!

After some more playing on some of the other great slot games, (such as the rather generous Golden Dragon), I ended up with an account balance of pretty much dead on $200. After so much play I was surprised to have any money left at all, let alone a $100 profit, but I guess sometimes luck is on the players side! As such, I went back to the cashier and withdrew my balance. Within 48 hours and with no problems at all, the money was back in my NETeller account. I have to say that Casino Rewards does impress me with their banking; at all their properties I have never had a problem. However, it is always advisable to double check bonus terms before making a withdrawal.

On this occasion, I had no reason to call customer support. However, customer support is available through email, live chat and email. Sadly, despite having a number of support options, support is not always responsive. I have found that emails can take a while to be responded to with this casino group, and live chat is not always available. However, with toll free numbers being provided for 5 different countries, I guess that's always an option. I must admit though, I would expect slightly better for a casino of this size.

All in all, Yukon Gold Casino is a pretty fun place to play at. The Microgaming name means that this is a casino with a huge selection of games that are of the highest quality. Similarly, the backing of a major casino operator means that there are many positive points to the casino - the financial handling, for example, is really great. It's just a shame that the support side of the casino operation is not as polished. However, for those looking for a fun, trustworthy casino, the Yukon Gold offering is definitely one to consider.

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A dealt straight means I win handsomely whilst playing 50-hand Aces and Faces poker

50 Hands Aces and Faces Video Poker

An Ace and a Face means I have a $25 Blackjack winner for my $10 bet

European Blackjack Table

I play the three-reel version of the Cash Splash progressive slot

Cash Splash Progressive Jackpot Slot

Crazy Crocodiles is just one of the many slots available at Yukon Gold Casino

Classic Slot Machine - Crazy Crocodile

The Fruit Fiesta progressive stands at almost $60,000 - not a bad return for a $0.75 bet!

Multi Line Fruite Fiesta Progressive Slot

I win on two of the five possible win lines whilst playing the Golden Dragon game

Golden Dragon Multi Line Slots

Jacks or Better poker pays me off with a few winning lines

Jacks or Better Power Poker - 4 hands

Almost all my profit comes from this win - a $120 winner for a $4 gamble

Oranges and Lemons Slot Machine - A very nice online slot win

I raise all the way to maximize my winnings after being dealt two tens on this Poker Pursuit hand

Poker Persuit Game

I win a little bit of money back, but not enough to cover my bet on this Roulette spin

Roulette Table

Scratch Cards are a pretty poor bet, but here I reveal 3 x5 winning symbols

Scratch Card Game

A win on the Spectacular Wheel of Wealth bonus game, although a shame I couldn't have hit more than $50

Wheel of Wealth Jackpot Slots

Yukon Gold Casino Strong Points:
  • Huge number of quality games
  • New games added all the time
  • Betting limits are huge - very appealing to high-rollers
  • Solid finance department & fast withdrawal processing
Things Yukon Gold Casino Could Improve:
  • Customer support is not overly responsive
  • This casino group can be sensitive to those claiming 'too many' bonuses

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